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:: The Last Communication November 19, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

Song : Apologize
Artist: One Republic ft. Timbaland

I’m putting this clip up simply coz I love it. 

Be it to diagnose, give treatment and arranging a medical test to be done, it all goes down to communication.

Part of the medical curriculum in my university is to have teaching sessions on effective communication. As skeptic as I was of this non-medical slot in our heavily burdened hospital schedule, I now think it’s a subject worth talking about. Some people like myself need proper, formal in-class teachings on these sort of things. Just so it is not overlooked and most importantly, so as I don’t end up saying the wrong things to patients. Having being at the receiving end/witness of poor communication, I began to accept that it is good thing to learn. Medicine becomes more personalized and a patient is not simply ‘The one with the bad leg’ or ‘That lady with memory loss’.

One good thing about having these sessions with fake patients is that if we (medical students) do a mistake, it’s not going to harm anybody. We can always ‘pause’ during a role-play and seek help from group members for input onto how to deal with the situation. Then, ‘restart’ a scene if needed.

Like it or not, (I do have moments of ‘Arghh.. hate doing this thing’) I know I’ve learnt a lot throughout the years. If I have the time, I’ll put up what I have learnt in a proper document and upload it to my Scribd account

In this very last session, it feels good and reassured to have the fake patients say to us, “You have done very well. Now, you can deal a situation with anybody”.


1. nautilusiv - November 20, 2007

Nanti kalau dah tahu posting kat mana mana di Malaysia, sila beritahu Hosp mana ye, kerana aku nak pastikan yang aku tidak ke sana. Kuikuikui.

2. cakapaje - November 20, 2007


Hmm…the patient with the bad leg sounds familiar 🙂

3. Minci - November 20, 2007

arghh.takder. aku nak berahsia memanjang. biar padan muka kau.

it should.. ngah hah hah hah

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