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:: My Morning November 20, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

So, what happens every morning? My morning.

The alarm would go off. I’d check if there’s any calls or messages left overnight. Then, I’d face the heater beside me, huddle close and stroke it a bit (gila kan?), stick one of my legs out of the duvet and ‘search’ for the floor.  Then, I’d ‘deliver’ myself out from the duvet ( I call this ‘Student Birth’), walk to the desk and switch my computer on while I sort out stuff in the toilet.

If the toilet is occupied, I’d go prepare myself a mini-breakfast – same one everyday, a cup of coffee and a slice of toast. Takleh nak makan banyak sebelum skola.

Having done all the morning business of berkumuh, Subuh etc.. I turn to my already open Kumar & Clark: Clinical Medicine book. The night before, I’d just mark one topic to read the next morning. Today’s is Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). To read it or not, is a different story. Muahaha~

Logging on the internet, I’d do random bloghopping and as of now, I’m reading Bakpo’s blog. This part got my attention and I couldn’t help chuckling. (Best kan..pagi2 dah ceria)

Be the legend you want to be – and legends keep pushing themselves forward. Having said that, when you are confronted with either success or failure – please have a direct chat with God. Make God the top name in your mind and chat lists- be it MSN, YM or other channels like facebook, friendster etc which I know you do spend a lot of your time on. Perhaps a bit too much …..*hehehehe*

I’m sure Bakpo didn’t mean that literally but the reason it was funny was because there is a way of how you could ‘chat with God’. Meet The iGod. 


1. cakapaje - November 20, 2007

Salam Minci,

Your first para: You mean there actually are people who send messages in the deadly hours of the morning? Haih, how inconsiderate of the fella! Who ever he or she is, when you him or her, you should do exactly as one of your favourite emoticons: pukui kepala dia dengan pengetuk besi! 😀

2. shutterspeaks - November 20, 2007

kiut ah hippo tuhh.. mengingatkan aku kepada id hippokiutsangat, tp aku lupa dah kat mana aku penah baca hippokiutsangat tuh..

minci minci, nak tanya sket leh? best ke winter? kalau tgk dlm tv mmg mcm best jekkk…..

3. daju - November 20, 2007

u mcm ade fix activities that you would do every morning..
mine mcm xtentu je..
but the first thing i would do is to sit in front of my lappy and check my mails and bloghop as usual..mcm skrg nih..hehh..
if i don’t have exam and i’m not late la..hehh…

4. Minci - November 20, 2007

Adaaaaaaaaaa… eleh.. [insert emmoticon whistling di sini]. But then, my phone is ALWAYS on a silent. I haven’t heard a ringtone for ages. Not even a vibration. No wait.. I did switch the tone on once in a while but rarely. oh.. nih tk guna pengetuk besi. tis one tolak terus kepala ke dinding.

winter best kalau ada SNOW. kalau tkder.. miserable giller sbb sejuk banget

huhuhu..good girl.. itu yg kita mahu

5. nautilusiv - November 21, 2007

God chat..?..Hmmm

6. kaSyah - November 22, 2007

alwiz afraid i miss da suboh then i alwiz sleep late…

good girl…ngeh..ngehh

7. tempe1543 - November 30, 2007

aku waktu student dulu study last minute jer…. takder de nk baca kumar & clark bersungguh2… TEBAL sgt!!!

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