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:: Time after time November 24, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Song : The Ultimix PCD Megamix
Artist: PÜssyCat Dolls (PCD)

I’d really appreciate it if anybody know the name of the track before ‘Stick With You’ in this Megamix. Appreciate it more if you could pass the tune on. 😉

Time does help people to bond. This is achieved by creating opportunities and practicing the Art of Patience and Initiative. Adding in a bit of Prayer and Luck could help too. Blend these ‘recipes’ in, it’s amazing to see what the results can be.

Just this week, I’ve befriended 2 people that I never knew I could actually smile and say ‘hello’ to. I don’t know what happened. I know I didn’t actively pursue their attention or ‘affection’. Nor did I bribe them to be nice to me with chocolates or fake compliments. The next thing I knew was that we were able to smile to each other. Later, I was able to get a bit mischievous with one of them and have a bit of a laugh. A bit je lah.. but better than nothing.

My hypothesis are;

  • I was on candid camera or something and they saw someone played a prank on me. So, they thought it’d be fun to know someone who’s been on TV. Duh..

  • They’ve mistaken me for someone else. 

  • No other choice than to communicate with her. By ‘her’ that means me.

  • They got used to seeing me like almost everyday. Hence, I was perceived to be ‘benign’. Not a threat. 

OK..chup chup chup.. before someone start saying that I should be the one making an effort to approach them too, my advice would be to ‘shut the fark-ap’ and click the X up there. yada yada yada.. whatever. Talk to the hand pliss.

FYI, I’m not that bubbly type of person who could just strike a conversation there and then. That only happens when;

  • I’m in a comfortable environment – home, among good friends and when doing my job.

  • There’s a need to make a good impression – say for the survival of a country or something.

  • Just to annoy people.

I don’t look away and stick my nose up in the air though. I usually  ‘compensate my non-existent extrovert approach’ with at least a smile. hokeh? Back to what I was saying. So yea.. I decided that it was because of the Time Factor. And because I’m cute.



1. IcedNyior - November 25, 2007

Wait A Minute – PCD.
Lyrics here.
I’ll email you the song. oooo send me this song pls pls? ;;)


2. shutterspeaks - November 25, 2007

talk to the hand pliss… mari kaji urat2 kat tangan minci… ooo,, dia bakal ada 7 anak, 4 lelaki, 3 perempuan.. dari 7 anak tersebut, terdapat satu pasangan kembar 2… tetapi tidak dapat dipastikan lelaki atau perempuan… minci juga bakal melalui perjalanan hidup yg agak senang, tidak banyak halangan atau rintangan besar yang perlu dilalui sepanjang hidupnyaa… jalur umur yg panjang juga menunjukkan yg umur minci panjang… amin..

does that mean, nak ngorat ko kena rapat2 dgn ko dulu?

3. Minci - November 25, 2007

Great!! Thank you.. I really appreciate you emailing me the song. I’ve sent you this track to your Gmail account.

ahahaha.. sampai ke situ plak kau yer.. bukan ke mmg kena rapat2 dulu sebelum bercintan cintun dgn penuh kesempurnaan? Tapi itu bukan motif entry nih pun. Motifnyer adalah aku dah berbaik dgn seorang doktor yg agak garang dan pemandu bas yang pendiam.
terima kasih sbb telah ‘bercakap dgn tangan aku’.. 😛

4. Que - November 25, 2007

oh nape ko nak berborak dgn pemandu bas maaa???? ko sgt friendly berbual2 even dgn pemandu bas….. tabik

citer la psl doktor garang tu … is he/she a british consultant??? ke he’s a handsome house officer muahahah…. aku sll x dilayan doktor2 sbb aku mulut tak selantang dan sefriendly bebudak locals … huhuhuhu

5. Zy - November 25, 2007

pemandu bus.. huh.. pelik mek ngan pemandu bus tok.. waktu mek mok masu bus..nya tersengih-sengih lepas ya nya tolak bahu kmk…then keluar gi tandas.. motif?

eh, can you send me the track to my yahoo mail? pleaseeee… thanks!

6. Irdzra - November 25, 2007

hehey..thanks fer dropping by my blog..

owh yea..come la to RANtAi..i’ll be there insyallah..can meet up there if you want too 🙂 mebbe can get the other bloggers to come along too.. 😀

mari mari !!! 😀

7. Puteri Nad =( - November 25, 2007

omg! kenapaka cute factor distrike. lol

8. Minci - November 25, 2007

aku tkderlah nk borak mcm nk rak dgn dia.. cuma mcm best skitlah kan kalo boleh ala2 mesra gitu.. oh taklah.. tabib tuh SHO jer.. kira mcm nk approach dia, kena mengadap mata jegil dia dulu sebelum aku blh bersuara.. 😛 tapi last2 dia ok jer..

Track have been sent.

the RANTAI thing does sound exciting. It’ll be nice to go with other bloggers. I’ll think about it and see how it goes. Bolehlah mengubat jet-Lag aku ker kan..

haha.. tk nklah org kata kiter vain plak kan.. 😉

9. jet - November 26, 2007

jangan ngada2 nak jetlag..

oh..mungkin pemandu bas tuh baek dengan ko sbb die suke fizatul akmar yg sopan santun adat malaysia..mekaseh..faktor cutemu dikensel dan cincang smpi lumat..[hahah..sgt x kasik can]

10. Minci - November 26, 2007

muahahahahaha.. dengki siot.. mcm tikus mondok.. 😈

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