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:: 3-ple vessel November 26, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

You can Google all you want but if Nobody puts the type of information you want on the World Wide Web, then you wouldn’t find it.

Therefore, here is my contribution to the internet world regarding Triple Vessel Disease.

Triple Vessel Disease is something you will hear often in cardiology. It means that the 3 main blood vessels supplying oxygen and nutrients to your heart has some sort of pathology going on in it. The 3 vessels are the ones highlighted in the pink coloured box.

This is what I gathered today. If I got it wrong, I must be really thick!



1. hafiz - November 26, 2007

good idea..at least we should contribute our knowledge.

triple vessel sounds about right to me if i still remember my anatomy…

2. jet - November 26, 2007

oh..cm kamben…igtkan left coronary dolu pakcik kumar sbot..tipu aku..

kamen..ini..ini..ketahuilah..ada org lebih thick dri dikau..iaitulah aku..kita patut tuka roti la..medium instead of thick cut..tak ke..

3. coops - November 27, 2007

doc, y the left one je yg ada those 2 additional vessels? what makes them different ek?

4. cakapaje - November 27, 2007

Salam Minci,

Er…ok! (Tapi mulut ternganga – jadi apa yang ok pun tak tahu!).

Just one Q: With all those nutrients, blood and apatu…ah, oxygen, going into the heart, how does emotion fit in? :0 <- emoticon ternganga.

5. shutterspeaks - November 27, 2007

i tried for few minutes then i give up. Malaysia only have two vessels right now…

hang nih boleh buat blog perubatan cam zaki buat blog chem eng. kayo kayo…

6. Minci - November 28, 2007

betul ker? alhamdulilah.. hehe 🙂

pakcik kuma tkderlah salah aku rasa.. sbb mcm ala2 betullah jugak kan..
hoho.. lawak jaws sunggo.. yer.. kita kena tukar ke’thick’an roti.. tapi skrang kita makan ‘soft’ nyer.. adakah otak ibarat span yg mampu menyerap ilmu dgn baiknya..

oh..sebenarnya yg right tuh ada jugak cabang dia. the difference being yg right coronary artery tuh dia punya kawasan liputan lagi banyak daripada left coronary artery. Hence, kalau tuh block, mcm agak significant lah the impact..

haha.. emotions would fall under nerve and hormone stimulation to the heart 😉

vessel apa yg msia ada? 😆
hoh.. boleh jer kot.. tapi nanti aku akan gatal nk tulis pasal kehidupan seharian aku. 😛

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