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:: Lejuk November 28, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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A strangely nice song. 


an expression in Sarawak that I don’t really know how to translate in either Malay or English. sounds a bit of ‘bored’ and ‘sick of’ but not really ‘hate’.

Ayat contoh :
“lejuk nangga muka kawuuu”
“lejuk makan manok setiap hari”
“suka jak nak lejuk.. miahahaha~~”
“lejuk nenga komen Louis Walsh..”

Perhaps Zy or IcedNyior could enlighten us. Adiratna GK may also contribute towards giving the best meaning of this word.

**Good luck to Zy and Miyaki for tomorrow’s exam.



1. Zy - November 28, 2007

i can feel my heart is racing fast each time I think of the word of ‘OSCE’. let alone to say it out loud.

usaha & tawakal. iA, everything will be fine tomorrow. pray all the best for us!!!!

2. dinswok - November 28, 2007

perhaps the terengganunese word of “luga” (pronunciation: “a” in “lari”) best describes what does it means by LEJUK.

3. nautilusiv - November 29, 2007

bz gilak. nanti kamik beri.

4. shutterspeaks - November 29, 2007

;ejuk ni xde kaitan langsung dgn merajuk kan? jing betulll

5. icednyior - December 5, 2007

hvnt heard of this word before lah 😛 then again, my bhs sarawak is kinda rusty

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