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:: The Kitten December 1, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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The cat in the picture above reminded me of The Kitten my Father ‘murdered’ when I was 7 years old.

We were living on the peaceful road of Jalan Belimbing. Behind our terraced house was an army camp and a forest full of wild creatures. Occasionally we would see little snakes slithering its way on the fences of our house. Sometimes, the quick glimpse of a Bengal tiger. Nah.. kidding!!

Our neighbour on the right was a very nice Indian family. They like to give us Indian food and in exchange we give ours too and that was when I discovered men can be very very hairy. The father of this Indian family had his back full of long long hair. I had wanted to comb it nice. I didn’t of course.

Our neighbour on the left was a nice Malay family. The kids(girls) were of the same age as we were and we play games together. 

The Kitten. Yes, The Kitten.

It was a stray kitten which came to our humble abode once in a while. My sis and I would feed it with milk, rice and fish. Soon, its company became something we enjoy and look forward to. The kitten would come almost everyday and we’d be ready with it’s special dish.

One morning however, something ghastly caught our eye. Our lovely kitten was under the tyres of my Dad’s white Suzuki. It was accidentally ran over by dad while he was trying to park in the dark hours of the night. The crime scene was ugly for The Kitten’s eyes were completely covered by red ants, which hungrily ate it’s cute carcass. That was my first encounter with death of something I have known to love. The Kitten.



1. cakapaje - December 1, 2007

Salam Minci,

Kesian dia – the kitten tu. Now baru kesian dia – you and your sis. But a carcass, cute?

2. fiza - December 2, 2007

uiks..ngeri tu..tatot!

3. jet - December 2, 2007

ni..dolu member aku ade gak cite..bapak die lenyek kucin die..sayang punye pasal die gi la kutip cebisan-cebisan kucin tuh, otak sume bagai..kemudian dikuburkan secara islam..semoga dicucuri rahmat..

kucin ko?ko kutip nggak?

4. dinswok - December 2, 2007

well, I never see my kitten bleeding to death. I just saw them suffocating to death. “Nazak” lar tu… Amboi hard to explen bha~…

5. shutterspeaks - December 3, 2007

alalala… bulatnya kucin tuhh ekekeke…

mesti trauma tgk kucin tuh da kena hurung dgn semut. masih suka kucing lagi?

6. enn0suke - December 3, 2007

kalau ko ada tangkap gambo kucing tu, ko blh post kat ogrish (section underground media / gore pics)

member aku pun pernah pijak kepala anak kucing guna tayar keta dia… ngeri gak sebab aku sama2 ngan dia dlm keta tu. siap blh dgr ‘last cry’ kucing tu…

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