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:: The Odd Neighbours December 24, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Cost is not the only deciding factor in buying or renting a property. One other factor that is often overlooked by people is the type of neighbours that you will interact with for as long as you live in that particular area.

Neighbour 1: Low-cost housing area.

My aunt received a text message on her phone. It was from her neighbour next door. This particular neighbour is very stingy with the parking space in front of their house. They don’t own a car nor tend a garden of that sort but still refused to let visitors to my aunts house to park in front of their gate. This neighbour would go to great lengths of arranging dustbins in front of the gate and raise up stills of planks to further send the idea to people to not park their car there. so you could imagine the fact that these are rather unfriendly people.

My aunt opened the text message and it read,
‘ I feel ashamed to see you face to face with regards to this matter but I was wondering if I could borrow an amount of money from you. I’ll need about RM300. ‘

My cousin immediately related to her mother that she’s heard about this neighbours habit of borrowing other people’s money without paying them back. Besides, if you’re really short on cash, wouldn’t you go to your family membes first rather than outsiders?

The 2 of them came to a conclusion that this lady have probably gone and ask help from her family only to be declined for they knew about her behaviour. My aunt replied by saying that she’s got only enough money to last her for the month and that she was sorry she couldn’t be of any help to the neighbour.

One would have thought the neighbour would just stop at that but nooooo.. the neighbour sent another text message an hour later (this time by the husband),
“ok we understand if you don’t have 300 but could you then spare us 150?”

Unbelievable right? My aunt choose not to respond to the mesage.

Neighbour 2 : Beside a shop

Mr A has a small business of selling ‘chikadees’ and cigarettes in front of his house. Rumah kedai sort of concept. Unortunately he has this neighbour who keeps coming to him asking for spare change of 20sen or few ringgits everyday! Reason being that he wanted to buy some fuel for his motorcycle or for his ciggies. Ayoooo.. ingat Mr A tuh bapak dia kah?

Mr A was a man who find it hard to say NO until one day he thought that he’s had enough and told his neighbour a little white lie.

“My son is holding my money now. He would only give me little by little everyday which is just enough for my daily expenses for food and drinks. I don’t have any extras. I’m sorry”

Did you think the neighbour stop at that? Ah yerlah.. kalau tak stop jugak, memang dasar muka tak malu. Miahaha~

And once in a while you do become that slightly odd neighbour.

Neighbour 3 : My sis and her housemates

My sister has 2 Indian housemates and in the area where they lived, the Indian community is very small. Therefore, when they first moved to that housing area, the neighbour next door (a family) was really overjoyed to have Indians nearby.

They were very kind to send some warm dishes and kuihs over to the girls and lazimnya adat berjiran, we would return the gesture by giving some of our own as well. Be it lauk, kuih or extra tropical fruits from the dusun.

One day during my sis’s absence, the neighbour gave them some manisan and the other 2 girls were clueless as to what to give in return. Budget was a bit tight and they don’t cook very well when they finally resorted to one final idea.

The neighbour must have gotten a surprise when she opened the tupperware for in it, the 2 girls have kindly given them 2 packets of Maggi Mee Curry Flavour. Ayoyoyoyoyo..

What sort of strange/funny neighbours have you come across?



1. kaSyah - January 20, 2008

Neighbour 1: Ngak tau malu..huhu.
Neighbour 2: Lagi tak tau malu…
Neighbour 3:Pandainye…..hehe

Alhamdulillah my nebors baek2 belaka. Lebih2 lagi my nebor daughter, 😉

2. Nur Amirah Shaharom - January 21, 2008

erm, I dont think i ever encountered a funny neighbour, but a weird, insane and awful, yes! absolutely drove me crazy when my family and I just knew that she has mental disorder.

She is a single mother with two daughters, living together and her eldest daughter is the one yang menyara mereka sekeluarga. at first, they’re fun, and my mom tend to help them in they have probs mcm nak pegi pasar pagi2, so my mom ajak lah pegi sama2 since they have no transport. But after a while, my mom became curious about the things they wanted to have a hand.

Case 1
Pernah one day, the single mom leave my mom a sms telling that her keys left outside at the back gate of the house and wanted my brother to get it for her. Without hesitation, my mom pun suruhlah adik lelaki saya pegi ambilkan. then, he suddenly asked, “Kenapa mesti suruh saya ambik sedangkan rumah dia corner lot, rumah saya kat tengah-tengah, dan pintu depan rumah dia terbuka?”

Case 2
The eldest daughter came to my house for a help. She looks pale and terrified. So my dad went to their house to take a look. The single mom holding a knife to cut off the hand of her 2nd daughter! Gilo! tau ape yang my dad wat? He ask my brother to get his gari, dan ugut itu makcik.

Case 3
My mom found that her 2nd daughter’s boyfriend have mental disorder. my mom chose to shut her mouth. but then, the single mom knew by her own and datang ke rumah mengadu hal. My mom pun bglah her opinion by her point of view. A week later, one of our other neighbours told my mom that the single mom telling everyone bad things about my mom. Mak tersangatlah pelik ketika itu sbb dia kata; mak saya nak putuskan hubungan cinta anak dia sbb saya baru putus cinta.

Ada banyak lagi kes. Tapi biarlah.

Yang penting saya tak penah pulak putus cinta. kalau ade pun, mak saya taktau 🙂

3. kaSyah - January 21, 2008

Nur Amirah Shaharom:

Pelik benar perangai jiran tu. Macam mereng je…hhooho.

Sian lak kat ur mum, nak kena cili mulut jiran tu.

4. Minci - January 21, 2008

wah.. formal sunggo kamu memanggil amirah.. 😛

wahhhhhh.. paling terpegun dgn kisah ur ayahanda menggari ur neighbour..

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