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:: Iron lady December 28, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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With this many clothes, how much upah do you think one has to fork out?

RM50. If you choose to use Minci The Iron Lady’s Services lar.. Not only you get her personalized attention, you can feel her love seeping through as you wear the clothes she ironed. So to my future husband, this is my prize for ironing your shirt. Unless he wear scrubs everyday or is a firemen. Or fishmonger. Miahahaha

RM50. That was what Mother chose to pay me and before anybody gets the wrong idea, I don’t do house chores to get paid but since Mother dah nak bayar, rezekilah kan… 😛

The deal was set on a fine Monday morning. Mother was to bring Bro M and Bro D to their secondary schools (at the end of our little ‘village’). I saw her holding a paper bag with Father’s working shirts inside, complete with hangers.

Minci : Where are you taking them?
Mother: To get them ironed?
Minci : Hah? Why ?
Mother: Ayoo.. I don’t have time lar to iron.

I peered into the bag.

Mother : You want to iron?
Minci : Can.. no problem. ( FYI, I have been ironing Father’s shirt eversince Mother taught me how. But since I’m away most of the time, Mother did it)
Mother : I’ll give you RM1 for each shirt.
Minci : (smiling broadly for the unexpected durian runtuh ) Yeaaaahhhh.. besides I don’t have any money now
Mother : Huh? No money? (With that she took out RM50 from her purse) Nah… RM50 for this lot.
Minci : hehehehe.. thank you. thank you. (Fuiyooo.. paid in advance some more)

It was way better than what Sis N was paid for doing house chores – she scrubbed the toilets, mopped the floor and did many other things. For that she got RM10 only. Ha ha ha..



1. kaSyah - January 20, 2008

Kejam….aku pun rela kalo diberi upah banyak tu. siap basuh baju lagi… 😛

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