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:: Bro M & Misha Omar January 5, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

The three of us were in our room. I was reading my book – Blue Horizon. Bro M was watching TV  while Bro D was playing some sort of game on his Motorola. Out of the blue, Bro D said,

“Kak, kamek baruk sedar kamek suka Misha Omar ” (Sis, I just realized I like Misha Omar )

This he mentioned without the slightest excited expression as he continued to press the keys on his mobile. Trying to maintain a straight face, I questioned solemnly, “Why?”

“Because he likes girls with short hair!” Bro M intervened.
“Misha has short hair?” I asked.
With this, Bro D gave one of his ‘control’ smile and remained silent.

I was obviously surprised with his sudden confession because:

  1. He is the most ‘heartless’ of us all. I am not saying he’s cold-hearted or anything, he’s just expressionless or indifferent most of the time.
  2. He’s 15 and prior to this have never shown an interest in girls. Not even female celebs. Only his PS3 receives his undivided attention and care.

I hope he grows up to discover that girls with hijab have hair too (tak caya tgk kakak) and secondly to know that long hair can be cut short if that is what his heart fancies. Miahaha~~ 



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