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:: Gibberish Talk January 5, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Just For Fun.
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People cope with stress differently. Such as one of Father’s friend, H.

H is the type of a guy who gets really agitated in a company of people he doesn’t know. He has difficulties in participating the conversations rendering himself as a faithful listener to all the stories. If H had looked up on essortment [ How To Socialize ], he would have learnt some tips.

Unfortunately he doesn’t. So what does he do? He would call Father and what would take place is usually this : (bit hard to put in in words but I’ll give it a try)

Ringtone goes off. Father picks his phone up.

Father : Hello
H : Huh.. (rising tone)
Father : Huh.. (rising tone too)
H : Huh.. hah.. (followed by inaudible noise)
Father : Hah.. huh… (follow suit with inaudible noise when one of them finally say a word) You’re with people right?
H : Hehe.. yeah. Oklah.
Father : ah. ok.

Conversation ends. Sin Ta Rho Ya Jim. 😛


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