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:: Malang tidak berbau January 8, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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…. maka apakan daya, itulah takdir. Terimalah dengan redha.

I’ve been terribly jinxed today. The continuous stream of misfortunate events started with ;

  1. A car honking me for going into his lane after passing the Litrak toll to Putrajaya. Fine.. my fault for not having a Big Foot and just squash his car down.
  2. I HIT the wall with my Kancil while parking.
  3. Failed attempts to withdraw blood from patients.
  4. I couldn’t order my ala carte meal because I was half an hour early for my lunch. They only take orders after a certain hour. I would have had my mee goreng basah but because of that, I settled with papaya and 2 chicken pau’s.
  5. On the way home, as I was using the Touch & Go, my foot accidentally let go off the brakes as I tried to reach out and ‘touch’ my IC to the reader. My car of course sped forward A BIT as I managed to salvage it from sondol-ing the palang by hitting the floor hard for the emergency brakes.
  6. Got honked once more by another impatient driver because I wanted to park my car in front of my house. I took my own sweet time seeing that there wasn’t any vehicles behind me.
  7. After Maghrib, went to Taipan and bought McD with sis. Sis told me to get the drinks from the back seat ( I was sitting in front at the passenger seat) when my pretty hands knocked one of the drinks down. The cup became half full. 😛
  8. Because I care, I quickly got a rag to clean up the mess once we reach home. I opened the door of the back seat and diligently did the task of cleaning up when all of a sudden, rain poured heavily. I was soaked. 
  9. In addition, the spill needed more than a rag to dry it up, so I had to get another rag. Since there was a young man sitting in his motorbike near my parked car, I had to lock my car and have it alarmed everytime I go inside the house to change my cloth.Ayooo…
  10. Once that is done, my sis told me that she placed my reload card on the dashboard inside the car and not in the handbag as expected.

Alhamdulilah I did not slip in the bathroom or anything afterwards. Ayooo.. so malang.



1. Puteri Nad =( - January 19, 2008

everybody has these kind of days..
u shud read my exam day post..sigh

2. Minci - January 19, 2008

ok.. i will..

3. kaSyah - January 20, 2008

tak tau nape, tapi ending die cam kelaka la aau rse

4. kaSyah - January 20, 2008

bukan auu rse >> aku rase…typooo

5. baez-minci-kun - January 20, 2008

yet uve got the courage to drive
that’s fortunate!
thanks god kakminci is ok

6. Minci - January 21, 2008

hahaha.. it is intended to be funny. 😛

alhamdulilah.. keberanian itu dtg di kala daku memerlukannya.. sgt bersyukur setakat nih tiada kemalangan besar..

7. tempe1543 - February 18, 2008

once dah start HO nnt u tau ada term kite gune utk this type of malang… JONAH!!!

8. Minci - February 18, 2008

yearghhhhhh… tepat sekali.. mohon dijauhkan ke’Jonah’an ittew..

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