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:: Safe sex, new method January 8, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Current Events, Just For Fun.

Received this text message; 

For safe sëx.. Please wear a mask, not a condom.
A Community Service Message by Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, ex Minister of Health, Malaysia. :mrgreen:

To the unintiated, please refer to this newspaper article.



1. tempe1543 - February 18, 2008

he was just trying to give some free sex education to the public, the public didn’t understand…. hahah

2. mami lau - November 14, 2008

If you go to the 2 star love hotels around Malaysia in the weekends you will see many couples waiting to rent a room for 2 hours. The combination of age can be 16 Vs 20 to 56 Vs 65 to 16 Vs 66 and others.
It is called ” short time ” service and no ICs or registrations are required.
Most couples will ” Kaw Tim ” in less than 30 minutes. The bed sheets will be changed quickly and the next couple will be given 2 towels,2 pieces of soap and 1 condom.
Everybody will cast their eyes down to look only at their feet.Even if you see your married MD waiting there with his married secretary who is not his wife you pretend you ” see nothing,hear nothing and will say nothing ” at all.
If somebody tries to takes a video of the clients his teeth with be punched out immediately.
If is because he will be trying to break their rice bowl.Each room can play love nest to as many as 10 cheating couples a day.
Thus if you want to taste” stolen love ” go to a love hotel.They will have their standards to uphold and maintain for the privacy of their clients.
CSL learn from me at the grass root level.

3. mami lau - November 15, 2008

A story that has never been told i e Chinese “Girls selects Boys” in the1950s.
..CSL dilemma at that time.
In the 1900s until todays when a Chinese bride is about enter ” The Door ” of the bridegroom she will be accompanied by her best girl friends who are all single and eligible.They will be appearing in their best as pretty maidens and ideal future wives.The bridegroom will invite all his bachelor friends and they will also be appearing in their best as ideal future husbands. On the night of the wedding in the bridal chambers there will be teasing games between the eligible bachelors and the eligible girls.The purpose is to find out their ideal future husbands or ideal future wives as soon as possible.The girls can ask her choice of men all kinds of questions.They may even ask him to do humiliating chores like hiding underneath the bridal bed or bark like a dog or lick dry a plate of milk like a cat in order to test his patience in managing the prospective future families.The men has to be 100% sporting on that night.They will be” booed ” if they were to show any sign of anger or resentment.It is practically a ” Ladies Night ”
After the ” Boys meets Girls” games the match makers will be called to make the “match” that has already been decided on the teasing night.
Like everything in this world these ” boy meets girl ” games will have many weakness.
Many gangsters will put on long sleeves and trousers and appear in their best behaviors.
They will gladly be caned as penalties by the girls for giving a wrong answers to her witty questions.
The bridegroom has to introduce each and everyone of his bachelor friends by his NRIC or birth certificate names.
Their nicknames will all come out in the heat and excitement of the games by all the other players while trying to outplay each other in order to win the hand of the most fair maiden of the night..Everything is fair in love and in war.
If they said ” This is Ong Tiong Guan ” the only benefit is that the girls surnamed Ongs will not waste time talking to him.He has to say ” We call as him as………”
1) Hoh Kia..means Good son..+++ for girls
2) Pai Kia.means Bad son.. ???? for girls
3) Durian Kia means Hooligan son..??? for girls
4) Poon Tua Kia means Lazy son..??? for girls
5) Teat Tho Kia means Play around son..??? for girls
6) Gon Kia means foolish son..??? for girls
7) Siawh Kia means crazy son..??? for girls
8) Chap Chen Kia means son with unknown father.???? for girls…
9) Boh Yong means useless and no future son ..???? for girls.
10) Soi Kia means unluky and ill fated son ??? for girls..

I have 3 unmarried sisters above 65 who told me this story.All of them are former Convent Girls who do not want to get marry just for the sake of having a family.They cannot find love and romance out of 90% of the men they met as above…

But in Chinese society the moment you achieve fame,power and riches the nicknames will be discarded immediately…But nobody I know tries to change his NRIC names.It is because his marriage certificate and children’s birth certificate needs alteration as well.

I want CSL to write about his romantic youth..

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