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:: TRAP Sg Klah January 12, 2008

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Me : Papitos (Father), what time are we setting of tomorrow?
Papitos : 0630h !!

(Everyone pulled out their hair frantically. Nah, kidding)

Taman Rekreasi Air Panas Sg Klah (Hot Water Spring Sg Klah) is situated at Sungkai, Perak and the journey is approximately 90 minutes from Subang Jaya. The road we took was the North-South PLUS Highway passing Kelana Jaya tuhlah. The toll price was about RM15 one way.

Very difficult to rouse these two.

My bathing attire – Minci Aqua

Smelly earthlings

Fuel station

Stopped by a fuel station and the place caught my attention. Food outlets in the station? Isn’t that a dangerous things to set up? I don’t think I would want to eat nor work at a place like this. Takeaway OKlah kot. Father also bought some eggs for us to boil once we get there. Hoyeahh~~

‘Nasi Lemak’ Breakfast at R&R : DeliPlus

Some interesting scenes along the way.
1. Snow?

No-lah, there was a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) involving few lorries and a car. The white thing you see is Plaster of Paris – the load from one of the trucks.

2. Moo Moo

We finally arrived at TRAP and had a splendid time. The entry fee is RM10 per person if you choose to go to the hot spring only. If you’d like to go to the cold pool as well, it is RM20. It’s open till night (can’t remember the exact time).

Unloading our picnic set from the boot – nasi lemak (again!), bihun, packets of crisp, bottles of mineral water, a bucket to put our wet clothes, dry set of clothes, towels, toiletries and eggs.

Papitos : 6 org ye dik?
‘Dik’ : Mana?
Papitos : Tuh… (pointing to us mules)

Man-made hot spring. A good setting for a private party (if such reservation is allowed). The big white concrete fungus looked like it was built initially for some sort of mini-bar in the pool since there were stone stools and shelving there. Now, left empty there. 

Morning seems to be a good time to go since the day itself is not that hot. A day too sunny plus hot water spring doesnt go that well together. There’s no shade whatsoever.  Other than that, the toilet, spa, cafeteria and boiling egg facilities were superb! Syok OK..

Yok Cuti-Cuti Malaysia!!





1. Puteri Nad =( - January 19, 2008

kakmin tampak riang dgn bikini muslimah..n the bontot lembu shot was nice

2. Minci - January 19, 2008

suka ke bontot tuh? buat sup nak?

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