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:: 19 Jan January 19, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

When I lost my silver ring this morning, I have a gut feeling that I will have a terrible day to start with. Indeed, it was.

Hearing the woes of a friend whose father threw away the flowers her male friend gave her out of sincere care for each other. Which brings on the life story of friend number 2 whose friendship is on the rocks because of she messed up – bad. One thing I learnt from these girls is that ‘There’s more than what meets the eye’. I wouldnt have known what was happening if they hadnt told me. It was mental and emotional torture having to sit through that all morning.

Then, when I was about to fill my car fuel, the pump didnt work smoothly. On the highway, a car did not give a signal to go into my lane and just dashed in at top speed, causing me to step on the brakes rather abruptly.

And at this time, I’m still troubled. I’m anticipating another unfortunate event in a few hours when …

Maybe I should find my silver ring. My precious silver ring.

On 2nd thought, it wasnt that bad of a day. Happy birthday Kak Syifa. May Allah bless you in whatever you do. It was nice meeting you.


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