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:: Keep Holding On January 19, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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No one should suffer from pain. No one should feel lost. Though sometimes we may think that we are all alone in a hardship, there are actually others who have been there, done that. And those people (who may not make their unhappiness be known to the world) are more than happy to be there to help you keep holding on.

There’s never an absolute guarantee in life. Love today can become hate tomorrow. Today’s failure can be tomorrow’s success.



1. kaSyah - January 19, 2008

when u feel alone, there always somebody beside u. whatever unhappy you r, there alwiz someone to share with u.

baka somebody.

2. Puteri Nad =( - January 19, 2008


3. Minci - January 20, 2008

lorrr..nih general2 jer entry..non spesifiko..

huh? tak faham..

4. tempe1543 - February 18, 2008

be confident and be sure that u will never be alone in life, someday, somehow, somewhere, somebody is waiting just to be with u…

5. Minci - February 18, 2008

*terus duduk berteleku*

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