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:: Tag JOjet January 26, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Arigato Gozaimasu Jet-chan for tagging me.

The Rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

(Great..how random can I get!)

#8: Wonders will never cease!
I get excited over small things sometimes. Or excited about normal things.  Like the time when my brother’s phone had a scratch and I said ‘Wow!’. Almost like marvelling the ‘keretakan’.

#7: An Englishman’s home is his castle
As much as I enjoy going for small vacations or outings, I’d rather spend time at home having my nose stuck in a PlayGirl magazine good book, eyes glued to the television or ears listening to the wonderful tunes coming from the CD/radio.

#6: Blood is thicker than water
This is of no relation to the proverb but the thing is, I love the sight of blood.

#5: Lightning never strikes in the same place twice
But it can happen. Alhamdulilah, I have survived 2 terrible car crashes. Once when I was a toddler – our car did a cartwheel down a hill and I was stuck under the backseat, head down, feet up. Second time when I was about 8/9 years old. Again, I was stuck at the backseat of the car with only a minor abrasion at the knee.

#4: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
The way I staple my papers is the exact way Father staples his. Perpendicular to the width of the paper with about 1 cm from the longitudinal stretch.

#3: Truth will out
The first male recording artist I adored was Sir Cliff Richards. I liked him so much that I bought his cassette just so I could hear ‘Summer Holidays’ and ‘The Young Ones’ over and over again. I was like 11 years old at the time.

#2: Variety is the spice of life
What more can I say..

#1: The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world
I am left handed. :mrgreen:

Because EIGHT is also my favourite number, I willingly oblige to tag another EIGHT people. Abandon task at will okay?
BAEZ (takyahlah dok merajuk pandang dinding coklat tuh lagi), Nad, Dark Angel, CakapAje, ShutterSpeaks, Daniel, Daju, Sesape Yang Rasa Depres Dan Terabai.


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1. jet - January 26, 2008

wohoooo..suda buat..menepuk2 bahu tanda syabas..aku tak paham part variety is the spice of life tuh..maklomla otak stret..hehe..

2. baez-minci-kun - January 26, 2008

muahaha akhirnya ditag oleh kakminci but u r quite wrong, dinding ku warna hijau coklat is warna comforter, pls dont skip !!! terus da tak pandang dinding yet pandang robi sajor

ok random facts (kene wat teknik2 proverb/sayings segala ke) maka ni adalah terus random facts yang tak kait mengait pon antara satu sama lain

8) a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor ke mariner kompius di sini

urm i lurve adventures, come what may and i’d face it willingly! failing @ final yr can be considered as one, i must insist lol~

7) a burnt child dreads the fire

phobia, lol, i do have some, for instance i do afraid of doggies after being chased for like 2 times, and i threw my motosikal away from my hand (plate patah ) for i thought running was way better and laju-er than riding the tersengguk2 motor, yet the dog was no rival of mine, and i won (padan muka kau dyspnoea ujarku pada anjing itu)

6) a closed mouth catches no flies

urm yea, i sumtimes am stubborn and when im thrown into quarrels i will hav to keep my mouth shut so that i will hurt no one lol, coz there’s time when i feel like rising my voice and it’s like so loud that one that it can wake a one-mile away sleepy guy up

5) smile, and the world smiles with you; cry, and you cry alone

this is somehow true i must admit, and i smile with my so called circle of friend yet i do usually cry alone (for i dont like sharing with others) at the corner of my room, looking at the green-painted wall and it’s so au-contraire with my comforter that it makes me sob even louder (matilakau comforter hijau tak cantik jadi beli goldy2)

4) honey catches more flies than vinegar

i do have a friendly attitude so that i can expand my friendship beyond horizon, it’s so true that when one’s like being nice to other, he’ll be treated the same way as well, and i do believe that this’s fundamental to be a gr8 doctor, good rapport with patients and staff, that would make life easier, yet who knows, too much work (as an HO) will sumhow shadow my charming attitude and unfriendly look will be plastered all over my face, time will tell

3) hindsight is 20/20

urm learning from mistakes is never tiring, i do look at my past mistakes and try learning not to do the same thing over and over again, once bitten twice shy! eg how on earth did i fail in my finals? the way of studying wasnt good, and i berpoya-ed2 to much! ive changed, hopefully to be a better guy

2) absence makes the heart grow fonder

i tend to miss people who hav make contacts wif me in their absences, for eg i miss kakminci, jet (maka rebel), kakfiza, and nadbintik as well
and i do wonder if they r ok or not
hope that kakminci wont be absent for so long any longer

1) all cats love fish but hate to get their paws wet

urm this will remain a secret LOL!


tagging : nadbinti, kakfiza, kak shifa, ihab (if he still reads), toric, khalikok endang, robie, kasmon

3. baez-minci-kun - January 26, 2008

ooo nombor 8 dan ) menjadi pakai spek mata plak 8)

4. baez-minci-kun - January 26, 2008

comments terhadap kakminci plak :

omg kakminci suka darah kah? omg terus teringat citer wrong turn 2 dan citer interview with the dracula!

seb bek dikau survived car crash, if not i wont be meeting kakminci kat cyber world katanyeh hohoyeah

i find that left handed girls are sexy

5. Minci - January 27, 2008

mudah saja maksudnya ibu.. artinya… gue.. kalo idopnya monotonus sepanjang masa.. pasti boringan .. perlu ada ‘up-down’ nya biarpu gue seringkali mengomplen.. 😛

matilah kena tangkap skipping2.. dan tk perlu sebenarnyer nk ltk proverb segala.. jet tk ltk pun.. ha ha..
1 – oooo.. laju sunggo ye dikau lari.. kalah anjin..

2 – true. to be humble is the key to a good working life when you baru nak start as HO. kalau nk ber’eksen’ tuh mmg sgt durjanalah kehidupan.

3 – we all make mistakes and should learn from it. i have mine too, yet sometimes i make the same ones again due to the different nature it presents itself. well.. at least i learnt that one issue/problem/theme can manifest in many ways.

4 – i miss NADBINTIK too. Also ihab, toric, wan zue and khalikok endang.

5 – matilah i nk korek your rahsia.. he he (rate of failing tuh tinggi lah)

6 – ohh.. i memang sexy little kitten.

6. baez-minci-kun - January 27, 2008


mari berlumba lari pls, 100 meter je nanti da keje kene wat blogger family day iaitulah acara utama lumba lari

yet misi eksen kene dieksen kembali, itu adalah norma norma kehidupan

ooo terus mengadu nad, nad kakmin kata dikau bintik2 hitam di muka (khalikok endang has been missing for ages)

rate of success is 0.01 percent

and hi sexy kitten (referring to kasmon lol)

7. Danial - January 31, 2008

daniel dare? boku? lol

8. DaRk AnGeL~* - February 1, 2008

kena tag? adduuiiii… hehehehe~
i amik masa nak karang yang…. nak karang yg kaw-kaw punyer… harharhar~

9. DaRk AnGeL~* - February 1, 2008

kena tag twice nih.. ayooorrkk~~
8 random facts huh~? lemme see….

1- tak minum air lepas makan. plus avoid air gas and ice-ice baby. tapi dgn you itu hari dikecualikan sebab i dibelanjai.. at pizza Hut~!! ngeeeeeee ;D

2- nak kena makan buah dulu before taking heavy meal.. tpi itu hari pun dikecualikan sebab makan Pizza HUt! hehehehe

3- talkative. mulut murai. banyak cakap. can get talk crazy biler di uja~ hehehe. that day wif u? naaahh.. itu i pendiam tuh…

4- apa lagi ek? apa lagi….??? hurrrmmm……

5- still thinking… still thinking hard…. HHRRRMMMM….

6- Ah ha~! i tend to run away from my big boss? i kenot see him around. even if his car came crossing from that corner, i can run away like a mad dog~ harharhar~

7- Right now, I am unbelievably pemalas you know? pemalas in terms of finishing my thesis writings. ayyyyoooooo…. believe it!

8- Well, one undenial facts is I MISS EVERYONE in here… -Baez, Nad, Minci, Jet, Fiza, Ihab and everyone who wants to know me. [But how can i miss somene i dont even know? harharhar~]

So there you have it… 8 facs about me… Its random right? kekekekeke~

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