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:: Padi’s dilemma January 27, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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Habis Madu Sepah Dibuang


For the past few weeks, we’ve had a few PADI’s (Pendatang Asing Dengan Izin) in the wards suffering from various illnesses. It saddens me that when the medical team have decided upon sending them back home to their respective countries, neither their agents nor employers want to be responsible for their wellbeing. Kurang ajar OK menggunakan tenaga buruh diorg, pastuh sesuka hati tak nak ambil kisah pasal kebajikan diorg.

One of the doctors called the employers up stating that this particular worker was medically fit for discharge and just needed someone to come by, get him home and accompany him throughout the flight to help feed him through the nose-tube. It was further mentioned that it would help the company financially to take him out of the hospital for the accumulation of bills can be costly when all he needed was nursing care (which can be done at home) and not additional medicines or investigations. The employer had the heart to say, “Oh.. no need to treat him lah like that. Just let him stay there first”. hellooo.. ‘sewa katil’ hospital still ada charge tau.

Then, it was a case of yo-yo in calling the agents and employers several times to get the patients passport. Ayooo…

My goodness, these people ingat PADI/PATI nih hamba/daging bernyawa ke apa? They have families, self-dignity and worth jugak tau. They deserve some sort of respect for the work they have done – doing things, giving services that our locals are not prepared to do. As a reminder to myself as well, maybe we could start addressing them as ‘orang Indonesia/dari Indonesia’ rather than ‘Indon’ and ‘Bangladeshi/orang Bangladesh’ instead of ‘bangla/Paki’. (for these terms has a rather patronizing tone to it). Furthermore, most of them pun saudara seIslam kan..


* If anybody could give an English equivalent for the Malay proverb above, it is highly appreciated. Thanks.


1. baez-minci-kun - January 27, 2008

English equivalent for the Malay proverb above –> kakminci refer kepada daging bernyawa tu ke

yet they are treated so badly i could almost cry sian sgt, paling bertanggungjawab is the employers la gamaknye, motif sgt, PADI ni ada tak tandatangan ape2 surat as in rights yang diorg wajar dapat, maka terus je tunjuk surat agreement itu!

2. me - January 27, 2008

Salam Minci,

I find it heartening you brought this subject to light. It is indeed unfortunate that we Malaysians – Muslims especially – treat the Indonesians worse than garbage.

These immigrants are being used exactly as you mentioned – hamba daging – by the agencies, legal or otherwise. Through so many devious means, the very importation of these people provides a very lucrative income for these agencies, and certain people within the government.

Then, the companies which employ them, would normally not pay them on daily or even weekly basis, but towards the end of project or contract term. Then, with some uncanny timing, the Immigration Department would go swooping on the immigrants and deport them back to their country of origin. Any legal immigrant would find his papers shredded or misplaced and deported as well. And the construction company, they find themselves a bonus by not having to pay the balance due.

If that is not enough, we find our muslim citizens looking down on these people, turning the other way when many Indonesian Muslims are forced to work in non-halal eateries which include the preparation of pork. If you think that’s bad, then think about those Muslim maids who are forced to eat what their employers give them…again, this include pork. What have the authorities to say? Nothing!

Today, the Indonesian and other immigrants are coming to Malaysia to, as the Malay saying goes “mencari sesuap nasi”, as the situation of their countries are not condusive. But their countries are now beginning to improve. Where once Indonesia was full of bribe – it still exist but with an ever lessening degree – we in Malaysia are heading where they were. Corruption in Malaysia is getting worse! Perhaps, na’uzubillah, one day our people will be immigrants too, if we do not buck up our system.

This matter is not so deep rooted but sadly, we are lulled into complacencies with too many hiburan. Tonight there’s the AJL. Last night, there was some form of singing show. Tomorrow night and for the rest of the weeknights, there’ll be tons of other entertainment put on TV, and we sleep ignorantly bliss of the hardship of our neighbours – even if they be non-Malaysians or non-Muslims!

I applaud you for putting this post up! I am not against entertainment per se, but let it not be at the expense of our brothers and sisters who are in need. To borrow a phrase from an Indonesian – KL tidak akan terbina tanpa peluh dan darah orang Indonesia!

3. Minci - January 28, 2008

no my dear.. yg ‘habis madu sepah dibuang’ nyer..mcm tkder je perjanjian camtuh

mr/mrs/mis/dr/yang arif me,
A lengthy comment and a very good one too – sedihnya baca their plights. Immigrants they may be, but garbage they aren’t. Bernas sekali kata2 warga indonesia itu..

4. Nur Amirah Shaharom - January 28, 2008

Setahu saya, PADI ni mmg ade sain agreement bila dtg cni biasenya diuruskan oleh orang tengah yang bawak immigrants ni lah. Ada mcm2 agensi yg terlibat tapi malangnya once these people ni diserahkan kepada employers sama ada company ke, org perseorangan ke;… agreement tu mcm hlang mcm tu aje. sbb tulah nasib mereka kurang baik bila dapat majikan yang berhati binatang.

Msyrkat kita kebanyakkannye underestimate mereka2 ni padahal antara mereka tu ramai yg ade degree dan bukan calang-calang org. cuma rezeki mereka tak ditanah sendiri maka datanglah ke malaysia mencuba nasib.

banyak dah jdi kes mcm ni. bukan kat hospital je, kat rumah, kat pejabat.. hampir semua tempat yang adanye mereka2 ni mesti ade masalah sama ada sesama mereka, atau pun dengan org setempat.

rasanya perlu ada satu mcm jwtankuasa ke, suruhanjaya ke utk pantau nasib derang ni. at least tak jadilah mcm brapa ratus org bangladesh yg tersekat tanpa gaji, nak balik tak bleh, nak kluar xbleh mcm aritu tu.

5. Intan - January 28, 2008

Dah balik malaysia ke? Lama tak follow Littlehealer ni – CUTTTIIIII! Haha.
Ok, my new blog is up. Very Mummy-esque.

6. Minci - January 28, 2008

precisely, who knows that the person who fills your fuel at petronas might as well be an engineer or any learned person!

*HUGS kt Cikgu Intan,
hehe.. a ah.. but then sekejap je lah.. coz I but praktikal jer.. cewah.. I had a look at your new blog.. mmg very the Mumy-esque.

7. baez-minci-kun - January 28, 2008

sepah ape maksud dia dlm english? kurang paham mode matila cikgu bm skola menengah menjeling

kakminci, jom buat petisyen menghantar kepada pihak berkenaan tentang layanan padi pati nak heheheh

urm tak terpikir proverb, susahnye soalan exam

8. Minci - January 29, 2008

dpending on sebutan
1. sey-pah itu ibarat tak kemaslh kan
2. ser-pah itu ibarat kulit/sabut etc

hahahahaha.. dahsyatnyer jelingan cikgu BM tuh..sampai ke jordan gitu..
you startlah the petition. and then I sign ok..

bau abis hekzem kah. oh dear..sila story mory

9. hata-minci-kun - January 29, 2008

bukan exam ok
it’s just soalan dikau cam soalan exam maka sgt susah!!
(soalan english proverb seumpama habis madu, sepah jgn dbuang merata2)

10. k.shila - February 2, 2008

hmmm….what a sweet coincidence. You talked about PADI, I just decided to hire a maid to help around the house.

Will write more about my experience in my own blog, but I salute you for bringing this matter up. Most of us ‘maam’ or agents treat these people with no respect or dignity, as if our lives matter more than them. They are someone’s mother/father/daughter/son/brother/sister too. To Allah all mighty, we are the same. Yet we act as if we have the born right as a superior being.

good luck for your finals, dear.

11. tempe1543 - February 18, 2008

tp aku punyer experience kat sini lain sket, sini byk sawmill yang PADI handle, so byk le yg terputus jari ke tangan ke… cost nak buat replantation atau revascularisation (termasuk therapy post-op) very high… tp yg bagusnyer, majikan diaorg ni sanggup tanggung suma kos dan even provide interperter everytime bwk diaorg ke klinik… very bertanggungjawab…

12. Minci - February 18, 2008

ohh.. I see

kak shila,
thank you very much akak!! *HUgss

(bila sebut nama kau teringat Khir Toyo.. ha ha)
ohhh..very baguslah that majikan.. terharu

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