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:: Duduk Rumah Makan2 January 28, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Food and Drinks.
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Food has been the main theme in this house lately. 

Over the weekend, we had nasi kerabu and kuwai. As expected, my brothers the nose-pickers picky eaters did not favour the idea of having to digest a fungal -like dish (due to its blue colour). However, it was of great relief when they were willing to try the kuwai.

Kuwai (Japanese term), also known as Chinese potato (chi gu)/swamp potato/ Chinese arrowhead roots  is a type of tuberous seasonal vegetable. You eat it by first peeling of the outer skin, cutting it into thin slices and fry it like you’d fry the keropok ikan. The taste? Fantastically sweet. It’s a good time to look for it now since CNY is just around the corner. Plus, it might sold out once CNY is over. 😉

There was also an issue about ‘taking food’.

I’ve always thought that guys will arrive at a point in their life when they are very conscious about how they look. Unlike women who are like that every day, every year, most of the time.. 😛 Males have two peak times, I suppose. The 1st during youth and the 2nd at the age of ‘life begins at 40’. Eg : Like Father and his hair. Anyway, I’ll leave the latter part alone and focus on the earlier one.

Recently, I noticed that Brody (Bro D, 16 years old, eligible bachelor) have been increasing his food intake and doing weights/sit-ups vigorously. I think he’s on a mission to ‘make his T-shirt nampak full’. That was exactly what one of my male teachers used to say about boys wanting to have dada bidang, tangan sasa, punggung kental, wajah ganteng.. those sort of thing. Back to Brody, he’s been requesting to have cereal drinks for breakfast, fresh milk to drink, boiled eggs, high carb food etc. And when I came back from hospital this evening, I caught him doing sit-ups secretly outside the house. He wouldnt let me stay and watch. Muahahaha~~Takper..

Sis N – unsuccessful with her diet attempt.

Bro M – ayoooo.. eat jelah .. you’re growing up!!

As for myself, well.. Mother has been grenading me with ‘Bebel Bombs’ :mrgreen: about how little food I eat. Maa.. when I’m tired, I memang tak makan banyak. I just drink water.



1. baez-minci-kun - January 28, 2008

hata’s nodding his head up and down upon reading this very statement of minci : “I’ve always thought that guys will arrive at a point in their life when they are very conscious about how they look”

1st growth spurt and they are concerned on how they look like, tp metrosexual guys la yang lebih peka, ordinary guys wouldnt mind pon, like me, i dont fancy the 6-pack thingy, neither do i care about how muscular my biceps looks like, i eat when i feel hungry and continue eating when im full lol

urm i read in an article on how to build ur muscles up katanya for guys, this health zine kata paling bagus is before age of 18, muscles will undergo hypertrophy and it persists for a longer time compared to those who main2 gym ni pastu berenti, muscles will be undergoing atrophy in no time~ jadi kene consistent and persistent gamaknye

girls on the other hand are so beauty conscious, contohnye tudong pon should have been ironed before jalan2 kah? and they do care about their weight way more than guys, no wonder they r susceptbl kpd anorexia bulimia n nervosa gamaknye, am not sure lol

kakmin pls makan banyak sket! ur dagu isnt labuh yet!!!

2. hayat - January 28, 2008

agak2la kan cik minci… cik minci nih besa mana eh?

ps: saya juga semakin rungsing dengan perut saya yang semakin ke hadapan hehehehe

3. memincikun - January 28, 2008

Oooh! Nasi kerabu kegemaran deng! Yang minci makan warna biru, best tak?

And oh! Tu kuwai…mesti try nanti. Deng pi kat market takdak jumpa pung! Nanti cari kat hypermarket ek! Jom minci, kita cari kat alamanda 🙂

4. Minci - January 29, 2008

nodding head ibarat ‘de Musset’s Sign’ kah? wow.. that was a useful fact (muscle building before 18). Padanlah mereka yg kering sblm 18 akan tetp kering bila tk gi gym beberapa minggu. Padan.. Astarghfirullah.. I take that back.. dendam kesumat sebenarnya..

ah yes.. mana dikau tau dagu daku tk labuh.. muka kiter mcm adik Garfield tau..

yer btol.. kitrog iron tudung sblm kuar.. he he.. but then I do that because i do not want non-muslims to perceive us muslimats as selekeh dan selebet… 😛

aku nih kecik jer.. adalah tinggi skit daripada Hobbit, tapi kaki aku tkderlah besar dan berbulu kan..

nih lagi sorang yg nak tambah minci-kun kat belakang.. adoiii..
nasi kaler biru tuh mula2 mkn okay tapi bila lelama, mcm susah skit nk telan. tapi telan je lah.. and then dlm that nasik ada solok.. that thing not bad..
alamanda? abihlah kalo camtuh.. dlm masa 6 minggu jer dah kira tiga kali pergi.. ha ha ha..

5. hata-minci-kun - January 29, 2008

dulu daku ada masuk gym ketika umo 18 maka selama 1 sem je maka da mengalami atrophy instead da wasted plak kau muahahaha

adik garfield is tembah and gemok and montel, i so want to picit2 mukanye, boley? terus picit2 kakmin tapi dengan berlapik as in bukan mahram (matila menjaga batasan pergaulan)

beli la tudung teknik keronyok kan byk dijual as in yang mmg pesen dia da kusut tu, cantik je

6. kaSyah - January 31, 2008

kuwai?? -first time heard

Wow…Brody on the tight diet I guess?

“boiled eggs” , separate the yolk because it get more cholesterol than white, 3:1. How much did he eat per day?

“high carb food”, if he want to start extreme diet, eat 5-6 times meal per day(habislah ..haha)

visit bodybuilding.com, gain a lot of info from there.

and this http://www.metacafe.com/channels/fitnessvip/

just my 2cents

ps-jgn ko tak makan lak

7. Minci - February 1, 2008

tk minat tudung keronyok.. eee.. u picit me… I karate our hand sampai jadi fork deformity.. ha ha

eish.. makannnn.. bro nuzul tk blk lagi kah??

8. DaRk AnGeL~* - February 1, 2008

rupa dah lawa.. masak nmpk sedap tak?
nak2~ nak minci masakkan!

9. Pencinta Terakhir - February 1, 2008

tak tau….masih menunggu gak. penat gak aku tunggu

10. hata-minci-kun - February 2, 2008

alah motif nak karate orang?
org picit dengan daya 45 newton sajor.. matila da tak ingat fizik tapi ada guru fizik di sini

11. Minci - February 2, 2008

kak syifa,
ohh..very der sedap one..cubalah cubalah..

aku pun penat tunggu.. tk lama lagi dah nk balik ke kampung halaman.. moga2 dia segera kembali

coz i m blue belt karate gal..

12. hata-minci-kun-penat-tulis-nama-sbb-panjang - February 2, 2008

LOL tatotnye
yet ive go a diplom in street fight academy (irbid branch) and im not kidding!

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