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:: Eat out February 1, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Food and Drinks.

EEE..macam lücah je tajuk.

The Momok Family went out for dinner a few nights ago at Johnny’s, a steamboat restaurant at Summit. The waiters were really swift with our orders – giving us the rice and drinks, pouring us the ever so delicious sauce in those little bowls…  but what got me into ‘suppressed’ fits of laughter was when one of the waiters said,”Enjoy your meal” sambil mensuakan ibu jari ke meja tanda sopan. All of us stared at the still empty table and soon enough were eyeing each other with cheeky grins.  Nak enjoy apanya? Nasik ngan sambal sajorr?? Ha ha ha.



Furthermore, pantang nampak the water in my glass separuh, terus tuang lagi sampai penuh. It has got to be more than 8 times of these waiters returning to my table to fill up our glasses. Ayo..

All in all, Johnny’s was sodap.. huahuahua.. puas..



1. cakapaje - February 1, 2008

Hmm…that’s nice, a steamboat watermelon?

2. kaSyah - February 1, 2008


3. hata-minci-kun - February 2, 2008

paling adorable adalah kesopanan itu sambil tunjuk ibu jari
i so want to meet the pelayan!

4. Minci - February 2, 2008

miahahaha.. that would be gambar hiasan only maaa..

sbb dikau eksen.. 😛

maka pegilah ke JOhnny’s itu dan mainlah tunjuk2 meja dgn mereka

5. baez-minci-kun-des - February 2, 2008

owh i would like to, akan try carik lambang daku adore kesopanan! mereka adalah idolaku

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