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:: Renew Passport February 1, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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It took me one day to renew my passport. One freaking day. When you get services this slow, it does make you wonder why. Which part of the process is slow and so on. My sis and I drove to PKNS after making sure that I’ve got everything I need;

– Old passport
– Passport sized pictures (2)
– Copy of IC (1)
– RM 300
– My big mouth for Bebel Bomb

Travelling in space – do we need a passport?


Obstacles of the day:
1. I had to change my tudung from a white to a black one when I wanted to do the  ‘instant photo shoot’ for my passport.

2. Traffic congestion along the federal highway  – Why on Earth are people going to Shah Alam today, huh?  

3. No parking at PKNS, had to park at SACC Mall – total we had to pay was RM7 for 7 hours.

4. It was raining heavily and making a cross from SACC to PKNS was very unpleasant especially when you’re sharing an EON umbrella.

5. Mother being the over-confident lady (as always) told us to go to the 4th floor. Well..surprise surprise.. panjat tangga sampai ke bumbung yang berhujan.

6. Had to fill a paid green form – RM1

7. Took a number. Mine was 2299 and at the time, it was 2112 or something. Ayoooo..

8. Discovered that there was this ‘KIPASS” service or something, which enables you to renew your passport with this machine. No need to queue. Well, I guess this is not really an obstacle for having that kiosk made everything seem less of a hassle. Furthermore, the immigration lady had thought I was below 18 years old when I wanted to use the facility. Hi hi hi..awet muda.

9. While waiting for the passport, my sis and I went for our prayers. Huwarghhh.. mencabarnya carik surau kat SACC Mall. Sis said it was like in Mid Valley where they have the surau near the carpark. The ablution place was pretty though.

10. Had to wait and wait and await again for my new passport. (PS: If I wasnt using the kiosk, my number was still not being called tau). The atmosphere was suffocating with so many people, naughty children smacking each other, babies crying at the top of their lungs, big burly men pushing petite gorgeous ladies.. ish ish ish

11. On our way home, two skinny, gatal, twiggy, sickly looking morons guys in a black Proton Saga were hitting on us. They waved at us through their side mirrors and tried to ‘ngekor’ us when sis sped up. Before that, sis tried to give them a heart attack at the toll by stopping her car a few inches away from the back of their car. huwarghhh.. very berani and pandai estimate lah my sis.But dangerous oso, of course.  She could make it to become a gang member if she wants. A very fierce sis she is.

12. We kept taking the wrong turn during our return home. Maiyamaaa.. nasib baik tak sampai airport.

13. Fuel nearly finished because of that. Ha ha ha. Money also spent a lot for the day. Huhuhu~~



1. mudin001 - February 1, 2008

Pagi tadi dengar radio… katanya ada eksiden kat Federal Hiway. Jem teruk menghala ke Shah Alam dari Menara TM lagi 🙂

2. cakapaje - February 1, 2008

Here’s a trick: When Selangor is on holiday, DO NOT ever go to KL. And when KL is on holiday, DO NOT ever go to any Selangor town around KL! Memang kena makan jem perisa tar lah jawabnya 🙂

By the way, awat tak ambil je gambar hp camera hari tu?

3. kaSyah - February 1, 2008

Seriuss….awek muda??!..haha

tula, sape suruh awet muda sgt, kan dah diekori oleh mamat2 yg ganteng..ahahahah

4. daju - February 1, 2008

uiskk…bace pn bley byg penatnye..
slalu i bwt passprt kt damansara..xdela hassle sgt..
maybe coz it’s holiday tuh yg rmai kot..

5. hata-minci-kun - February 2, 2008

lol jikalau i know you not, and i see u walkin on the jalan, i would surely phewit kakmin lol, pls pls dont get mad, for ill be a civilized phewiter for instance presenting sekuntum bunga dan tersenyum2 selepas phewit spt dan tanya ‘cik adik nak gi mane, abg nak teman boley?’

btw nad and i have updated our blog, new skins with a new hope

6. memincikun - February 2, 2008

Salam Minci,

Eh! Den raso lah, den ado kek situ waktu mamat mamat tu peewit kat minci. Kalau den tau apo sobonar torjadi, mau den pi lepuk mamat mamat tu! Hmm…dok mengusik anok daro orang! Pi lah ngusik anok daro kucing ko kan?
Apo kato minci appoint den jadi bodyguard? 🙂

7. tokasid - February 2, 2008

Salam Minci:

7 hours to renew your passport? That was very efficient.For Jabatan Immigresen that is.
I agree with what Cakapaje said. If either KL or Selangor goes on hols…memang cari nahas le waktu tu.

Just to let U know, Jabatan Immigresen Melaka di buka setiap Sabtu dan Ahad utk urusan passport. It was requested(more of paksaan actually) by the CM.And every weekend we see ppl from Klang Valley come to renew their paspor. And at the same time will spend a day or two in Melaka.Thats tourist money.

And yes, if your kena deal dgn jabatan yg akan ambik gambar instant, never wear a white tudong or bring along a spare coloured tudong( well,tudung saji is multicoloured but thats not what I meant).Otherwise you’ll have to used the recycle tudong the dept had which will be masam and lasam.

And, ahh….most of the borangs are RM1/= nowadays. Ngak ada yg gratis lagi.

8. Minci - February 2, 2008

alhamdulilah.. masa time aku tkder eksiden..

a very useful trick. enggak ku ingin makan jem perisa tar itu lagi.. but then I was the passenger je lah.. miahaha
gambar hp camera? you mean gambar ‘jem izzit.. me no bring hp camera maa..

nk buat canne.. part of the genetics.. he he he 😉

you are so true my dear.. so true

cubalah ber’phewitt’.. nescaya diberi jelingan tajam ibarat panahan petir yg mampu menghanguskan organ dalaman dikau..
hoyea..blog sudah updet.. will check it out..

btol btol..manyak btol.. patut disuro mengurat anak dara kucen2.. its OK, I’ve got Kevin Costner as my bodyguard..

ahahahaha.. very funnylah the tudung saji.. mcm nk gi bendang je gaya.. nasiblah the tudung at the kedai gambar was wangi.. siap iron lagi..
wah.. rekomen Melaka tuh.. hmmm.. lain kali bila my sis nk renew her passport, bolehlah usyar that place.. and then we can go fill our time at the Zoo and eat burger at kasyah’s friends place.. miahahaha

9. Puteri Nad =( - February 2, 2008

kenapa x dapat diskaun half persen okie kepada paspot?

10. Puteri Nad =( - February 2, 2008

sori memincikun..me memaksud nak tulis kepada kakmincikun tp tersalah mode lambang berfikir pendek ketika bgn tido

11. Minci - February 2, 2008

kalo fikir balik mungkin boleh kot sbb student but then I’m finishing in August, kira jugak ker.. ha ha

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