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:: Muhibah February 3, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Birthday Wishes, Ponderings.
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Not the best rendition but it’ll do for now. 8)

We can never look past skin colour and race. We can never see people for who they are without their ‘exterior design’. We are meant to be different so we may get to know and understand each other. In medicine, stating one’s ethnicity as a Caucasian, an Ashkenazi Jew or Asian gives an instant whiff of thought as to what sort of medical condition these people tend to get. We don’t share the same genetic profile because we are meant to embrace change or difference and make the best of it.

That however, doesn’t mean that we cannot live in ‘Muhibah’.

At least to me, Muhibah sounds very much like an Arabic word ‘Hibbu’ which means ‘Kasih/Sayang/Cinta’. In this case, towards others. I do not know however if Muhibah is really taken from this root word. Even it is not, I think it sounds just right, don’t you think? With God’s will, that is a sentiment that I feel all of us regardless of who we are are capable of. A Zionist, Nazi,  Ku Klux Clan member or local racist one may be, I believe in each of them there’s still an ounce of love, affection and devotion towards somebody or a cause. If only, if only… it could be diverted to be more Muhibah orientated. 

With the spirit of Muhibah or Kasih as I like to see it, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish my beloved ‘cyber sista’ – Princess Nad Amirah NadNad Lilo Tensai (hmph..apa lagi) a very Happy Birthday. Hope you get lots of prezens this year. Insya-Allah I’ll get you one too, cikai jelah hokeh..if not, I hope my card (yang blom dibeli lagi) will brighten up your day.



1. cakapaje - February 3, 2008

Nicely said! But first, allow me to also wish Princess Nad a Very Happy Birthday!

You are very right about the ‘if only,if only…’. But the sentence following ‘if’, can be very elusive and sometimes scary. Still, the word radiates of hope…and prayers.

2. Puteri Nad =( - February 3, 2008

heheeh..thanks cakap ajer..
but kamin why dia termasuk dalam kategori emo tots okie..ahahaha
well,hadiah cikai ke x cikai if its from kamin its menggembirakan

3. Restless - February 3, 2008

Hey, you’re back already! So much for our plan to get together huh? Sorry babe, a lot in my head at the moment with all the writing to submit and teaching a new course. Hope the holiday went well.

What is this password I see? O yes, my blogspot is shut down for the time being. Apa-apa, I’m still operating at WordPress – tu pun to unleash anxiety. You still have the add right?

4. hata-minci-kun - February 3, 2008

ooo bak sini paswed entry di atas lambang memang agak bzbodi dengan bende2 rahsia ini spt kakmin yang dahulu kala nak menunjuk isik lemarinye tapi smpi skarang daku hanya mampu pasrah

arab dia guna hubb utk kasih dan sayang maka itu adalah lebih kurang!

and hepi besday NAD (bintik-free day)

gelak2 sajor panggilan kakmin pada nad

5. Puteri Nad =( - February 3, 2008

kakmin dia nak kene ..siap la dia

6. hata-minci-kun - February 3, 2008

tak sabar melihat nad (masih bintik-free day 2 hrs left) mengsmackdown kakmin
go go nad!

7. Minci - February 4, 2008

We need hope to help us feel that there is justice in this world

sebab entry nih penuh perasaan.. miahaha (tkder kategori sesuai sebenarnya)

im still in Msia dearest akak.. just decided to bukak blog awal. he he

ding dong.. I dah bagi tau tke paswed.. motif tk bukak email.. I double smack you down and give a finishing touch like Rey Mysterio (panjat2 badan org sampai kapla pastuh twist)

8. memincukun - February 4, 2008

Ha! Betui tu cakapaje, we do need hope. I agree 1000% with Minci…kan Minci 🙂

9. hata-minci-kun - February 4, 2008

org bukak je emel
terus tersisih tak termasuk dlm emelan kak minci hence pls email again, ni pandang dinding sambil menepis kakmin yang cuba memanjat badanku

10. Minci - February 5, 2008

*hanya mengerling penuh kaget akan dialog dgn cakapaje**

im sorry my dear.. nanti i masukkan ur email yer..
motif nk tepis i mcm langau? ha ha ha…
sepak lutut dikau supaya rebah dan senang dipanjat

11. hata-minci-kun - February 5, 2008

salah ok
dikau kene sepak popliteal fossa
kalo lutut dia takkan terlipat lmbg extended dah!
sila konsep anatomi asas

12. jet - February 6, 2008

nad nad..oh..aku hina kerana tak wish kamu besday..walhal telah diingatkan oleh kamen pada hari jumaat lalu..oh..maapkan aku..maapkan..hepi belated besday..may Allah bless u..oi..igt ke tak bet kamu kepada saya setahun yang lalu?tentang gamba ym kek besday itu..chat itu..?aku dah menang.ape aku dpt ni?

13. Puteri Nad =( - February 6, 2008

saya ingat okie..kamu dpt kasih sayang la..ataupon tunggu kamu balek uk dulu..hahahah

14. Minci - February 7, 2008

fine.. I sepak until got Baker’s Cyst..miahaha

semoga berjaya menagih hadiah. motif guna comp kat spital bukak blog haku

ha ha..kejam.. 😛

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