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:: Lies February 7, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.
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Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.. la la la..


For those avid followers of House Md, the phrase “Patients lie” is a frequently uttered sentence throughout the series. Indeed, patients lie.

They lie about their symptoms, their relevant aspect of personal history – smoking habits, alcohol intake, sexual activities. My dear patients, please do not lie for if we don’t know the real story, we can’t help you effectively. We are not here to judge you no matter how many ah moi’s you sleep with at Bukit B******.

Feigning illnesses is a common scenario and the choice of illness is usually a stroke or a fit. Well, there may be others but these are what I’ve encountered so far in the wards. Truth be told, medical professionals can tell if you’re an expert in Bluff-ology. Usually picked up when the description of symptoms doesnt tally with the examnation findings. For that situation we have a name, Munchausen Syndrome. And like what Wikipedia mentioned, this behaviour is meant ‘ to draw attention or sympathy to themselves’.

This is of course different from the Medical Student Disease.


1. memincikun - February 7, 2008

Salam Minci,

Den dok baco pasal aponamao syndrome tu, torkojut den! Ado gak ruponyo patient dok menipu…haish. Padanlah makin hari makin banyak hospital prebet! Tapi, den tak dapek baco habis pasal BI ni, den kurang sikek. Nanti cubo cari wikiapoentah dalam BM atau jowo, sonang sikit den paham.

Ha! Satu lagi, student pun pandai tipu…ne kes pasal belajar munapoentahnama tu lah! Dan solamo ini, den ingat buggy apoentehanamo tu, cito tv pasal vampire! Isk isk isk…ketinggalan zaman den ni ha.

2. Puteri Nad =( - February 7, 2008

owh dear..
ada satu orang dia ada banyak penyakit yg ku kenali :))
yet,i feign sickness too kadang2 lah

3. Danial - February 7, 2008

everybody lies

4. hatae er-razie - February 7, 2008

btw i’d like to tell you that ive been suspecting that i have these :

1) PUD – confirmed
2) angina – not confirmed
3) brain lesion of unknown etiology – not confirmed
4) lesion in the lung of unknown etiology – IPF kot lol for i do encounter bouts of dyspnoea – not confirmed

LOL mode

5. Zy - February 8, 2008

i lied once, to an ENT registrar. I lied not for her attention, but I was utterly dumbfounded what I knew about myself. My heart sank as the Weber test came out abnormal. Frustrated. Disappointed. In denial. I said I could hear it clearly in both sides of my ears.

However, audiometry would never lie. My hope just shattered to pieces when I saw the result sheets laying across the consultation table.

i feigned for a false hope. A false hope that supposed to make me feel better, but, just like a curved blade, it left me bleeding.

People do lie when they are in denial / they don’t want to be a burden (esp. org-org tua)

Anyway, my problem is tinnitus. since they can’t find the cause of it, they finalized my diagnosis as idiopathic tinnitus. (Believe me, MR scan is scary. bising cam mok roboh jak mesin ya)

6. Minci - February 8, 2008

wutz zis munapoentahnama zing. pliss klerifai ferder..ohhh.. tu BUFFY the vampire slayer..

looks like that person is owning up to ur statement down there. ha ha..

true my dear..so true.. but to lie is not easy for it needs 2 people to make it happen – one to tell the story, the other to believe it.

you should really get yourself checked out. I shall refer you to Dr emira.

“Doctors make the worst patients” do they? 😉

7. hatae er-razie - February 8, 2008

consultation sheet pls

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