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:: Despicable 14th February 14, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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Valentines Day.. how painful it is for all the Bridget Jones in the world. To hear the endless joyous words of love being uttered from one being to another on the radio. I simply had to play my cassette in the car cause I couldn’t stand the mushy-mushy feelings floating in the air (or is it radio frequency). Yesterdays tormented soul hasn’t healed and my morning, well.. was not a good start. I guess my story about ‘difficult  ladies who are loved’ will have to wait. Again.

Because of information Lost in Translation.. I did the unthinkable. I am already dubbed as minah rempit by those who knew my driving drift,  (Believe me.., you will cling to the dashboard and at times  experience profounding inertia moments when I halt my car) and today I have upgraded my rempit techniques, commiting crimes along the way.

Father needed to take a train at 0725h – a very important detail he forgot to mention early this morning the moment I woke up to take my bath. I managed a 4 minute ‘buffalo splash’ before I got dressed and had my half cup of coffee. The idea was for me to tail him from behind in separate cars to his office. Then, he’ll keep his car there and then go to the station in my car.

It was not easy for a Kancil to keep up with a sports car so I obviously lagged behind and took the liberty to use my own route to his office.

By 0700h, I received a call from father asking of my whereabouts and this was the start of my morning rempit madness.

1. Answering the phone without using the hands-free kit. I don’t have one anyway for I never answer the phone while driving. This was unfortunately, an emergency. It was damn dangerous for my car went a bit out of control  plus the fact that it was still in the early hours of the morning. The sky was still pitch black!

2. Langgar lampu kuning because only now did Father said that he was in a hurry.

3. Sped up to 120km/h ! My personal record has only been 100km/h in a Kancil. :mrgreen:

4. ‘Pressured’ the driver in the front car to speed up more at the fast lane or if possible, move to the side. I felt sorry for the driver but at the time, Father’s business was more important. So encik, I apologize ahhh for driving really really close to your bumper.

5. Cursed

Alhamdulilah, we reached the station 10 minutes early of his ETD. As for my morning in the wards, it was less stressful. 😛




1. memincikun - den is back! - February 14, 2008

Minci! No! No! Ekau jadi minah rempit! Oh…punah lah dunia den! Konolah den kombali ke pangkuan kampung den. Er…den baghu teringat, den dah takdok kampung lagi ha! Haghu! Haghu!

Hmm…takpolah, kalau gitu den pun jadi mat rempit lah camni. Eh, bes gak ek! Den pinjam pakai treler 18-wheeler poi merempit. Sure pak polisi pun kotopi! lol!

Jom! Malam ni kito morompit kek Soromban-PD Highway! 🙂

2. kaSyah - February 14, 2008


Welkem to the CLUB!

Tabik Sepereeeng!

3. Que - February 14, 2008

wow u drive kancil at 120km/h?? tak bergegar kah?

4. Puteri Nad =( - February 14, 2008

kakmin i wud love to sit next to kamin while kamin is driving like a minah rempit..coz im a slow one ofcoz..keskeskes..then bolehla nad bagi ceramah keselamatan jalan raya ..

btw kita bukannye leh cakap happy valentine day pon..

5. hata hero - February 14, 2008

kalikok ive once membawa my kakak punye kancil @ 130 maka eksiden ok di highway masa balik asasi! maahan bersama zahirul (matila che per) terus tutup lampu supaya di tak kesan plat nombor dan tergesa2 hit and run mode~ terus insaf sampai skarang, dan menyesal, terlaju penah bawak 170 kat jordan

ahaha nemincu nak jadi mat rempit ke? jom lumba

6. Puteri Nad =( - February 14, 2008

owh besiknye silala bawak 30 kat bandaraya dan kemudian dimarahi orang ramai muahahahha

kasyah ada kelab ape?

7. memincikun - den is back! - February 14, 2008

hata hero,

Jom! Den naik basikal 3 roda, ekau naik beca! 🙂

8. hata hero - February 14, 2008

ahaha beca taknak
nak naik harley davidson sajor

9. Que - February 14, 2008

lol bukan masa tu jem ke kat highway? hebat ok teknik ko meutup lampu pastu menyelit2 di celah2 kereta

10. daju - February 14, 2008

uiskk kak min..
kagum…120km/hr in town…
7am xbyk kete ke??..but still…
i bwk laju sket kt highway pn my parents bising2..

11. Zy - February 14, 2008

120km/j? gosh, mesti bergegar sampei perlu guna sport bra. i guess you wore a sport bra then. haha.

i went to the gym after my theatre list today. i saw shayne ward look-alike in the gym. dua kali pandang, cair~~~ tiga kali pandang, lemah lutut~~~ empat kali pandang, nearly stumbled on the treadmill.

preston is getting hotter nowadays. pemandu bus stagecoach hot gila! when are you coming back?

12. tokasid - February 15, 2008

Salam Minci:

Its actually a good training for your working days later. There will be times when suddenly you have to rush back to the OT for a C section or an ectopic so this rempiting thing is sort of a taste of what to come.Or it will be handy if suddenly one of your ambulance driver call in -sick.

I’m not worried about kancil going 120km/hr.Not worried if its braking system will work or not,it will. What I’m afraid is a kancil at 120km/hr when braking will try to stop but couldn’t ! Someone just narrated to me few days ago a high speed kancil made an emergency brake,it worked but due to its small size the inertia or momentum it had made it ‘fly’. And you don’t want to do that ,do you?

13. Nur Amirah Shaharom - February 15, 2008

Aiyo.. Kite bleh geng lah minci. bawak kancil lebih 100 pun rase nak terbang. huh, taksuka! tapi kalo abwak keta ayah laju je pegi..nnt mesti ayah tanye, ‘Brape tahun dah pakai lesen?’ padahal P lagikk..

14. hafiz - February 15, 2008

120km in Kancil…tak melayang ker kereta tu?

15. 13may - February 15, 2008

huiiii…dasatnya ko Minci…

errr…bila nak bawa aku plak???


16. Minci - February 15, 2008

tkmolah seremban-PD.. KL-PUTRAJAYA nak? bak kata Jet.. in 20 minutes… ha ha

thank you thank you

hehehe..semestinyer bergegar giller dan melayang..tp semenjak 2 menjak nih my kancil makin berat plak.. mungkin tayar pancit.. ha ha

please do hokeh.. 🙂
about valentines.. precisely…
ayooo.. kalo bawak kete 30 kat bandaraya mmg akn dikerling dan dicaci nesta..unless traffic jam lah horr

wow.. hit and run kah? what did u hit? kete VS tembok kah?
eleh..eksen ngan harley

byklah jugak.. sbb those early workaholic birds + yg hantar anak skola

wahhhaaaa… maybe kan I should have an outfit ala2 utk racing utk ltk dlm kete . glove kulit, skirt pendek, spek hitam, sports bra? ibarat ada satu iklan kete dlm TV tuh.. tk ingat which one..kira berangan rempit lah
wow.. is he a med student too? *drool

I’ll be back by the 29th of Feb..

ohhh..is that so? wahahaha..practic emakes perfect..regarding the inertia, I believe you are right and yup, I wouldnt want that to happen..

benar hokeh benar.. nih yg rasa nk kebas kete sport bapak nanti… miahahaha..

very der melayang my dear..

aku bawak kang heart attack kau.. baru padan. kuar segala kuey teow kau nanti sbb muntah2

17. tempe1543 - February 15, 2008

ko baik2 minci, kang tak pasal jumpa aku kat hospital… patah apa2 ker… kena pulak aku operate hang..

18. Minci - February 16, 2008

Insya-Allah kalau aku drive kat Pahang, aku tk speed.. tkmolah kau operate aku plak… muahahhaa…maluuu

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