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:: Spooky Loo February 15, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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By now, I think it’s almost certain that my close friends and now you readers know that I have such an irritable bladder. Pantang penuh skit, nak kencing merata-rata. Up to a point that Jet suggested I should learn how to self-catheterize. Erk? Kinda icky having a tube stuck up your urethra while stuck in a traffic congestion, dont you think? Therefore, because of the frequency, the toilet would be the second thing I look for after the fire exit if i were to step in a new building. In a hospital, it’s almost certain that there will be lots of toilets near the antenatal clinic or obstetrics ward. So, if you’re looking for  free toilet and you dont mind the stares of glowing mothers, do drop by at the antenatal clinic yah..

Lately, I had to use the loo on the LG floor of the hospital. It’s the level of where the office is, the library, the auditorium and of course, the morgue. I didn’t give much thought to it when I used it the first time although I did notice that the loo was too quiet with an air of ‘freakiness’ to it. It was only today when I stepped into it the second time, did I feel a bit uncomfortable.

The moment I walked through the door, I had goosebumps and was greeted by the same pindrop silence. Of course, it would have been scarier if I heard noises when there wasnt a single soul in there! I chose the nearest cubicle to the door and for a while, I wasn’t sure of where to look. My imagination was starting to run wild. What if I saw something if I look up? Or if I look down? Or if I choose to shut my eyes, what would happen if I open my eyes?

I tried  to trick myself (or maybe any existing spirits as well) into thinking that I’m not in fear by controlling my breathing. Not too fast, not too slow, not too deep nor too shallow. I finished my business with grace. LOL. I walked to the sink to wash my hands with slow , steady pace. I did not look into the mirror and concentrated really hard on washing my hands with the liquid soap. I was about to hum a song softly but thought better of it and kept my mouth shut. I don’t want to add that Christina Aguilera moment to heighten my suppressed ‘fight or flight’ response.  Finally, I dried my hands with a tissue paper and proceeded to the door.

Then I ran with all my might down the corridor! My white coat tailing behind like some sort of cape for the lab superheroin.




1. memincikun - February 15, 2008

Salam Minci,

Lol! Oops! Sori ye den terketawo. Tapi den toringatkan akak den. Dio, bila tengok cerito hantukan, bila time seram, siap tutup mata ngan jari tapi lopas tu mengintai lak! Ekau pun cubolah gitu 🙂

Tapikan Minci, ekau jangan tetakut sangat. Ingat bahawa yang berkuasa itu Allah dan tidak ada apa pun di dunia ataupun di langit yang dapek memudhoratkan ekau melankan kuaso Dia, Ya Ahad, Ya Malik. Ya GhafurruRahim.

Alamak…den sogan kalu Hero baco ni…ilmu dio lagi dalam kut.

2. Puteri Nad =( - February 15, 2008

lol begitula kakmin,
kencing dan minum air teh..terus tergamba keadaannye

ooo ada spirits ke

3. tempe1543 - February 15, 2008

mesti menarik kan engko bawak urine bag merata…. tak pasal2 tersepak ke, naya….

4. hata hero - February 15, 2008

being a guy myself im afraid not of ghosts nor those lingering spirits (angkuh) yet there are times when i feel like leaving my room light on, encountered some hantu experiences as well where i did see a bodiless head staring at me after somehow awakened from midnight sleep, it might be a dream yet a fren of mine (who was sleeping on the lantai) went straight home and i was left alone, dan terus men internet dan mengaji lambang alim

5. Puteri Nad =( - February 15, 2008

eleh bukan lambang alim,lambang tatot katanye

6. Minci - February 16, 2008

ohhh..ketawa ajorr.. mmg nk buat dia mcm kelaka skit pun.. ha ha
oh benar..akan ku ingat kuasa Allah swt

maybe ada hokeh.. ah yes.. I miss my English tea..LOL.. kat sini mcm lain skit rasa susu dia..

ahahaha.. memang menarik..jgn dengki nk sepak beg urine aku plak

agree wif nad..tuh mmg tatot gayanya 🙂

7. tokasid - February 16, 2008

Salam Minci:

Ah..the toilet berhantu stuff. I have heard of it since 6 years old..now,that was 40 years ago.
I went to this kintergarten which was old in Taiping. Some kids will cry after coming back from the toilet saying they saw ghost with long hair on one of the cubicles. It made me scared too. One day I found out that the ghost was actually a mop hung upside down on the cubicle door.

Living in kampungs in the 70s with no electricity and no road lights, walking back from the surau with friends will be filled with ghost stories. One night a friend wanted to usik us.he didn’t go to the surau that night. On our way back there came a mengilai-ngilai from a tree with kain putih swaying. A friend took ous his lastik and lastik-ed the ngilai-ngilai hantu. And the response that we got: Woi! sakit laa…..

Mortuary anywhere does give us the creeps. As an MS the early 80s sometimes we stayed up late in the wards. To go back to our hostel we have to pass by an area near the morgue and even closer we have to pass by our dissecting rooms. So at 2am in total darkness you felt like those mutilated bodies standing by the window and waving at you and you feel like you can do faster than Ben Johnson or Carl Lewis.

Taiping hospital in the late 80s, the housemen quarters to the Medical and paeds wards you have to go through the morgue. If the staff nurse called and you got a case or 2 new admissions at 3am, will you walk or jog or run?

8. DaRk AnGeL~* - February 16, 2008

alamak.. terus terasa nak pergi ke loo~~

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