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:: Hold my hand February 16, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Love and Relationship.
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Little girl and her father were crossing a bridge.
The father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter,
“Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don’t fall into the river.”
The little girl said, “No, Dad. You hold my hand.”
“What’s the difference?” Asked the puzzled father.
“There’s a big difference,” replied the little girl.
“If I hold your hand and something happens to me,
chances are that I may let your hand go.
But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens,
you will never let my hand go.”

In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond.

So hold the hand of the person who loves you rather than expecting them to hold yours…
This message is too short……but carries a lot of Feelings.



1. memincikun - February 16, 2008

Salam Minci,

Oooo…cantik tulisan kek ateh tu..hehe, buat den tersipu sipu malu lak. Tapi chop! Kato ekau minah rompit…minah rompit mano ado dongar lagu kumbang tahun 60an! Zaman rompit ni, zaman turbo…ha! Den panggil ekau minah turbo jo lah! 🙂

Kombali pado tulisan kek ateh tu…hehe, den tersipu malu ni; can I hold your hand? (:0) <— emotikon malu

2. Puteri Nad =( - February 16, 2008

yes kakmin,intipatinye tepat
but ekceli nad rasa x kisahpon sesapa yg nak pegang dulu,yg penting merasa selamat..

3. DaRk AnGeL~* - February 16, 2008

yup.. betol nad..

yg penting sense of secure.. tak keshah sape pegang sape..

but the thing is.. who wants to hold my hand? 😦

4. Amoun - February 16, 2008


Cannot hold ya hand la.. Haram katanya haha..
Selamat Maju Jaya utk ko jua 😉
Ganbatte weh.. Tinggal brp bln je lg ni 😀

5. Puteri Nad =( - February 16, 2008

ah ihab..
buleh je pakai glove~~

6. Minci - February 16, 2008

minah turbo plak kah? ha ha.. *tepis2 tkmo dipegang

i agree.. so let baez hold ur hand.. muahahaha

kak syifa,
come i hold for a while.. and then i serahkan to sesape pihak yg berkenan

hello my dear.. yesss… Gambatte… and bak kata nad, sila pakai glove and then hold my hand.. tatot exam kononnya.. miahaha

7. daju - February 16, 2008

yeay..i want to hold your hand…fav~

8. baez - February 17, 2008

lemme hold kakmin @ left
and nad @ right
(sambil sarung tangan)
terus feeling kat red carpet grammy’s

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