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:: Politikus February 23, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

It’s the election season. A period of time when the relationships between family members, lovers and friends are tested. Can it survive in the midst of everybody’s personal political inclination and obsession? Of course I’m talking about PRU12. did you think I was talking about ABP Berita Harian? :mrgreen:

I’ve known about romantic ties being severed because the lovers were fanatic supporters of different political parties. Up to a point that if your inclination is towards the scale and not the moon, hukum yang jatuh is haram.

Once, during the previous election season.. (this was in 2004) a friend called me up. She asked of my wellbeing and how I was doing. I responded graciously (like I’ve always been.. LOL) when all of a sudden, the chat took on an ugly turn.

+Min, what party do you support?
– Err..why?
+ Just asking..

Considering her background, it was almost certain that she was an avid supporter of the non-ruling party. I have no qualms about that, to each their own as long as they respect other peoples preference. Somehow, there was a slight tone in her voice that made me irked. Honestly, I was one of the ‘pengundi atas pagar’. Bak kata nad, boleh sway macam penari Hawaii. However, because I wanted to annoy her (and myself to an extent).. I replied,

– BN..
+ Huh? why do you support BN? (she was flaring up)
– Simply because at the moment, I think it would be inappropriate to bite the hand that feeds me, that gives me this scholarship to further my studies.
+ Eeeeyy..votelah for PAS. If you vote for BN, you’re bersubahat with the maksiat they endorsed.. Berdosa besar! Anyway, are you interested in joining the political arena?

Of course, I’m not interested, I uttered fiercely in my heart. Again, just to hear what she’s got to say..

– yea.. I’ll join BN and see if I could instigate positive changes there bit by bit. (LOL, sejak bila aku nih berkaliber sgt??)
+ but Min, in Islam.. you cannot join ‘maksiat’.. you’ve got to robohkan yang buruk tuh and then start something new all over again.

That got me thinking. Yes, I’ve learnt about that some time ago. I think it’s called the 7 prinsips dalam islam ke apatah. cannot join kejahatan dan tinggalkan terus those sort of thing.  I dont remember, it was mentioned in an usrah sometime ago. maybe someone else could enlighten me.

Anyway, my mind was thinking, “How do you break off a political coalition as strong as BN at one go. Even if you have the intention, you can only break them bit by bit!” And it doesnt help myself to open up to what she has to say afterwards when you’ve been accused of being ‘bersubahat dengan maksiat’. Adding ‘berdosa besar!’ to it.
Seriously, it could only result in a backlash of ‘kau ingat undi PAS itu tiket ke syurga ker?’. That statement was never voiced out to her lahhh…

I don’t have any favourites. I havent even registered but I do however know that the current man in the seat of Subang Jaya (if there is one) has done a good job. At least, he gets my vote.

But then, change is always interesting.  



1. Puteri Nad =( - February 23, 2008

menari la hawaii gak together wif abang khaliqok..me nak menengok *sebok memasang unggun api*

ahh true okie, couple got tested during election times..i’ve seen it..and families too..tp klu ikatan dia kovalen tara hal kot..

hence kakmin,itula yg membuat nad terfikir sedekad yg lalu,kenapala negara lain da ada banyak tukar2 party kecuali negara diperintah oleh mahathir dan lee kuan yew,kuatnyeh

2. baez - February 23, 2008

agak geram kalo ia boleh mencetuskan pergadohan
im ok kalo diorg nak berdebat2 tapi kalo sampai putus kawan that’s ugly betty, sgtlah ramai berlaku di luar sana kat forum2 ke sampai mencarut2 antara satu sama lain, omigod, kalo baek2 cakap takleh ke kaw? bincang baik2 lagi dapat mencetus inspirasi sesama sendiri. lain pendapat/ideology setiap individu itu, tapi tetap berpayungkan aqidah yang satu ok, islam, the one and only

3. jet - February 23, 2008

yeh..people can get over-acted bile pasal politik ni..nenek aku, mak aku, makcik aku, pakcik aku..keluarga pas-bn..hahha..kadang2 geram sama kerajaan rse cm nak buat dajal vote parti lain..tp the bottom line is if you now how to do your work, it’s fine..jgn la buat keje tak iklas dok pancing undi org utk jadi glemer je..igt aku undi akademi fantasia????tampa kapik kang melekat kat dinding..

keciwe kerna tak bole vote pada pilihanraya ini..lewat la lu paklah…i da nak balik..

4. baez - February 23, 2008

owh jet
i miss u
asl pls

5. Minci - February 23, 2008

benar.. terus letak bunga di kepala dan anyam daun jadi skirt.. ha ha..
ikatan kovalen – suatu kemestian..

benar.. debate is good.a healthy one that is. plus i think pernah belajar dlm kelas agama dahulu that, it’s ‘rahmat’ to have different opinions.

benar.. overacting people sgt menjengkelkan..
yer..mereka yg memancing undi wajar dilekatkan ke dinding dgn tamparan satu piang dan tiga dush dush..

tidak perlulah nk war2 kan pada org ramai ‘I have worked hard’. Action speaks louder than words in this case..

6. baez - February 23, 2008

would u meet me @ carnaby street @ 12noon 1st of march
to see if u care

7. Minci - February 23, 2008

serious ker nih? cause if you are, I’d definitely get a ticket to carnaby street.. that would be in London kan? ha ha ha..
coz if you wont be there, then I wud piang you lah of course.. miahaha

8. Puteri Nad =( - February 23, 2008

carnabis street pasti ada kakmin kekeke

9. baez - February 23, 2008

yep in london
yet kakmin nak piang2 org
terus rasa tak jadilah

10. DaRk AnGeL~* - February 26, 2008

hehehe… kdg2 i may be over reacted jugak tanpa sedar but i tried to be neutral as possible. if i get over reacted, pretty please sedar kan akak okeh~

11. DaRk AnGeL~* - February 26, 2008

ps:- neutral in term of not telling people kalau join BN means join maksiat or join PAS means tiket ke syurga. itu sudah mcm tak betol kan… so tak baik~

and yup, never break a frenship becoz of this. no matter where you stand, for me,our frenship is greater than all politikus in this world~


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