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:: NaiLi’s PLace February 24, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Food and Drinks.

If you’re looking for a good place to;
a) Take your family out for dinner
b) Casually hangout with your friends
c) Eat within an affordable budget
d) Just relax with a glass of iced lemon tea while listening to loud,nice music


Naili’s Place is the place to go. I would have taken pictures to further show how exciting this eatery is. Unfortunately, I haven’t bought my digital camera from Low Yatt Plaza yet. LOL.. miahahha

Loved the atmosphere of the place which has got some sort of beach theme going on. The waiters were very very energetic, which is always fun and ermm.. ? appetizing to see. They would have that extra spring in their steps as they send food to the table and once the customer leaves the table, it is immediately cleaned and prepared for the next customer- huwarghhh.. to see them working the deltoids, biceps, triceps with a little glimpse of the lattisimus dorsi getting it on too, was like … eyarghhhhh…heaven *sheepish smile* (nih dah mcm kes teruja tgk citer 300). Rod Stewart and Black Eyed Peas music filled the air which was phenomenal. I like it loud yet easy on the ears.

Rod Stewart – Do you think I’m sexy?

Minci had chicken chop + guava juice. Ninci had fish & chips +mineral water. It was only later that I noticed they had Naili’s Specials on the menu. There was Naili’s Nasi Goreng, Naili’s burger, mocktail.. there must be others but I was too hungry to notice. Miahaha~

Hah.. gi lah makan kat Naili’s Place in Taipan, Subang Jaya. Next to Logenhouse.



1. Puteri Nad =( - February 24, 2008

nak ikotttttttttttttttttttt

2. daju - February 24, 2008

hehh..when i saw the title i thought naili’s in Ampang..
xpnah pg..but both my sisters ckp naili’s mmg best..
so will pg this coming summer..
cptla may..nk balek..

3. baez - February 24, 2008

i’d like to try naili
tp motif waiter bukan waitress?
dia sopan tak tunjuk2 teknik ibu jari for i adore the sopaness?

4. jet - February 24, 2008

apesal awk x bawak sy gi naili’s ni..kecik ati i..hahah

5. baez - February 24, 2008

org pon kecil hati

6. Puteri Nad =( - February 24, 2008

ha’ah pon sama kecik ati

7. Minci - February 24, 2008

kecik hati jugak ker? ololololo.. terus peluk cium..

yerp.. kat ampang pun ada..its worth going.. silalah

kerana kat tpt tuh tkder waitress..tkderlah teknik ibu jari..tapi adalah teknik tunduk2 kepala.. ha ha

becoz i just discovered this place..

8. baez - February 24, 2008

taknak teknik jepon
nak teknik ibu jari
sila dikau tlg rakam guna digicam teknik2 sopan dikau tunjuk dengan ibu jari ke arah jet dan makanan prissss

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