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:: Ustaz vs Bomoh February 24, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.
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Warning : Contains gory details which may be uncomfortable to some people.  


Once upon a dream..

Majalah 3 was about to start on TV. Jet had just performed Isya and came to sit beside me to enjoy the show. Well.. before that she gave me a smack and her menyiku trademark on my back. So typical of Jet. Sampai dalam mimpi pun macam tuh. Miahaha~~

Nur Syuhada was the host and she was making a report on Ustaz Vs Bomoh. As she was making her introduction, she was interrupted by the ustaz who said, “Tak apalah..saya percaya”

Then the ustaz began to eat the meal prepared by the Bomoh. The ustaz proceeded to doing a ritual where he would ‘sondol’ the head of this young man lying on the floor with the mop stick until the scalp lacerated and bleed. The gruelling show did not end there.

Later, 3 naked ladies were piled on top of each other lying on their back. I was like, ‘Hey.. this on national TV?’.From their facial features, I could tell that they were mentally retarded and also identical triplets. Ohhhh.. pour souls! The Bomoh’s assistant, a young man in his mid-twenties with long hair approached them and he spread their legs wide open. Their legs were like those chicken wing flaps. Next, he ‘seluk’ his hands through one of the girls vagina and I gasped for his whole arm went in. The girl was screaming and crying, muttering incomprehensible words. Her eyes were rolling up due to the excruciating pain. It took a while before the man finally withdraw his hand, only to bring out a lump of meat, which looked like raw steak to me.

Then, without any sympathy whatsoever, the Bomoh and this young man flipped the girl over to the side causing her to land with a big thud on the floor. Face down. Then, it was the 2nd girls turn. Her legs were spread wide open too but by this time, I’ve already woken up.

Thank God..



1. Puteri Nad =( - February 24, 2008

giler takot kakmin!
masa bukak ni da kul2 pg kot..sikit gi terjerit..haha
owh ini petanda kakmin nak jadi gynae~
sekian okie

2. baez - February 24, 2008

kakmin suke mimpi seram2 ok
adakah sebab tak basuh kaki sblm tido ni? babab dia biasa dia ye
teringat mimpi dikau kejar daku dengan pisau potong kek lambang mengejek gambar lonjong, nowadays tak lonjong lg kah? i miss the lonjongness

3. jet - February 24, 2008

eh..baez..gamba kamen still lonjong2..haha..aa..yeh..sgtla nightmare.ape kes sodok2 org pakai tgn ni..adeiii…


4. coops - February 24, 2008

OMG, that was disgusting ok plus arggh! haha.

hey, when will we meet up ni, uhuk.

5. baez - February 24, 2008

eh jet jet semot
lonjong2 lagi ke! bak sini contoh pris

6. jet - February 24, 2008

gamba majlis kawen tu ok..

ei kamen…….apesal wasaii ni..ya Allah, berikanla aku kesabaran..
masey x elok lagi ok..nanes..

7. Minci - February 24, 2008

ohh..part mana plak yg nk dijeritnya.. ha ha.. LOL..kalo I mimpi buat biskut scrotum..tuh maksudnya jadi urologist plak kah?

deswai.. my imagination too horrific.. ngah ngah ngah..kalo nk rasa kena keja ngan psau lagi..silalah ejek.. 😛

sakit jua.. ‘Kegel exercise’ dgn kekuatan yg luar biasa jadinya
hope wasaii akan ok dlm masa terdekat ini

sgt okeh kak.. very disgusting
hmmm..bila ek? Im quite short on time at the moment

8. baez - February 24, 2008

ahaha i long for the gambar lonjong, btw that was before u moved on to wordpress kot?

9. DaRk AnGeL~* - February 26, 2008

oh my god~!
anything else in your dream no more?
basuh kaki before going to bed plus baca doa sebelum tido…

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