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:: Last memoirs from Malaya February 28, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.


Translated from Jet Wasaii’s title. 

The 80 days in Malaysia wasn’t just merely to see my family, friends, spouse candidates or undergoing my ‘industrial training’ a.k.a. electives. It also served as a time for me to understand more about life as a whole and more importantly, myself. Hey, who said I was simple-minded? 

Let’s see..

I now know that;

  1. When I’m hungry, I’m easily pissed off. LOL. mcm kat UK tak pernah rasa lapar. Maybe the temperature plays the additional role of crankiness too.
  2. I dont sweat (more like difficult) but still my body heats up as though I have a visceral and parietal skin. Thus, accumulating sweat in between.
  3. Despite popular belief of kurang asam people, I can communicate as in open my mouth and talk. Perhaps not as becok as those TV personalities but who likes over-reacting kepochi anyway.
  4. I’m truly a fan of the colour red. Or anything that falls in the same shade. Maroon, dark pink.
  5. My gut instincts are strong and they never fail me – as long as I take heed of it and prepare.
  6. I actually love being all girly – dressing up looking pretty and nice (in my own perspective), putting on make-up. *my siblings however said that I look like Minnie Mouse if I put my glasses on with the tudung. huh? why??*
  7. Blogging secara ikhlas is my life. Ha ha ha. Many could second that. 😛
  8. I’ve known more today than what I knew yesterday for I have learnt a lot from the people around me  – this, I will miss a lot when I’m in the for it’s not often you get to hang out with people who are experts/knowledgable in their own field/life experience. Especially regarding things that are non-medical. I think this is one of the solid reasons as to why returning to Malaysia is a good thing. You get to meet a lot of new, interesting people .. as long as you’re open to the idea. And it’s nice to engage in a conversation face to face over. Even if it’s just a glass of teh tarik. Dan nasik ayam. Dan makanan hospital. Dan sate Hj Sahmuri. Dan Pizza Hut. Dan Bihun Tomyam. Dan RojakRojak. Dan Ole Ole Bali. Dan breakfast McD. Dan bermacam lagi. I mean, kat UK pun bley tapi ntahlah… jiwa kurang masuk kot dengan kaedah sosial di sana. To find the middle road is a bit difficult. It’s either too liar or too tabligh-like. Untuk cari yang cocok itu enggak mudah sih.
  9. Rock kapak makes part of my musical jiwa.
  10. Malaysia is my future.

I feel priviledged to have known friends that understands my past and life circumstances and accepts the type of person that I have moulded into. I feel lucky to be born into this family – Minci’s family of 6. The bonds we’ve created/blessed with may not be a bliss everytime but the storm or hurricane we’ve gone through or one’s coming are definitely worth it.

To all of you that I was able to hook up with, thank you for the great time. To the others yang tak berkesempatan jumpanya, make it in August or September okey? Please pray for my success and my friends success in our studies. We hope to not only ace in our academic achievement but also to further improve in our personalities and life skills. Bak kata Jet,

“Yakinlah bahawa kami ingin berkhidmat sebaik mungkin kepada bangsa dan negara sendiri”

I’m not going to say Goodbye for Insya-Allah we will meet again 🙂

Muah muah..



1. kaSyah - February 28, 2008

You see Minci…Hope all of you gonna have a long safe journey……nope prob at all di Dubai nnti.

I think….this is the life…..somethin’ we just be like articulate to express the feeling but mostly it hard to say it.

Hope u will be successfully grad on July/August and return back to this land. All of our friends wish u and the gang, Gambate!!

Malaysia is my future or Malaysian…ahahahaha

Nxt time, maybe Nadiah and her brother….

Duhh…rock kapak.hihi

ps-smpaikan salam to stewardess kay. dont forget!

2. memincikun - February 28, 2008

Huh? Ekau dah nak balik sano? Kenapo? Belum sompat den kato hi muka ke muka…sodih den. Tetiba je la ni, den kono tunggu 8 bulan lagi baru leh kato ‘hi!’…sodih den 😦

Copek sikit balik tu yo. Sian kek memba memba lain nak jumpo ekau tu.

3. Puteri Nad =( - February 28, 2008

jgn nanes kakmin,
kontrol kontrol~~

hope kakmin bergembira

4. Puteri Nad =( - February 28, 2008

jgn nanes kakmin,
kontrol kontrol~~

hope kakmin bergembira di msia

5. Nur Amirah Shaharom - February 28, 2008

wish you happy all the way,.. dont forget to come back.

6. Que - February 28, 2008

hv a pleasant flight back to UK!!!

7. DaRk AnGeL~* - February 29, 2008

muah muah.. muah muah too for jet and fiza~

8. hata05@yahoo.co.uk - February 29, 2008

tersalah taip lak di atas tu bahagian nama ku bubuhi emel tapi malas nak padam maka biarlah rahsia

kakmin da balek ke, org nannes2 tapi cukup gembira lantaran kasmon menemui kakmin kembali

ni 1hb carnaby street ok!

9. tokasid - February 29, 2008

Salam Minci:

By the time you read this I’m sure you had gotten there safely despite the jet lag.
Its time to slog through your books and ward rounds and tutorials and group discussions.

My du’a for your(and your friends) success in your finals soon.
InsyaALLAH you’ll be able to catch-up things in malaya again after that before the Health Ministry takes you in and make you a slave in Hell’s Ministry.

10. Intan - March 1, 2008

Dah balik sana ke Minci. Tak dan nak bukak blog susah terbang orangnya..

11. 13may - March 1, 2008

August?? September???

takpe…saya tunggu!

12. D - March 1, 2008

80 days in Malaysia (when others go round the world in those 80)??? Bliss.. total bliss… Life at a tender age is meant to be enjoyed AND reflected on. It will make you a better (already good now ok?) person. Spread your wings, dear Minci, and you will fly high.

ps: missing the cold weather here?? think twice!

13. Minci - March 1, 2008

yerp, looking forward to meeting nadiah n danish the next time. and them holding ym hand only and not yours.. ha ha ha
malaysian kah? baru ingat nk bwk mat salleh sbg souvenir.. lol

ah.. baikloh.. 🙂

ohh.. tk nanes.. jgn org lain nanes sudah.. kang i usually will follow suit..

thank u my dear.. Insya-Allah I wont

thank u dear.. I actually didnt.. ill tell u about it later

kak syifa,
muah muah to u too

haha..tersergam indah dia nyer email kat situ..
it was nice to see all my ‘cuddlies’ dah siap dikluarkan dariapda ‘kandang lemari’ he he.. pas nih nk susun atas katil sajorrr..

im afraid i cant make it to carnaby street my dear..

yes doc!! *tabik spring*
thank you for the du’a

ah ah.. begitulah keadaannya

fuiyooo.. sejak bila pula anda begitu bersopan menggunakan ‘saya’ nih.. ha ha
yerp.. see u around that time

kak D,
OMG.. had a taste of the cold weather.. horrble..just horrible.. he he.. I think its those hot drinks and moments beside the fireplace/heater during the cold weather is the thing that i miss.. LOL

14. 13may - March 1, 2008

keh keh keh….

hari ni nak jadik skema sikit 😀

15. Sasmi Strit - March 3, 2008

Balik jangan tak balik..

Ramai juga yang menjadi ‘penunggu’ awak ni ye..

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