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:: The Standby Passenger March 1, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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It all started on the eve of February 29th. The special day of leap year that comes on every four years. In some cultures, its the day when the girl would take on the active role of proposing to the man she loves for his hand of marriage.

After queueing for what seems like a lifetime, I finally reached the Emirates counter and handed my pasport and flight itinerary.

“kak, you dont have a booking”
“I’ll check again”

The crux of the problem was a consequence of the delay I had with my flight back to Malaysia from Manchester in December. Because I was placed on a different connecting flight by the agents in Dubai, the rest of my travelling booking was cancelled, including the ones scheduled for the 29th. However, thanks to Veenusaran, one of the very helpful, good-willed and calm employees of Emirates (msia), Jet and I was able to get a flight to Dubai for the night. Later in Dubai we queued at the Standby counter and alhamdulilah, there were enough seats for both of us on our supposed flight.

The last 6 hours of our journey was horrible though. It took forever to take off and the pilot had us put our seat belts on for ages, rendering us with bladder irritability to be restless for nearly an hour. Nak take-offnyer ambik masa, tapi bagi announcement bukan main awal.

When I asked the stewardess, “is it okay to go to the toilet now?”

She said, “wait till the seat-belt lights are off”

Once the plane was in the air, I spotted a few passengers already rising up from their seats, heading to the loo. Including Yours Truly. Ignoring the sign to remain in our seats.  Good, I was not the only one suffering from a near outburst of pee. When you have that many people wanting to piss, not even the ‘senget plane’ and stewardess can stop you.

I was air-sick. Za and Jet too. And one of us threw up. Poor soul.

The landing was horrifying. Adding to our torment, of course. It was consoling however to know that our baggage arrived safely in our hands. Sweeter still, arriving home to a hot shower . And sleeping peacefully in the embrace of kasmon, Soho-bu, Vadei and Moogie. Blisss..



1. kaSyah - March 1, 2008

Welcome home minci.

Nothin’ bad happened then.

Send my regards to Mowie-kun n Soho-bu … 😛

2. Puteri Nad =( - March 1, 2008

akhrnye kakmin slamat sampai dirumah
and vadei da busuk ke?

owhhhh,kakmin mcm nurse ke tending kat kakza n jet?

veenusaran da kawen ke?

3. Restless - March 1, 2008

Hello…. bila terbang balik ke UK?

4. Restless - March 1, 2008

Sorry, got too excited that I opted the comment box first before reading the post. egg or chicken case.

5. memincikun - March 1, 2008

Alhamdulillah, ekau dah solamat sampai…lega den, leh le den tidur malam ni. But wait…! Sapa dia kasmon, Soho-bu, Vadei and Moogie tu? Den tak pernah jumpa ekau tuleh sebelum ni pun! Hmm….

6. Minci - March 1, 2008

ok.. they have been behavin very well.. hoho
nah.. I still regard the uncomfortable 6-hour flight as bad.. lol

vadei was cold. kerana diperap masuk dlm lemari selama 2 bulan lebih/ lantas di-warmkan sebelah heater.. ha ha
mungkin veenu itu sudah kawen.


ohh..ada.. sila masukkan kata kunci seperti ‘kasmon’, ‘vadei’ mahupun ‘soho-bu’ di dalam kotak search dia tepi sana.. sekian. 🙂

7. memincikun - March 1, 2008

Oooh! Tu depa. Er, kalau den hantau tedi bear bosau cam den ni leh ke? 🙂 (Ni ado den kena kobaboom ni ha!)

8. hata05@yahoo.co.uk - March 1, 2008

harapnye kasmon tidak kepam
dan kakmin i cried like 1 litre of tears setelah 4 jam tunggu di carnaby street dikau tak muncul
btw sape poor soul? dikau ke

9. jet - March 1, 2008

baez..daku poor soul..maka tak dpt jumpe kamu di carnaby street..eh, i dijempot hadir kan?

10. Puteri Nad =( - March 1, 2008

memincikun x kasi orang ramai2 hadir, dia cakap aritu

11. memincikun - March 2, 2008

Puteri Nad dan Hata05 yang sengja pampangkan alamat emel,

Den mengaku bersalah! Tapi…den tak songajo! Bak kalo dalam courtroom drama kek tv tu kan, den leh mengaku ‘temporary insanity’ 🙂 Jadi, kironya den lopaslah eh dari sogalo tuduhan tu.

Pour soul Jet…alahai, siannya. Er, sompek pakai barf bag tu ke?

12. Que - March 2, 2008

glad u hv arrived, tapi tak cuak kah bila di beritau bila ur name is not on the passengers list???????
i would hv pengsan terus kat situ LOL

13. Minci - March 2, 2008

arghhhh…jgn! jgn! jgn dikau berani nk hanto bear besau2 nih..

kasmon tk kepam . hanya sejok. maka telah diletak sblh heater supaya panas skit dan tk kena gangrene.. 😛
sgt dusta okeh drama carnaby street..
sesunggonya ‘poor soul’ telah mengaku

kesian okeh dikau. aku tgk jer stir-fried beef tuh kuar dari mulut kau masuk barf-bag.

knp pula memincikun? bukankah baez? angau eh? =))

dia sempat

yg amazingnyz aku sgt calm ketika itu.. Zen mode. 🙂

14. lolita - March 2, 2008

ye lah kakmin..dia ada cakap xleh aritu,nad x tipu

15. Puteri Nad =( - March 2, 2008

merasa lolita plak :p

16. memincikun - March 2, 2008

Den pun nak sokong lolita dan Puteri Nad…den nak jadi star witness! Betui, si memincikun tu ado kato gitu.

17. memincikun - March 2, 2008

Oops! Den le tu! 😦

18. jet - March 2, 2008

ahahha..ape ke pelik bena makhlok memincikun ni..hoh..jgn ko sbot2 stir fry beef..lowyat aku dibuatnye..

oh..kamen sgt tenang tika itu sbb die high..heroine ke ape..i dunno..bak sni urine ko..aku nak test..sbb utk kamu tenang pada saat2 begitu adela paranormal bagi kamu..ahahah..

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