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:: Life’s a mess March 9, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

“Pernah kita jatuh
Mencuba berdiri
Menahan saki dan menangis
Tapi erti hidup lebih dari itu
Dan kita mencuba melawan”

You can never go wrong with a Siti Nurhaliza track. After my morning tribal C-Tea dance in the kitchen, I continued to make the final adjustments of my elective report. If I do get a good mark for it, I might upload it as a sample report. Otherwise, I’ll just chuck it in the bin.

honey scent
Honey scent flower arrangement

It has been a very unorganized week. Looking at my tsunami-like cluttered desk, I was brought back to the month of November 2007. We had a session with this phD student who wanted to find out what we medical students think, are the 5 most important qualities a house officer (HO) should have once they start their jobs. There were things like competency, knowledge, good communicator, proactive.. and one thing relevant to my current upside down life – Time Management skills.

A good HO must know how to prioritise their work and multi-task efficiently. A HO must be quick. A HO must lead a balanced life (whenever possible). A HO must make time for meals, prayers, personal hygiene. A HO must not lose contact with his/her social support network. A HO must not lose her inner cheerful self. Is there anything else? Mode Troy pliss.

And now the future HO a.k.a. moi must make her journey to  the library and print out my elective report and protfolio.

Before that, Happy Birthday to Kasyah-Kun. Akak (matilah kena sula) harap Kasyah bahagia dlm kehidupan hari2.


1. Puteri Nad =( - March 9, 2008

owh its kasyah besday, a day after samy’s besday.. and we re celebrating kasyah’s besday on the street..bestnyeh besday kasyah

good luck kamin in printing

2. Anti-Khairy - March 9, 2008

The flowers oledi full bloom ka?

Time Management skills, yeah…thats the main important in my life today. If I received too many tasks sampai nak meletop kepala, I rather play ps2 or gi baring2 smbil merenung mase depan..lol. dont know y, but bile xde keje, mula la boring n membizikan diri sendiri. my time management cam terbalik lak.

Thanks for the wish..This year I been more bahagia..ahahaha. 😛

ps-happy printing moi!

ps2-Nad…on the street ka? hehe

3. fiza - March 9, 2008

erm..new eh? hahaha..

nway, happy birthday to kasyah!

4. hata dalam gelombang tsunami tapi sempat menjeling kakmin - March 9, 2008

owh then, happy bufday to kasyah mode hehe

akak yasmin
it’s menahan sakit kalo tak silap bukan saki
da lama tak dengar lagu ini

benar skali tentang kualiti ho tersebut ok! mmg sgt perlu, dan yang paling penting, try to stay sane hehehe

selain itu takpe ho penat2, da abes ho nanti terus gaji 6K, mrasa nak minum starbucks saban hari

byebye akak

5. Puteri Nad =( - March 9, 2008

ya la kasyah..on da street ja la..street party!!

6. Minci - March 9, 2008

berjaya sudah printing-minting.. 😛

bahagia kah? hahaha.. Im glad I could make someone happy on their birthday 🙂
as of the flowers, they’re not yet in full bloom tapi blhlah.. but my sunflower mcm tk dongak2 ke langit..
‘moi’ is ‘I’ in French

a’ah fizaaaaa.. PROTFOLIOOOO.. kalo dibuat bunyinya..it’ll be like
‘prot!! foiyoooo’..tanda admire akan kentut

baez yg bertsunami bagai,
cocok mata kang jeling2 i.. a 6K salary sounds niceeeee

7. baez tetap menjeling kakmin walau di bawa arus tsunami - March 9, 2008

owh cucukla, org terus cucuk balik ngan putik kapas
6k nak beli umah dan kereta
di samping bersedekah
(alim mode)

8. Puteri Nad =( - March 9, 2008

kasyah x de wat parti kah?nk gi partayyy

9. kasyah - March 9, 2008

keadaan lom mengizinkan utk buat parti lol..hehe

10. Minci - March 10, 2008

hoyeah.. me too want to buy house and car.. pastuh nk ltk aquarium dlm rumah

motif nk party? ha ha

lorr..sakit ker.. 😉

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