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:: Waking up new March 9, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Monday supposedly gets its name from Mani, a Moon God in Germanic mythology.

So, have a nice Mani !! (bleurghh)

Anyway, to those who
….. had just been appointed by The People
….. are employees of the nation
….. students of life

here’s for you 🙂

Let us wake up fresh to a new Malaysia..



1. baez tetap menjeling kakmin walau di bawa arus tsunami - March 9, 2008

new day wif new hopes
nice video btw

2. kasyah - March 9, 2008

New Malaysia…..I welcome u.

dream.dream big
whatever your dreams are….
go for it !

3. Puteri Nad =( - March 9, 2008

i welcome u too,if u get one toe out of the line..beware ..muahahah

4. coops - March 10, 2008

you are tagged!

5. MiraShaza - March 10, 2008

Due to some bende2 yang tak best berlaku regarding my previous blog, so I build the new one which not very personal I guess.. Feel free to get there ye Minci.
And welcome to the new Malaysia too:)

6. Minci - March 10, 2008

theres more in YouTube 🙂

same here 🙂

hahaha..nanti akan dimurkai oleh princess nad

akak!! *hugss.. dah reply

hello dear.. nice to hear from you again.. I’ve left my lil footsteps at ur blog.. 🙂

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