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:: V for Vendetta March 12, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Current Events, Everyday Life.

real life vs politics

With last weeks political tsunami, the winning of several states to the opposition parties (or are they not the opp, anymore?), The People were excited. We should be. I know I am, surprisingly. For I hardly take notice of the political happenings in Malaysia unless it’s controversial. For example, the ‘Batu Gajah MP leaking’ incident, the CSMU debate and the dush dush idiocy. [Parliment is a joke.Sometimes I wonder how these people get to where they are.The shouting, the screaming.] The People are expecting a change, a difference.

We are also hearing (or should I say, reading ) more and more of these representatives saying ‘give us time to clean up 50 years of mess’ and all that mumbo jumbo. Time, the people will give but just how much time do you need to familiriase yourself with the political scene. 6 months? A year? The whole term? Specify. [NB : Ini bukan nada perli. Do I have to explain myself all the time?] Specify what you can quickly provide. Trust me, even a weeny-meenny change can make people rejoice. While it’s good to get people off your back for a few months in order for you to get on the bigger agenda, do not be complacent for the seat can get too hot for you to sit on.

For just like newly qualified doctors, you dont have that much time. The expectation is damn high for you to perform , perform and perform.

*Jangan plak lepas nih ada org cakap ‘ bising.. ko  je lah masuk politik’. Memang dasar nak kena siat lah camtuh. hello.. do you have to undergo labor itslef to understand the pain?*

It’s always nice to see someone new elected. It’s always exciting to vote for a new ideas. People like rebels. People like underdogs. People like the idea of The Oppressed and The Discriminated achieve something. Why do you think people like watching Oprah Winfrey shows? Cause it’s all about fighting for something, doing something good for yourself. The stories of Triumph. And most often, change likes to happen under a new umbrella. Even if there’s a good, clean candidate in the BN party.. do people care? No, instead they’ll say ‘He’s nice, but he’s in the wrong party’.

Foreign media says that our election campaigns are personal attacks. Sangat benar. And I don’t particularly like that. To set up a website and write anti-remarks are still alright, but to mengaibkan seseorang dgn mentayangkan agenda bersenggama yg peribadi (walaupun itu mungkin bukan individu berkenaan)’ is to me too much. It’s just too bad that these people are politicians and their lives open like a book to pry into. That’s not fair. Might as well ‘buka pekung di dada’ that dashing young accountant who gets blow-jobs now and then from Kak Nyahs in a particular alley sekali! And dont put the blame on Islam Hadhari everytime. Sikit2 Islam hadhari. Sikit2 Islam Hadhari. When the ustaz come to the UK and wants to explain what it is, tak ramai pulak yang berani nak dtg dan dengar dulu. Yours Truly included but I was unable to attend not because I was determined to reject any idea proposed by the BN, it was more because I had more pressing commitments to make. 😛 That controversial concept was recently introduced while sahsiah individu takes ones lifetime to develop to where they are. 

Parties dont compete in manifestos. The public are part to blame for because this country is driven by a celebrity-culture… they tend to look at politics the same way. KJ is a hooligan, Najib is scandalous etc. If thats the game you want to play, fine then.. what say you of Mukhriz? I agree he’s an eye-candy. Ahaks.

It is interesting to see new faces getting hold of the country’s future under the opposition wing. But do you know what will be more interesting?

To see in a few years time (or maybe, many) Who will turn BN around and clear its image from corruption and what-not. To see Who the new, young faces of BN will be and seize power from PKR, PAS, DAP. To see Who will match Nurul Izzah’s charm and Nik Aziz’s demure yet calibre stance. 

It should be a healthy rivalry then.  

“Aku BN kerana Perpaduan, Aku DAP kerana Kuching :P, Aku PAS kerana Islam, Aku PKR kerana Perjuangan”



1. cakapaje - March 12, 2008

Salam Minci,

Very well said! Honest, brave and concise! Bravo!

I won’t say I agree wholly nor disagree partly, because it is your opinion. And that, is precisely what is missing in Malaysia – the public are afraid of giving out their honest and sincere opinion! Perhaps its due to custom, perhaps its due to intimidation by other irresponsible parties. But the fact remains, we need more people to voice their honest and sincere opinion.

Keep it up!

2. Puteri Nad =( - March 12, 2008

taratata..there..such a long entri from kamin..hehe..sgt true..i don like the anti-kj blogspot with the senggama video..so betul ke kj kamin..disebabkan tenet buruk maka x dpt play lak aritu..

As for Islam Hadhari,i reserved my comment

And as politicians yg dianggap celebrity hmm in a way there are..so jagalah sikap anda wahai ahli politik..jgn rakyat hilang kepercayaan..jadi pemimpin begitulah u cannot expect to have a separate personal life [mr hyde] while maintaining holier-than-you attitude to the public [dr jekyll]..sahsiah dan keperibadian melambangkan diri..klu x suka orang main bom bom,haih itu sudah salah guna kuasa..

mukhriz..betol betol angguk angguk..hiks

if those who were elected today turut bersikap corrupt i wont hesitate to memangkah dacing next time..

wallahua’lam bisawab

3. Puteri Nad =( - March 12, 2008

taratata..there..such a long entri from kamin..hehe..sgt true..i don like the anti-kj blogspot with the senggama video..so betul ke kj kamin..disebabkan tenet buruk maka x dpt play lak aritu..

As for Islam Hadhari,i reserved my comment

And as politicians yg dianggap celebrity hmm in a way there are..so jagalah sikap anda wahai ahli politik..jgn rakyat hilang kepercayaan..jadi pemimpin begitulah u cannot expect to have a separate personal life [mr hyde] while maintaining holier-than-you attitude to the public [dr jekyll]..sahsiah dan keperibadian melambangkan diri..klu x suka orang main bom bom,haih itu sudah salah guna kuasa..

mukhriz..betol betol angguk angguk..hiks

if those who were elected today turut bersikap corrupt i wont hesitate to memangkah dacing next time..

wallahua’lam bisawab!

p/s:tatau la ni jadi duplicate komen ke x..pasai td dia x mau terpublish

4. Puteri Nad =( - March 12, 2008

da agak da!!!

5. MiraShaza - March 12, 2008

Waahhh.. lihat si dia ni berkata2. Lantang gtu! hehe! suka quote yang merah paling bawah tu 🙂
Act, banyak perkara yang maybe akan berlaku tak lama lagi. People are looking forward to janji2 politik yang ditabur esp from opp lah kalau mereka2 betul mnyokong BA due to their manifesto. but otherwise, i look at this political drama ended up with such a tsunami thingy not because of the sokongan rakyat for BA but more to an act against BN. And for some reasons I can see BN is slightly spaced out from its Perjuangan. So the rakyat reacted.
apepun I am looking forward DAP nye dasar baru ke atas Penang 😀

6. Minci - March 12, 2008

Salam Cakapaje,

muahaha..thank you. its easy to write honestly when one is in emo mode.

tatatrataratta..it was a side view..and a glimpse too. dun think its KJ. mungkin pelanduknya sajorr..
Islam hadhari.. I shall let it be reserved.. 🙂
between jeckyll and hyde, which one was the evil counterpart again?

had a look at that star news article. I wonder which one is your uncle 😉
it was an act against BN. but I would prefer that for the upcoming elections to be manifesto-orientated rather than acts of retaliation. the drama must end sooner or later.

7. baez - March 12, 2008

kakminci, after reading your very entry, i suggest kepada dikau meh masuk politik, akan menjadi PA dikau yang berjaya ok, masa buat press komperens masa dikau cakap2 kat pemberita daku kat sblh terus buat tanda tanduk dr belakang muehehe

yet well said 🙂

8. memincikun - March 12, 2008


Den pun nak pegang jawatan! Kalau Baez jadi PA, den nak jadi AP! Kalau tak AP, den jadi bodyguard lagi bes! 🙂

9. Puteri Nad =( - March 12, 2008

me adalah jurucakap..

10. Minci - March 12, 2008

ohh..berani ek buat tanduk. cocok kang baru tau

if PA is Personal Assistant. What should AP mean then?

by all means.. be my spokesperson.. 😛

Anyway, may i draw ur attention to this. A comment written by a ‘Jesse James’ in a response to one of Susan Loone’s entries. although comment yg dia tulis nih tkder kaitan langsung dgn entry susan.. I still find it interesting to read. *mcm nama watak dlm citer Pokemon je Jesse James tuh*

Jesse James Says:

March 12, 2008 at 2:41 pm
I really do not think that Oxford can be blamed for creating Khairy… This is more to do with his family and up-bringing!

As for how did he get into Oxford? Well I am interested in that one too. Did he get a scholarship – he must have because at that time he could not even afford a car, let alone overseas education at one of the most expensive Universities in United Kingdom.

The secret lies in that PKR’s resident chief is the mastermind behind Khairy. Khairy is in fact working under-cover for Anwar Ibrahim… REMEMBER that it was BADAWI who pardoned Anwar because Badawi is good hearted… and felt that Anwar had suffered enough. Malaysians were stupid enough to believe that this pardon was an endorsement of Anwar…?!?!?!?!? The reality is that Anwar had been a bad boy and is lucky that Badawi has a good heart. But instead of appreciation, Anwar attacks… this is the character you all vote for?!?!?!?!?

It is up to us, the people, to attack Khairyor anyone by providing all the truth and expose them if they are indeed crooked as rumors or allegations may claim. It is our responsibility to do whatever is necessary to obtain solid evidense, not blogs and innnuendoes. Lets all follow that guy everywhere he goes. Get a team of PAPARAZZI to follow him 24/7 for the next 3 years. Without this drastic and concerted effort all your blogs will have little effect but to cause foreigners to run away and not invest in our economy. After all if Malaysian pilots can expose MAS Stewardess who are loose, why can we citizens expose Khairy… release the proof internationally where it cannot be censored by the Khairy henchmen…

Lastly, consider this before you ask the PM to blindly reprimand Khairy for claims and alleged rumors?!?!?! Do you really expect a father-in-law to put away his daughter’s husband (the father of one’s grandchildren?!?!?!?). Would you? I think not… this is not the Malaysian way to destroy the heart and happiness of a family member, especially that of the youngest daughter in the family (the darling of the family who is usually spoilt and given the most lee-way).

Why not blame PM’s daughter (Khairy’s wife) who loves her husband despite ALL his wrong-doings. What daughter would want to bring shame upon herself and her family through divorse and scandal, what woman would want to lose the father of her child? So if you want Khairy out provide the irrefutable proof that cannot be argued or explained away… I am sure the PM would welcome this considering the PM has already slapped Khairy for the Maya Karim issue! I mean Khairy is one slick snake to be able to cover up many of his flings and even pregnancy of a woman he slepts with by getting his friend Naina Merican to marry the woman… Why you think they are so close one, hahhh?

My only gripe with Malaysian politics is that people like Mohd Taib who was caught red handed stealing yet can come back into politics 3 years later. Quite frankly this is what promotes corruption to the core. Do you all not agree that if anyone is caught for corruption or crimes should NEVER have any opportunity to become or return to work in Government?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! When legilation prevents corrupted or criminals from ever going into politics then Maybe, maybe we will have politicians who are more credible! How stupid are we to re-elect proven liars back into office?!?!?!?!?!?!

Mahathir promised us that none of his children would go into politics. Yet we vote for Mukhriz Mahathir. ex-PM Mahathir says in the newspaper and interviews recently that he is upset because Barisan now cannot change the constitution without reference to Opposition Party… this is something that he is proud to say in public – – – what kind of democracy is Mahathir promoting?!?!?!?!?!?

Thank god the election turned out according to Badawi’s plans – an open government. This was Badawi’s promise and he has delivered and yet the best that we have to thank him for his to ask him to step down?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I suggest that the people rally behind Badawi and support him to remain in office.

Do you all really want Razak there as PM? Have we all forgotten the bad reputation Najib Razak has and the issue of the Mongolian model that was obliterated by C4?!?!?! That would be a grave mistake to replace Badawi. Remember this…. Badawi is a good man that inherited all of Mahathirs crap and Mahathir’s chosen Ministers… finally Badawi can now finally remove these useless Ministers and replace them with people he can depend on to run the Government.

I think that it fair to say that Malaysia trusts Badawi, but we do not trust his Ministers and Lieutenants under him who saw Mahathir’s leaving as the chance to make hay while the sun shines… Now this will be thwarted and Badawi can hopefully have dependable Ministers who have the same philosophy as him – – – Badawi believes: –

1) everyone deserves a second chance”.

2) everyone must have the right to defend themselves by due process

3) everyoone must be treated equally.

If we condemn Badawi or Khairy we then condone that the three principals mentioned above can be swept aside.

Lets do our part and rally behind Badawi and provide him the proof to do his job as Minister of Internal Security and Minister of Finance. You all know that most of the Minister’s lifestyles (including Tun Mahathir) is prima-facea evidense of their corruption – So lets get the evidense and force a positive action rather than whining about it via blogs and conversation.

How does the Mahathir clan afford their lifestyle and hobbies and various business flops (like Tongkah, Pantai, etc.)? Yet we revere them?!?!?!?! Mahathir gives so many contracts and subsidies to Kencana (Mokhzani Mahathir) and we love to look up to Mokhzani and his father. Sepang circuit F1 loses 25 million ringgit every year yet Mahathir subsidizes all that and much much more via Petronas and we citizens pay the bill?!?!?!?Why is Razak family got shares in Genting (haram) yet he is also revered?!?!?!?!?!?!

It is these people that should be attacked – not Badawi who has his hands tied because his Ministers and Mahathir are delinquents. Thank god for Badawi or they will do more and worse. At least now Mahathir has to deal with a PAS Menteri Besar in his own home state – serves him right. Mahathir is on a big effort to destroy Badawi because since Badawi can into power UMNO and Mahathir’s stranggle hold on the country is being eroded into the hands of the people.

Stand by Badawi! Do not let the wool be pulled over your eyes. Khairy is not Badawi’s blood and is the snake of PKR and UMNO put there to destroy Badawi. Let help the PM achieve his mandate to deliver equality and fair government!

11. Puteri Nad =( - March 12, 2008

true true true
i so don want najib as PM..i’d rather have Pak Lah seriously
and as Khairy didnt have money back at time, erm i think u were wrong there lah Jesse..he is the son of a diplomat..and diplomat is not a day job with rm 10 per hour pay..so there was a connection or maybe a “cable”..and i believe his family could afford to send either khairy,mona or hana to any school in the world they want..

erm as for the connection wif anwar,he was once izzah’s bf.. so there.. i dont think a father will work wif someone who broke her daughter’s heart ^^ same wif ur theory of badawi happy family the only different is,anwar was put behind bars because of his bravado

that’s my two kopeks tho

p/s: mcm la jesse james mo baca di sini kehkehkeh

12. doclover - March 13, 2008

hello minci..
i’d like to comment on ur last remark about the person who’ll turn BN around. hmm…why do u think BN is still the way it is. bcos once they’re at the top, they plan to stay there until the end. only death do them part with their beloved seats.
so, i doubt that u’ll see any turning around of BN in the near future. even party leaders who lost in elections still wanna continue being leaders of their party, living in denial that people still want them as leaders…sigh..weird BN politics.

13. Minci - March 13, 2008

Jesse may not read it but I still like reading ur comments.. he he.. you r after all my mini-encyclopedia of politics yg bergerak.. 😉

BN to be turned around by the current members may not happen.. but the country is never short of ‘pelapis’.
BN may stay as it is for 10 years but I guess its just me who likes to think that ‘corruption’ and ‘samseng’ is not a hereditary thing (so org baru yg menyertai parti ini hopefully tidak sedemikian) and ‘criminals’ deserve a second chance, once they are rehabilitated.

but thats just my opinion of course.. just as much u r entitled to yours.. 😉
still, its nice to hear of them..

14. memincikun - March 13, 2008


PA = Personal Assistant. AP ni cam bodyguard tapi dia kat outer fringes dan cam blocker kat American Football! AP = Anti-Personnel (Mine) hehe 🙂

15. baez - March 13, 2008

taknak jadi bodiguard, nanti luke2 dipukul org yang nak cuba memegang2 minci
terus nak jadi PA sambil buat tanduk

quoted from a very popular post :

opposition doesnt mean you are anti government, they are just plain tired of the usual corruption, inefficiency, nepotism, racism, discrimination, greed, exploitation. misconduct, uncouth

16. kasyah - March 13, 2008

lol…i speechless after i got dilema ‘terkejut’ ari ni. take time.

anyway, as long as my business running well, i will vote for u…ahahaha. *bile lak jadi calon…12thn lagi… 😛

17. memincikun - March 13, 2008


PA pun kena dapat green light dari AP baru leh gi kat bodyguard, pas tu baru leh jumpa YB Minci 🙂 (bak kata Jet le: Minci, Yang Bootylicious)

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