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:: The Phobic Patient March 19, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Medical School.
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There I was, sat on my chair behind my GP’s leathery seat in the quietest manner I could. I didn’t even dare to clear my throat as I listened to the conversation being exchanged between the patient and the doctor. I maintained eye contact with the patient as he intermittently shifts his gaze towards me, almost expecting me to nod my head in approval of his words, his almost cured dilemma.

Prior to the consultation, my GP had said..

“The next man coming in is a very anxious gentleman. He’s currently on CBT for his phobia..”

I ‘ehemm…’ and ‘ok..’ at the right cues before he finally said,

“He has a phobia for cough..”
“Cough?” I echoed, seeking clarification. I can be a bit deaf. Or daydreaming.
My GP let out a short chuckle before saying,”Yes, a coughing sound. So be careful not to cough…. or he might just get all anxious”

With that he wagged his index finger in a ‘no-no’ fashion before swinging back his very rich-looking chair to face the computer on his desk. If you dont know the ‘no-no’ fashion, I’ll show it to you once I get the chance.

I can understand agoraphobia, coulrophobia or ephebophobia … but a cough? I couldn’t find the exact phobia term for this and the closest I could gather is that he is a ligyrophobic. He who fears loud noises.

So just how much of detestment towards something qualifies it to be a phobia. I mean, a squirmish feeling towards maggots isnt really a phobia. Thats sissy. Lol.. akulah tuh. A true phobia is when;

  • there is irrational, intense, persistent fear of certain situations, objects, activities, or persons
  • it is beyond ones control
  • it interferes with daily life

Therefore, since I can still look at maggots debriding a patients wound, I don’t exactly qualify as a phobic person. 😛

The gentleman who came to see my GP is currently under Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is a form of psychotherapy that basically ,

..lets the patient understand the cycle of negative thought patterns, and ways to change these thought patterns. CBT may be conducted in a group setting. Gradual desensitisation treatment and CBT are often successful, provided the patient is willing to endure some discomfort and to make a continuous effort over a long period of time..


I have yet to find out if he is on a concurrent desensitisation therapy but if he is, I simply couldn’t imagine how the session would be – with lots of coughs along the way. 😉




1. memincikun - March 20, 2008

Assalamualaikum Minci,

Eh! Dah balik ek? Yeeeha!

Den tak tau lah bahasa doktor doktor ni ha! Yang den tau, phobia cum satu ja – mincigihostelphobia! Sunyi sepi den dan yang lain bila phobia tu berlaku…cam gerhana matahari!

Oh! Ada satu lagi phobia yang den tahu – mincipijakkakidandushtoingpiangphobia! Tu pun menggerunkan den!

Apapun, cam omputih kata “Welcome back!” 🙂

2. DeafPulse.com - the one-stop pulse for all Deaf-related news and blogs. - March 20, 2008

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3. K-kun - March 20, 2008

I didnt know there were so many -phobia.. that gentleman only phobia with cough sound or any noisy sound(music,scream)?

After checked the list of Psychological conditions, I think I have Erotophobia…muahahaha.

ps-why the doktor istilahs bikin lidah berbelit2..heeeeee

4. K-kun - March 20, 2008

Lol..lupe to mention, that pic, for the first glance, I though ‘bohsia’. duhhh!

5. pluginbaby - March 20, 2008

akk x wish bday dhil!!!! isk isk.. smpai hati akk.. 😦 .. anyway, dhil dh beli hosting n domain bru n xkan tukar dh kot smpai bebiler.. insyallah.. hehe… :D.. peace! keep in touch..

6. lancelot of mountjoy - March 20, 2008

ksian nye cough phobic gamaknye hihi
kakmin ada phobia tak?
daku phobia kepada ketinggian, that’s like acrophobia rite? terus terasa nak jatuh je bile kat tinggi2, haiyoh

7. Minci - March 20, 2008

amboi.. byknyer dia nyer unofficial and unrecognized phobia..mmg wajar kena piang2dush2..hihi

The gentlemen was only phobic of coughs.
berbelit it may be but in meaning they’re quite straightforward..
huhu..erotophobia konon.. 😉
ahahaha.. optical illusion with the bohsia thingy

huk huk adikku syng… sorry mowie.. again, happy belated birthday
I’ll hop by at ur new domain in a while 🙂

i have phobia for youth and adolescents..eee..minci benci
dikau blh jaid kawan jet..dia pun gayat..tapi gayat dari jambatan yga da sungai ..ha ha

8. pluginbaby - March 20, 2008

im 20 now..xleh manja2 mcm bdk kecik dh.. hehehe.. a lot of things have changed since the last time i chatted with u.. hehe… lookin forward to ym or msn with u? got any im at the moment? .. segan nk bg sini just hint me ym:fadhilfaisal.. msn pun same : fadhilfaisal@hotmail.com .. 😛

9. Puteri Nad =( - March 20, 2008

sekali orang laen yg add baru tau ..
nad takut ketinggian mcm di jambatan twin tower petronas dan nnt merasa gamang..
selain tu adalah fobia memasukkan tangan di dalam mana2 cavity.. 😀

10. memincikun - March 20, 2008


Uurgh! Den dah terlantor kek lantai ni ha, keno piang2 dan duish2 dari Minci, tolong den!

Er…tapi PN pula takut ngan cavity! Lor…sapo den nak minto tolong hontikan pendarahan den ni ha…sian den 🙂

11. lancelot of mountjoy - March 20, 2008

haha daku tak phobia ngan sungai! terus cam rasa nak terjun dan berenang sambil melambai2 kakmin dari pinggir sungai, sila lihat dari atas jambatan dan terjun sekali yah, sama2 kita mengharung arus sungai

12. Puteri Nad =( - March 20, 2008

lol meminci,
setakat bruises dan laceration dan cut wound boleh jor merawat..tp klu ada appendix ke dan laen2 , nad tulis referal letter gi kat jet je lah yeah

jet tolongla memincikun..

13. pluginbaby - March 21, 2008

sesape nk add dipersilakan.. hehe.. “prince” nad nk add pun ape salahnye.. terpulang pd empunye nk accept add ke x .. 😛

14. Minci - March 21, 2008

tkleh manja eh? he he he

ohhhh..pastinya rasa amat gerun masa nk buat PR dan PV dan check tinga org.. 😛

*kasik balut mcm mummy

bajet duyung kah melambai dari dlm sungai? ha ha

15. jet - March 22, 2008

hah..kasik2..aku buat operation ni no problem..tapi satu lah, potong tau, jahit tak pandai..pande2 kome la nak tutup wound tuh kang..

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