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:: A woman’s pearl of wisdom March 23, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

“Who do you aspire to?”

If I ever get that question in say, an interview.. the top on my list would have to be Oprah Winfrey. I was and still am, awed by her philanthropist nature especially in the fight for liberating and empowering women. for there is truth in ‘The hand that rocks the cradle, rule the world’. Indeed, more women should know that they capable of being stronger, wiser and stroll the walk of life with more calibre than what they actually are.

I try reading the books that she reads and at anny chance I get, I’ll try to watch her talk show.

Over the past few days, one thought came to mind. A life wisdom I gathered from Oprah (obviously) but have had forgotten to apply to current life circumstances in the midst of this year’s academic stress, social conflict and teribbly freezing weather. A whirlwind that is there to stay until I build a damn good shelter to protect me or just have it ridden off.

On the particular show, Oprah had Suze Orman on her show. Further googling revealed that she’s a successful personal financial advisor. Suze was there to not only promote her book but also to give quick tips to women in the audience onto how to manage their money. Among all the advice she gave, one stuck to mind. I don’t remember the exact words but it was a response to a lady’s problem who was recently divorced and supporting 3 children alone. This lady had to sell her house and they survived day after day by scraping whatever cash this lady could.

So Suze said to first, live within what they could afford and the second priceless advice was – “to be honest to yourself, do not lie to your children, do not cover the fact that life is hard at the moment. Let them see the hardship, let them learn from you as to how you manage to overcome it. You have to show them so they are aware and will know what to do if the same thing happens to them, or learn to not let the same thing happen to them. Do not pretend that things are okay when in fact you are not.”

** Thats a long one coming from Yours Truly who claimed she cant remember a thing! he he

Suze Orman was right. Some of us when we’re in trouble or misery, we bottle it up. We feel that by pouring our woes is perceived by others as attention seeking or being a sissy. Or in some cases, a matter of not being able to articulate well to The Listeners what our problems are. Yet, there are so many ways of making them known. Well, I know only a few. One being blogging with a password protected entry fully granted access for kind-hearted selected individuals and the second maybe over for example, a Subway sandwich once the ‘motherly-caring-bestbuddy’ figure sits across you and asks “Whats the matter?”

It’s somewhat educational. People get to learn from you and under some lucky circumstances they on the other hand offer additional advice or feedback onto how you handled a particular thing. If through a blog, readers can find out how you overcome depression, how you massacred traitors, what food is good to lose weight etc. 

Strength does not lie in how tall or thick the ‘wall’ is to keep people out and maintain a stiff upper lip. Strength sometimes comes in asking other people for help.



1. baez is no oprah - March 23, 2008


2. baez is no oprah - March 23, 2008

im not the selected few terus nannes2

yet be strong okeh kakminci kun

3. baez is no oprah - March 23, 2008

none the less, ive never watched oprah lah
terus nak try tgk kat utube

4. Puteri Nad =( - March 23, 2008

true kakmin
none the truer..
i like oprah winfrey way better than tyra bank talk show hehe

i’d like to quote Mahatma Gandhi
Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men.


5. memincikun - March 23, 2008

Den tak tahulah. Tapi den suko ayat ni ha “Strength sometimes comes in asking other people for help.”

Kekadang kito ni terlalu ego. Tapi ado maso lak, terlalu meminto. Poning den!

6. Puteri Nad =( - March 23, 2008

aah..kene la mintak tolong

7. Minci - March 23, 2008

hait sir!

oooooohhhh.. i’ve never watched tyra banks show in full but I do think her’s is less inspiring.. mungkin sbb dia model..

it is a very powerful statement.. 🙂

8. you know me - March 24, 2008

kakmin, domo arigato gozaimasta

9. jet - March 24, 2008

i perspire to talk in public..

10. Minci - March 24, 2008

domo.. 🙂

muahhahaha.. kelakar..

11. Puteri Nad =( - March 24, 2008

i perspire to run in public

12. memincikun - March 24, 2008

Den perspire bilo den blushing, running, in sauna, makan kari mamak, exercise…ha, apo lagi yang den tak perspire. Oh! Hehe, bilo ke blog ni ha! Borpoluh poluh den di bueknya 🙂

13. kaSyah - March 24, 2008

She’s rite lol.. but u can see so many people suke nak eksyen2…especially our own race. i can’t totally blame them, that’s their lifestyle…but its pathetic i think.

Live below your means

There’s nothing wrong to be more humble and no show-off. its better than u want to show ur friends/nebors ur brand new car/jewelery….but a week before u get a salary, u eat megi everyday lol.

no money no talk.

14. Minci - March 26, 2008

you’re right and your example would fit well to those who like to ‘keep up with the joneses’.. 🙂

in this case.. Suze was advising the mother to yes, not live above ur means sbb yelah..some people diorg tk nk anak3 diorg merasa hidup susah and live life happily without having to worry.
this of course can have its pros and cons..

15. ceebeeanne - April 8, 2008

Assalamualaikum kak Min. I am from Sabah. 17 yrs old. I wud like to share my personal grievances if u dont mind. What shall I do if I found out that my dad was flirting around online? And there was evidence that he goes out on dates with some of his cyber gfs :-((. I am an only child, and my mum who is a housewife, isnt aware of dad’s activities. She doesnt know anything about computers hence she will never understand why dad gets hooked up on the computer a lot. I love my dad, but whenever we managed to track him on the dating sites, I could not believe it for a moment. I felt so humiliated. And poor mum. Can anyone advise me what to do?

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