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:: Ceridak March 24, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Medical School.


Ceridak (pronounced as che-ghi-dak)

The closest meaning I could get to in Malay is ‘selekeh’. It’s a Sarawakian word best used to describe the woman in the para below. As narrated by my senior doctor. A true story.

A lady in her late twenties came to the Emergency Department with a bizarrely strange complaint. She told the doctor who attended her case that she was there because her colleagues at work had been complaining to her saying that they couldnt stand the smell coming from her.

Random thoughts #1 : How do you think the EMERGENCY department can help you with the smell? Why didnt she go to the GP in the 1st place? Oh well.. maybe she couldnt get an appointment.

Random thoughts #2 : There is a strong whiff of odour, but where is it coming from? I wonder whats causing it?

The lady went on with her story saying that her vagina has been itching for a very long time and has had discharge coming from it. Naturally, the doctor proceeded in checking it out and instructed the lady to undress waist down behind the curtains, while she went to get a chaperone.

The doctor and chaperone both returned to a very nauseating room. No amount of air freshener could ever mask the very very stenching smell!  

The ‘euw culprit’ was identified. What do you think it is? The clue is in her being ‘ceridak’.



1. Puteri Nad =( - March 24, 2008

apa okie?

2. hata - March 24, 2008

trichomonas ke bacterial vaginosis?

3. Puteri Nad =( - March 24, 2008


4. Minci - March 24, 2008

she had a tampon in there.. a very old one..
tidak dikeluarkan selama sebulan (tdk diketahui knp dia blh biar bende tuh kat dlm lelama)

begitulah.. sekian.

5. Puteri Nad =( - March 24, 2008


6. tokasid - March 24, 2008

Salam Minci:

One lesson to all.NEVER use a tampoon to make budu, cencalok or tempoyak.LOL!

Thid posting reminded me of an incident about 15 years ago in GH Melaka.
I was the MO on call on that day.

Around 3pm a peadiatric nurse came to me along with her sister. Her sister had a normal delivery about a week ago( 1st child).Dhe had a bad vaginal tear and was srirched up by a HO.
The reason they came to me( at the 1st-2nd class delivery room) was bcoz the new mother had non abatting fever and lwer abdominal pain.

After loking at her delivery notes I suspect something must have been left inside her ‘anu’. When I asked her to lie down and bending her legs a bangkai smell pierced my blocked nostrils( kalau tak blocked tentu dah muntah there and then). I did a VE and removed a tampoon which was inserted during the suturing. The HO have forgotten about it and she didn’t VE after suturing.
The bangkai smell was so strong that you can even smell it outside the labour room for 1/2 an hour.

Lesson no 2; Make sure you VE properly after suturing an episiotomy or vaginal tear.

7. Puteri Nad =( - March 24, 2008

sian lak….owh dear..sila saman kata ngan wanita itu

8. baez jeling2 kakmin - March 24, 2008

omg motif tertinggal tampon, sian saje

btw 1st ethical rule dlm medicine adalah do no harm gamaknyeh

selain tu tetibe mengatakan hi kakmin kuaciku

9. kaSyah - March 24, 2008

i really don’t want to be a doctor!

10. hafiz - March 25, 2008

The first thing that I thought about is Toxis Shock Syndrome. How can she survive with that and not having any septicaemia…

11. 13may - March 25, 2008

ish ish ishhh….buleh pengsan!

12. 28 April - March 25, 2008

Jangan sumbat kapas dalam hidung untuk mengelakkan bau busuk, sumbatlah ikan masin…

13. 1january - March 25, 2008

ahha..well..well..it is silly reli..kenapa kamu nak tinggal2 tampon kamu lama2..walhal, kamu tuh dah besa panjang..kalu kamu 11-13 taon bru blaja pakai, insyaAllah la diampunkan..

malu kot sama gp die..lebih baek pegi ke org yg x dikenali supaya tak diumpat keji dkalangan jiran2..

14. 39 - March 26, 2008

duhhh…sume sudah pakai no…kekekeke

15. baez-kun - March 26, 2008

haroooooooo where’s minci, back to hostel kah

16. Puteri Nad =( - March 26, 2008

ye lah

17. Minci - March 26, 2008

Doc TA,
Omg.. I could just imagine that horrible smell.. Insya-Allah I will remember lesson number two.

Yup.. very kesian

Benar ok.. do no harm. and if you do harm to a ‘kuaci minci’.. she will haunt you in your sleep.. this time not only chasing you with a knife but also a chainsaw .. miahahaha

by the way.. Im home already for the 2nd half of the week.. hopefully

oh well.. you could always have a doctor as a friend.. 🙂 lol..dia pun pakai nombo kah? he he

odd huh? I have no idea..

jgn nak pengsan2 kat sini.. tkder org nk angkut kau

ohhh.. nih pun nak main tarikh kah as nama samaran? matilah nk sumbat ikan masin.. kucing jilat aku dgn penuh mesra

1 january,
ahahahaha.. jet ku.. sgt betul lah hypothesis anda.. makes sense of her not going to her GP..

18. baez - March 26, 2008

hahaha minci kuaci terbaca di blog meminshi lah ok yet sounds so funny i nearly hentak2 this pasu

btw kejarlah dlm mimpi i long to see u dlm mimpi hihihi

19. baez - March 26, 2008

i tend not to trust people so easily yet kalo da kawan lama terus trust2 saje kecuali mereka yang menunjukkan ciri2 tak boleh trust

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