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:: Trust no one? March 26, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved – George MacDonald

How many of you feel that way?

It’s difficult to trust women/girls because due to volatile emotions, they might just spill the beans. In the will to spite, to get the upper hand or to just be that person who knows the news ‘first’!

but it is also…

…. difficult to trust men/boys because due to rigid logic, they won’t tell you the things that you should have known for ages! Until the matter escalated to its worse or is between life or death.


1. Puteri Nad =( - March 26, 2008

owh i’d rather trust the person i trust most regardless of gender okie..like best friends wont spill the beans on u me rasa la..or maybe im naive

2. Puteri Nad =( - March 26, 2008

advertisement-we’ve moved to our own domain ..www.faeznadrah.com ,kindly update ur link..cheerio :p

ooops merasa poyo

3. baez tersilap window - March 26, 2008

hish tersilap window lak maka terkomen pasal trust kat bawah
btw betol pompuan sukar ditrust lambang ibarat emozion katanyeh
lelaki lak ekceli adalah trusworthy lah, innit?

u can trust me i would do no harm to minci kuaci

4. Puteri Nad =( - March 26, 2008


5. Puteri Nad =( - March 26, 2008

kuaciminci mcm kuarter master time PBSM

6. DaRk AnGeL~* - March 27, 2008

i sooo agreee!

7. DaRk AnGeL~* - March 27, 2008

miss you muah!

8. memincikun - March 27, 2008

Salam Minci,

Eh! Dah balik kek rumah! Wilkomen 🙂

Ha! Pasal trust tu, den sotuju! Apasal lah manusia ni tak mau trust? Susoh tau hidup kek dunio ni takdak trust.

9. kaSyah - March 27, 2008

btw, for men (i assumed..)

there more likely to trust their own gender than a girl. as u said, volatile emotions, sungguh la bahaya kalo terlepas rahasia..hohoho

men keep their secrect from girls not because they think its the best way if you dont know…and of coz anyone will be mad if they xdapat tahu perkara yg sepatutnye die tahu. men in dilemma also lol…tough critical decision…huhu

when there is the trust, the love will become more stonger. trust will develop the love. – Kasyah McDonald

10. kaSyah - March 27, 2008

ohh to Nad, now I know what you means with the new domain, email..etc. COngratulations for a new baby born to both of you. 🙂

11. Puteri Nad =( - March 27, 2008

owh to kasyah,
now i have so many questions to ask regarding domain thingy..tehehe

12. kaSyah - March 27, 2008

Patik disuruh oleh Puan Besar dtg menolong…ahahaah

13. Puteri Nad =( - March 27, 2008

maka bermulala pembayaran ufti kepada kerajaan2 sekeliling..

14. Minci - March 27, 2008

no.. its a matter of preference. and hey, congratulations for the own domain. ehehehe.. a quartermaster?
sila bayar ufti kpd kerajaan saya

u can trust them to give u an opinion though 😉

TRUST is not only needed when you need someone to keep a secret. Your secret, in this case. It is essential too when you seek that person for advice or anything for if you dont trust a person in the first place, how would you know if you could take his/her word?

kak syifa,
hehe.. miss u too.. muah muah

yea..sudah blk… tapi mamo onl9 selalu

kasyah macdonald,
dealing with people isnt an easy thing to do 😉
like the saying
wahaha.. dititah Puan Besar yer

15. baez tersilap window - March 27, 2008

kakmin mamo online slalu lambang da nak finale ke?
gambare ni chan

16. Puteri Nad =( - March 27, 2008

kasyah nando lah kakmin, [hint:belanja]
i second kakmin,especially bab opinion like to listen to who..

17. mossavi - April 2, 2008

It is almost impossible to go through life without trust. Furthermore, it is always earned, not given. Trust lies at the core of love, thus, there can be no true love without trust. Apa-apa pun anakanda Minci, just remember pesan auntie ….. Trust is the easiest thing in the world for us to loose, and the hardest thing in the world to get back ….. oleh itu, berhati-hati lah :-))

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