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:: Shenta itu pelbagai March 29, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship.

“Bercinta selepas kahwin lebih indah. Tak perlu nak dating2 nih”

If I ever hear this again, I suppose I’ll have to fake another cardiac-arresting-sickly- sweet-smile as a gesture of respect towards his/her opinion. I’d probably let out a short ‘uhuhmm’ – not to scoff but  more of to demonstrate a response that is neither agreeing nor disagreeing. Jet call it my ‘nervous laugh’ and so far, she has been able to recognize it quite well. I tak neves pun dia ingat I neveslah tapi. Heard this idea been expressed out loud and strongly over the radio a couple of times and I find that these individuals are those who;

  • have been disappointed in a previous love relationship
  • has reached a state of desperation and decides to marry whoever that crosses their path and claim the spouse as ‘the one’
  • okaylah.. alhamdulilah.. pious ( I understand where your argument comes from)
  • hmm.. ada lagi ker?

I just feel that it has a wrong message to it. It’s as though saying that for those who have bershenta before marriage, the love would stop after tying the knot. Considering the poor statistics of sustained strong marriages in our country, it doesnt help to have people publicising this sort of idea at large. and my friends, once you’re married..try to keep talak at the very back of your head. do not think of it as an option at all just because you’ve had that one disastrous fight. Give it a Posh Beckham stride please. But of course, if you’ve tried and still feel like slashing each others throat, then by all means…  

Ok.. dah merapu. back to the phrase. Isnt it better (for a neutral touch) to say,

“Bercinta selepas kahwin pun tidak kurang hebatnya”

There is however something I’d like to mention about the few irritation religious lot. I couldnt emphasize that few enough for I dont really want people to think I’m an extreme hedonist and memperkecilkan agama sort of person.

Once, I was in a YM conversation with a friend of mine, who I’d categorize as a well-informed guy on religious matters. He was asking about our former friends bla bla bla and so it was natural to update on who’s been coupling and so on. To my annoyance however he kept enquiring as to why these people are not married and blatantly say haram (aloha.. this couple always have a 3rd person with them).. ‘this people should better for they were both naqib and naqibah..’ yada yada yada.. further adding.. ‘you were also a naqibah, why dint you advice them?’ sort of thing.. ayooooo.. please lah dont bring up the subject of me being a former naqibah.. for I have sinned and done things that Im unproud of. So duh… drop it!!!! (Why do u think I’m doin medicine anyway? To repent, to redeem myself in one way or another.. lol.. muaahahahahaha..I’m warped in too many self-conflict)

Great. So now its my fault? Bluekkk.. I was obviously furious. Well.. I am short.. my blood as Julie Dahlan would say,  ‘goes upstairs’ really quick.. whadya expect?

In my head, I had all this argument circulating. Gosh.. did he think that all parents are like his and her wife’s parents who thinks it is okay to get married during studies? I knowlah he bershenta long-distance but alohaaa.. these alim friends of mine taulah nak jaga diri sendiri. haiyooo.. give them a bit of credit lah..  

I don’t remember how the conversation ended but oh well.. he’s not in my YM list anymore. Emo kan I nih? miahhahahaha~~ You piss me, I diss you.



1. Puteri Nad =( - March 29, 2008

dangerous girl u are :p

2. memincikun - March 30, 2008

Wooo! Takut den baco ni ha…cam PN kato: dangerous girl you are :p, but dangerously attractive, cam fatal attraction (mati den kono duish duish jap lagi ni ha!)

3. baez-kun jeling2 kakmin celah tiang - March 30, 2008

terus nak menjadi anak usrah kakminlah hihi

yet kakmin, dikau da online YM skarang, im so proud of that

4. Puteri Nad =( - March 30, 2008

nak join gak usrah kakman yeay yeay

5. Puteri Nad =( - March 30, 2008


6. Minci - March 30, 2008

erk? part mana plak yg dangerous ? wohohoho.. anak2 usrah ku diwajibkan menghafal juzu amma dgn tekun.. 😛

fatal yer? lantas menusuk perot dgn pisau tumpul tapi still masuk

oh.. me appear online only to selected cateogry.. ha ha ha

7. memincikun - March 30, 2008

Adus! Adus! TOlong den…pisau tumpul ni ha lobih biso! Jet! PN! (er…doktor pompuan je ek)…Minci, tolong den!

8. baez-kun jeling2 kakmin celah tiang - March 30, 2008

kakmin bile nak usrah nie
berdebar2 sgt
terus padan pada meminci ditikam pisau motif kakmin nak tumpul ,sila tajam okie

9. pluginbaby - April 1, 2008

doctor pompuan je?? lol

10. mossavi - April 2, 2008

Islam always stresses that if seseorang itu cinta kepada manusia, ia mestilah cinta yang boleh menghampirkan diri kepada Allah. If we hv fallen in love (mcm love at first sight tu!), pastikan is it kerana Allah? Or nafsu?
Whatever the case may be, kita amat digalakkan untuk mengamalkan solat Istikharah, kemudian berdoa ” Ya Allah, aku suka orang ini, kalaulah dia ini betul-betul pilihan yang tepat untuk aku dunia akhirat, pertemukanlah jodoh kami. Jadikanlah dia isteri (atau suami) ku. Kalau tidak baik, Ya Allah, elakkanlah”
“if you love someone” mintalah kepada Allah yang mencipta diri kita. Ini kerana orang yang kita cintai itu juga adalah makhluk Allah. Allah berhak untuk menjadikan makhlukNya suka atau tidak. Our common mistake – terus direct kepada empunya diri.
Sekadar berkongsi pengalaman with everyone here. Wassalam :-))

11. kaSyah - April 7, 2008

nak kawen bukan senang. actually when my sister tell us nak kawen(she still study at that moment), i kind of…very2 surprise….i argue with my mom lol…but setelah beberapa lama i can accept them after buat analisis kat abg iparku and keadaan my sis.

the good thing dorang kawen, aku dpt anak buah…hehehehe.

watever pun, nak kawen ni xleh la nak cakap senang. maybe ur friends tu bukan xnak kawen tapi masih ada hal yg perlukan lebih komitmen. as long as dorang tau batasnye.

duhh..u are scary leo…!!

nak jaga tepi kain org bole…jgn smpai masuk kain sudah..LOL

12. Minci - April 8, 2008

padan.. 😛

utk sesi usrah cyber kita kali ini, sila hafal ayat2 yg seorg dokto blh ujarkan kepada pesakit islam mengenai kepentingan solat biarpun dlm keadaan sakit. 😛

hmph.. kasik memuncukun dokto pondan baru tau

mossavi, thank u for sharing

hahahaha..nk tergelak aku bab masuk kain tuh.. ha ha

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