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:: Im losing my smell April 5, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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“I’m sorry. They dont make it anymore”

I walked out of the store feeling very devastated. Boots didnt have it and now The Perfume Shop doesnt stock it anymore too. Mr Ralph Lauren is not making my perfume anymore. I knew that this was the risk I’m taking when I chose to use a fragrant that is less popular than others. Especially when you’ve got celeberity  perfumes monopolising half the market. The salesgirl must have not realized how disappointed I was with her answer for she did not bother to suggest a nice equivalent. Eyy.. you think I buy perfume for fun is it? It’s an identity sort of thing. Personality. and I’ll be losing ‘my smell’ soon… once the product phases itself out gradually. Alhamdulilah, I can still purchase ‘RL: Style’ over the internet but later I’ll have to ‘move on’ and accept that it’s gone. Forever!!

Style is described as ‘A modern floral blend wrapped in a soft blanket of suede, sensual musk and sleek woods’. It’s certainly a soft smell. Very the Minci tau!

So if anybody could forward a suggestion of other nice perfumes will be grand. All samples welcome. LOL!


1. adik - April 5, 2008

thanks for letting adik to be the first to comment, i live up to my nickname right? i dont think that you even recognize me huhu

i see that’s the style of yours, akak has her own sweet identity
adik doesnt have any suggestions regarding women’s perfume, so im sorry

and akak would u like to suggest one for me? and im an XY

2. cakapaje - April 5, 2008

Salam Minci,

I personally tend to think highly of ladies using a perfume from Body Shop. I know not the name but recognise the fragrance everytime I come across it. Still, some people would prefer the personal odour in a given circumstances.

3. Minci - April 5, 2008

of course I recognize you.. lol
for an XY ey?
Aqua apatah – my dad uses it but very strong lew
Sean Paul nyer – Jet likes that one actually and I second her.
Hmmm.. I need to smell more men lah.. miahahahahaha

if form body shop, i know ‘white musk’ is a favourite but I dun really want to smell like the whole population. 🙂
maybe I should see their selection of mix + match tuh.. colours look pretty radiant too

4. Puteri Nad =( - April 5, 2008

green tea thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

5. mimie - April 5, 2008

my dear dear dear pom pom…

1. go to any shops like boots.. (so you can play with all the perfumes)
2. try any perfume that you like on the sample strip lah.. then smell lahkan
3. make sure at any one time you dont try more than 3 types of perfume…
4. give yourself a few minutes break.. maybe about ten minutes..
5. proceed to another three that you like to try…
6. repeat step 2 to step 5 seberapa byk kali yang disukai oleh hatimu (for as long as no sales person datang dan halau)
7. narrow down your choices…
8. then smell again… the key is NOT MORE than THREE at any one time..
9. then narrow it down again..
10. untill you are left with maybe 2 or 3 brands…
11. then try it maybe on your wrist.. one brand on one wrist.. dont go and mix everything huuhuhu…
12. if you dont have enough wrists (duh everybody only has two) try somewhere else… be creative huhuhuhuhuhu
11. then buy lah…

*you can only differentiate up to three types of perfume at one time… more than that your hidung will be confused… not good not good…
*test on to your own skin not your friend’s skin.. the perfume will smell slightly different…

anyway, i just normally go and choose botol2 yang menarik and free gift yang menarik and try…and buy… hehehehehehehe

6. adik - April 5, 2008

eh how come u know, u might be wrong, i must insist!
owh im still using my lancome de paris perfume collection (for men) and it doesnt smell like masculine enuf hence i detest
skarang pakai adidas saje lambang murah jadi bole beli banyak

7. memincikun - April 5, 2008

Hmm…kalau denlah, den boli odolono dah 🙂

Tapikan, den koboi, tak kisah le.

8. adik - April 6, 2008

meminci odolono bes ke

9. memincikun - April 6, 2008


odolono bes, walaupun dia tak ori lagi dah. Calit je, fuwargh! Samapai malam tak kisah lagi 🙂

10. Puteri Nad =( - April 6, 2008

errr odorono tu kan..bukan deodorant utk ketiak ke?

11. memincikun - April 6, 2008


erk…yo ko? lor…pandan le den bau dio semacam je. bilo den colet kek baju, melekek dio kebiruan. hmm…haru maru den dibueknyo!

12. D - April 6, 2008

ooo.. never really smelled that RL dear, so can’t really say what’s the next best thing. I have one perfume which is very difficult to find (but possible if often on overseas trips, u may get lucky! Managed to at least get the replacement once). It’sYSL’s In Love Again.. Aaaahh.. miss it, miss it, miss it! Otherwise, used to love Issey Miyake’s when I was your age while my all-time favourite would have to be Tresor, although do also like Pleasure and Happy. Currently finishing up my Be Delicious (DKNY) and on to my latest, a present of a BIG bottle of Flower (Kenzo) – which is flowery and bit misty. Body Shop? Don’t like White Musk or Dewberry (you’re right, I’ll smell like every other youngster), but do like a combi of Beleaf + Chymara.

Wow! Goes without saying how old I am.. with the review I’ve given up there!! Happy choosing..

13. adek gelak2 akan meminci - April 6, 2008

lol-ing akan meminci

14. kaSyah - April 7, 2008

I am really failed about this stuff…I still have my Polo bottle since 2004. Tak habis lagi, and Hugo Boss, 2006, pun banyak lagi..tak tau nak sedekah kat sape. Both tu pun org tlg beli.

so…i just wish u gonna get a better choice lol..
susah sgt beli saje RL: Style imatation…okay wat??!

be unique..ahaha…i confident with my odour..lolll

15. 28 April - April 7, 2008

Hahaha u might want to ask me.

16. adek - April 8, 2008

masih di londang kah

17. memincikun - April 8, 2008

Ha? Minci gi London tak sound pun! Lor…den ingat nak posan cincaluk atau belacan, tak dapek le camni!

Oops! London UK ek? Den ingat London Lendu kek Melakau tu ha! 🙂

18. Puteri Nad =( - April 8, 2008

da balek da dia..
orang ada date je tinggai kat londang

19. Minci - April 8, 2008

wow! wow!
great tips from my beloved mimie and truly Kak D, I’m glad you share my view on ‘smelling the same like everybody else’ he he he

adik baez,
sudah balik dari londang and good choice lancome.. 🙂

wut green tea??????? he he

sembur ridsect nak? miahahaha

28 april,
really? ok.. im asking u now.. cepat.. jawabbbbb.. 😛

i dun wantlah imitation. huhuhu..
acececece..confiden dgn bau sendre yer.. 😛

20. BabY TiGeR - April 23, 2008

hye there!
y dun u try armani code?? or clinique happy??

By the way, if u more to floral blend, u can try estee lauder range – my fav r pleasure pink, and also pleasure exotic.. oh..u can also try paco rabbane ..

OMG – gila when talk bout perfume..

btw, i’m ur dad’s staff la.. 😛 and u know wut, he love n miss u a lot!

21. BabY TiGeR - April 23, 2008

btw dear, i still got half-full RL style, nak ke? i bagi father u.. hhuhuhuhuhu

22. Minci - April 23, 2008

huhuhu.. kiter dah beli yg baru dah.. he he
wow.. bolehlah gosip about my dad after this 😛

23. cinta - June 21, 2008

try estee lauder exotic

24. Minci - June 22, 2008

will do. thanks 🙂

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