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:: Muslims to take action again? April 5, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Current Events.
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You heard about FILM ” FITNA” made by Dutch(Holland). Moreover they refused to apologize because they considered it a practice of freedom and democracy. I ask you all to put your hands with other MUSLIMS and boycott the Dutch’s products. 1.6 billion Muslims could really slap the economy in Dutch. Please copy this text and forward this text to as many Muslims as possible Via Email via SMS Via Scrap….. I ask u,as a Muslims… Can’t u spare 5 minutes in order to spread this message among Muslims …ASAP? REMEMBER THE PROPHET (SAW) MIGHT ASK YOU ONE DAY,’ WHAT DID YOU DO WHEN THEY MADE FUN OF ME?

It’s everywhere. The urge to boycott Dutch products and services. The Danish public also seemed to get the wrath from muslim citizens of the world because of the confusion between who is Dutch or Danish. I quote from a statement in my Friendster bulletin.

As most of us are aware by now, that the so-called Fitna movie is produced by Geert Wilders. He’s a Dutch, not a Danish.

Dutch = Netherlands/Holland
Danish = Denmark

Denmark has got nothing to do with the film. It is The Netherlands that has sadly allowed Geert Wilders put the ‘Land of the Windmill’s in danger of drawing the anger of the peaceloving
world’s populations.

Hence, we shouldn’t get the details wrong. Think of this before typing up statements in the
blogs/facebooks/friendsters/etc. We shall correct the typo error in stating Denmark when it should have been The Netherlands.

Because of Fitna……this time round……why Denmark needs to suffer from the act of a Dutch? Hopefully the Danish people should’ve learnt their lesson from the published most- controversial cartoon graphics, somewhere 3 years back, remember?

These things are not new. Once, the uproar was towards an author for a book. Then, there were the cartoons and in England, there was a story of an English teacher who was condemned to death by the Iranian public for naming a teddy bear as Mohammad. In that particualr case however, I personally think it could be settled in a peaceful manner than making it headlines throughout the world. It has only managed to portray Muslims as people who rush into things and not think straight. In the case of the teacher, we are expecting non-muslims to understand how we live our life taking Islam as our Din but we ourselves takes no initiative whatsoever to understand the teacher’s way of life. She was from Britain. they name their dogs and dolls. To her, it may be a sign of compassion to name the bear mohammad. and respect to the child who takes the prophet as his role model. the means were wrong but surely a death threat is way too atrocious.
I was sitting in with a muslim staff grade at the time the news came out and he offered his 2 cents on this sort of thing. I think his words are worth pondering about although at the end of the day, you do what you think is best based on the consensus around you. Now he said,

Why cant we all just practice patience and keep quiet. we get all wrapped up about the cartoons and books that in the end are helping these infidels themselves. one person tell them about the book, every other muslim would then go out and buy that book. and who wins? the author himself. he is generating income and popularity from our actions. He was not even famous prior to that! And now, even if he writes crap stories, people will buy his books and invite him to author seminars for he has ‘quality’. How could people not think that when your book is a best seller. (at this point, I was imagining myself with a best seller and dubbed a great writer although what i wrote was nowehere near quality.. lol)

Then these cartoons on the website, many websites would opportunistically get money from the traffic generated. The royalties from cartoons spread to the wider public on the internet or paper media!

The prophet himself pernah dilempar dengan batu and disimbah dgn kotoran, yet he says nothing about it. Remember this story? (he told the story in a mix of english + arabic)

“Dalam satu peristiwa melibatkan org kafir, Walau hari2 disakiti dgn macam2 ujian, terpijak duri sampai berdarah kaki, disimbah najis, Baginda tetap tak marah.Bahkan bila satu hari Baginda lalu jalan tu tak ada apa2 Baginda tertanya-tanya, “Mana pergi org ni?” Ditanya jiran sebelah rumah, rupanya orang yang meletak najis itu sakit. Baginda menziarahi org itu. ”

I bet some of us muslims are going to watch Fitna with the feeling ‘of wanting to know what its all about’. Some may say, they are downloading and not paying a single cent in boosting their film economy but you never really knows what happens when you all go trafficking to a website and clicking that particular link to DL the movie, dont you? Tengok je lah. Then judge for yourself as to how the film makers can come up with an interpretation of Islam as such.

Anyway, thats only my lil piece of mind. Janganlah dengan mudah cakap saya murtad dan durhaka pada agama plak. jangan juga nak bagi nama ‘Minci Rusydie’ keapda saya. If hukum mengutarakan pendapat sebegini membatalkan iman saya, mencemarkan Islam saya, sila cakap elok-elok. Janganlah sesama Islam pun anda tak boleh nak berbudi bahasa. Sekian.


1. adik - April 5, 2008

akak, there’s a point in this entry
ive seen the fitna trailer and all yet never have i gotten the urge to download one, it’s not that im not backing islam up, it’s just i just feel like crying if i continue watching one
some, however, the selected ones like the scholars might have to watch for they have to learn the details to combat and counteract the ‘tuduhan palsu’
keeping silence like by not downloading and all is a grand idea
but there’re like several things u ought to consider, here are some of dr qardhawi’s resolution, see mirashaza’s

2. cakapaje - April 5, 2008

Salam Minci,

Well said! Undoubtedly, many people – myself included – do tend to get carried away by emotion. Whether by emotion or not, its hard to judge their action.

On one side, the very act of denouncing such insults helps to promote such rude film or book. The villains laugh their way to the bank while the protesters shout themselves hoarse. The positive side of the actions of the protesters however, has opened the eyes of more people and reportedly, has seen more people reverting to Islam.

From a differing point though, the honour of Muslims are tested and challenged. If Muslims do not stand up and show their displeasure at actions which insult Muslims, who will? Perhaps a more proactive step here would be for Muslims to use the media available and explain it to the non-Muslims, and the Muslim community too!

In the end it boils down to the individual Muslim to choose the correct action, guided off course, by their conscience and perhaps solat Istikharoh. The niat, no one can judge but Allah s.w.t. himself. But the action following it – whichever of the 2 above or more – must be clearly defined and demonstrated.

There’s a bigger picture here than care to meet the eye. Perhaps if we were to look at it this way: As local customs have corrupted religions instead of religions cleansing the customs, could we allow our religion to be demoted to the ranks of fables and legends and let the younger generation minds perceive Islam in a diluted or corrupted point of view? Personally, I am searching the answer to this myself. And perhaps together – all of us – should put our mind to this.

In all, I only have this to say to you Minci: thank you for broadening my horizons.

3. adik - April 5, 2008

yea i’d like to tiru cakap aje by rephrasing his statement

thank you akak for broadening my horizons

4. Minci - April 5, 2008

and I’d like to rephrase both of your statements..

‘thank you for broadening my horizon as well’ 😉

5. Puteri Nad =( - April 5, 2008

ooo shud have listen to wat que sera sera chan have to say
he has a bag loads of info regarding this

6. adik jeling2 - April 5, 2008


7. memincikun - April 5, 2008

Poning kelapa den, nak buek ayak dan makan panadol lah!

8. Puteri Nad =( - April 5, 2008

bocampur2 kojap n9 kojap utagho..mana satu nak diguno ni?

9. bzz - April 5, 2008

98% agree… The other 2%… simpan dulu…
Vote minci to be the our next ketua puteri islam daerah london…

10. IcedNyior - April 6, 2008

Well said, well said

11. memincikun - April 6, 2008

PN, pasal den poning kelapolah den terghoyak utagha.

12. Hicham - April 13, 2008

I agree that rushing into actions without thinking about the reactions is the killer. However I do believe that the controversial regarding ‘Freedom of Speech’, have missed an important point so I’m inviting you to read my input over my blog if you wish.

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