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:: Tales of Recently April 8, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Medical School.

Hye..did anybody miss me? 😛

Recently, Abang PeeCee (my computer lah) passed away. I was in the showers and therefore did not witness how he had drawn his last breath. I gave him the necessary CPR – lap habuk, check to see wire okay and all that sort but the CPU lights did not lit up. I am now torn between sending him to the computer mortuary and get myself a new lover (lol) or get him repaired and then sell him to someone else. I miss him. Well, I kind of need him because all my medical notes and past years that has been sorted out and arranged beautifully are in there! Talk of being dependent.. hu hu.. seems that anything ‘electronic’ doesnt stay with me very long. muahahaha. anybody dare to dispute that myth?

Another tale of recently.

I went for the interview by SPA. I thought it was a very informative session and strongly suggest that those who are graduating next year to attend it. You’d be surprised at how many things you have to know before starting work as a junior doc. This is not a cynical tone, hokeh.. I seriously think the interview is worth going.

Of course me being Minci, some things are just bound to get a little bit ‘out’. If ever anybody wants to make a video to demonstrate the ‘donts in an interview’, then I suggest you tape my session. Ha ha. seriously, I couldnt stop thinking about what I’ve bluntly expressed throughout the interview once I was trying to settle for the night.

I had 2 interviewers on the panel. One lady from the SPA and the other a doctor. I knocked on the door, bidding them the salam and a ‘selamat pagi’ and walked towards the isolated chair in the middle of the room. The lady looked at me and said, “You look very cheerful this morning” and I think that statement kind of switched on the ‘hyperactive’ switch within me. It was only later after the interview that i realized that I was at times too ‘elated’ in my facial and verbal expressions. I mean just how many candidates would utter a loud alhamdulilah sambil membuat tanda kesyukuran ala2 emoticon YM when the officers mention your high salary. Not to mention the countless times I tried to make my point with a graphic display using my hands. Depa sana, depa sini. Ber’magic’ fingers and all that sort. If you dont know ‘magic fingers’ try watching a clip on Youtube for the movie ‘bring it on’ starring Kirsten dunst.

Questions! Yes.. I know some of you are dying to know my questions. I was like one other candidate described as being ‘kena sembelih’. How could you not when you’re being interviewed for nearly an hour. In no particular order:

1. medical – common infectious (HIV, hepatitis, STD) and non-infectious disease in Msia ( high blood pressure, diabetes), vaccination programmes, preventive medicine. Tropical medicine (dengue, yellow fever)

2. global issues – SARS, rabies, role of WHO

3. governing stuff – who the minister of health is, pengarah kesihatan, ketua JPA!!!!! (matilah I tak tau), what is ‘mesra pelanggan?’.. hah.. jawab!! jawab!!!

4. ethics – medical act 1971 regarding 3 year contracts and doing locums. importance of communication. my scenario was if I get sent to Kltn and received an offer from SJMC at the same time after my Ho training. With SJMC willing to pay my JPA fees and give higher salary. Also my parents not allowing me to go Kltn – what will I do. I will not mention my answer here because since I kind of left half of my brain at home, I gave quite silly answer. It was technically the right thing to do although the thinking and talking process in getting there was pretty much ‘big fish’. muahahahahaha…

5. personal – career aspirations, what challenges have I recognized in working as a HO and what my coping mechanisms will be.

The interview has a slight informal touch to it. The questions asked were actually random and it naturally hopped from one to another. What I loved about the interview was the fact that the interviewers were giving very sound general advices at the same time. Things like

1. Importance of knowing who your bosses are and how they look like.

2. To be humble and practice good interpersonal skills with other team players in the ward setting besides doctors. this means towards nurses, porters etc. HUmble can make your life beautiful as a HO and truly, i second that. This is the most popular advice I have received so far from my aunts and uncles too. Bukankah dalam rukun negara ada tertera prinsip ‘kesopanan dan kesusilaan’? cewah.. korang hafal ke tak nih? 😛 so.jgn nak eksen2.

3. Communicating effectively with patients.

4. And of course, in my part, to be more aware of tropical diseases for according to them , it was understandable that studying overseas have made us slightly ignorant of these infectious diseases, yet we have to know them inside out once we start our service in Msia.

All in all, I have received my conditional offer and Insya-Allah if I pass, I will join the Malaysian Medical Force and happily offer my services as Dr Minci. yang serabut tapi bergaya.




1. IcedNyior - April 8, 2008

good luck minci!

2. adek - April 9, 2008

eh if adek is not mistaken it’s called the spirit fingers kan? glad u made it through tell me more about the elated dan tangan2 thingy, tau dari jet saje hari itu hehehehe

adoi sayangnye takde soalan kenegaraan, sorry la silap format lak berbanding kitorang punye yeh!

dan offer letter tu mmg da dapatkan, jadi tugas kita sekarang adalah berlari dengan megah menuju ambang graduasi!

goodluck kakminci kun

eh if u havent noticed, uve been tagged!

3. adek - April 9, 2008

I mean just how many candidates would utter a loud alhamdulilah sambil membuat tanda kesyukuran ala2 emoticon YM when the officers mention your high salary.

—> eh jgn taktau , i would do the same sgt i must insist!

being elated is a bless
being adek is also a bless

(matilah takde kene mengena)

4. cakapaje - April 9, 2008

Salam Doctor Minci,

SubhanAllah! May Malaysia be blessed with another happy Doctor! 🙂

5. hafiz238 - April 9, 2008

don’t really know about any interview by SPA here. Is it only for UK graduates?

I relatively know quite little about tropical diseases. Perhaps I should revise that towards the end of next year.

For question on governing stuff, I’m also totally clueless, so you are not alone 🙂

good luck for soon-to-be Dr Minci :D. bila yer start kerja…..

6. 39 - April 9, 2008

Kind of sad too with abg peecee. for me i love my pc more than my car. i think my pc is more clean than my car…heehee. get repair first. i dont think he was passed away. just merajuk sekejap.

oh..sudah start dgn interview…yg doctor interrrrrrrrrrview tu rmbut die ade gugur2 sket x? ehehe…gambate nne

7. Puteri Nad =( - April 9, 2008

tiba2 kasyah jadi 39 x pasal2
tp anyway..
tahniah okie kakmin..
x saba tengok kakmin dihurungi hantu dalam wad
{jauhila hantu2 dari dr nad}

lepas tu bile la anak org mo balek

8. Minci - April 9, 2008

thank u dear 🙂

tagging tuh I postpone until i’ve got my PC repaired lah yer.. hihi
as of the questions, u were partially right so.. it is a blessing in one way or the other..
hahaha..glad to know someone else shares the same emotions pasal salary..:P

Yea.. and i’d better stay happy till I touchdown in Msia.. ha ha

i think starting work wud depend on how quick i submit my application to the KKM and SPA. so im planning to do it once I reach msia by mid-July. I intend to revise that too later on..so that makes the two of us. I assume that
SPA will go to ur place sometime later. coz students in jordan pun ada jugak interview canni.

ohhh.. tkder.. ada er rambut dia. ha ha
i hope abg peecee merajuk jer..huhu

9. Puteri Nad =( - April 9, 2008

owh cepat wat tag ya

10. Minci - April 9, 2008

ayoooo..dun lar say like that.. dun wan the momoks to be there.. huhu

11. adek - April 9, 2008

gelak2 baca entry ni
cepatlah elok wahai komputerrrrrrrrrrrrrr
zam zam adava kedavra

12. adek - April 9, 2008

eh avada lah

13. Puteri Nad =( - April 9, 2008

merasa adava!!
sangat fatale kepada pembaca2 harry potter

14. adek - April 9, 2008

kan da betolkan typo sajor
terus chanting ‘reparo’ sambil menghayun2 wand pada pc kakmin moga dia da elok okie pastu wingardium leviosa dan lepaskan maka terhempas balek dan reparo balek matila like a cycle yang has no beginning nor the end

15. memincikun - April 10, 2008

Lor…selama ni den ingat Minci habis belajaq dapat IR, rupanya dapat DR! Isk isk isk 🙂 Sama juga kut 🙂

16. Puteri Nad =( - April 10, 2008

matila perasan ravenclaw…hahaha

errr maminci, IR bukan tuk insinyur kah?

17. enn0suke - April 10, 2008

paling penting hard disk tak problem, data masih safe lagi.toksah kubur dulu…

anyway, gud luck Dr. Minci 😉

18. memincikun - April 10, 2008


insinyur tu apa ye? Sotahu den lah, IR tu Inland Revenue, pungut tax! lol! Dok eh, sobonarnya, title IR tu untuk engineer. Hmm…bunyi cam insinyur gak ye. Bahasa sana ke?

Er…sapa nak kena ravenclaw tu?

19. Puteri Nad =( - April 10, 2008

ekceli tu bahasa indon
tp klu sebenarnye dia dari perkataan french kot

Ingénieur (“Ir”), Engineer, someone who practices the profession of engineering


orang pungut tax,i x kawan

20. adek - April 10, 2008

LOL macam2 plak korang

21. hafiz238 - April 12, 2008

nak tambah comment, kalau hard disk masih ok, bolehlah buat hard disk transplant :D.

Use the internal hard disk as an external hard disk. With this method, you could recover all of your medical notes.

22. adek - April 12, 2008

akak, where art thou? thou shalt not be absent from thy blog

23. Que - April 12, 2008

hey good luck ok for the finals and kerja kat mesia nanti … tapi die mentioned ke gaji korang nanti???

tapi ko plan nak ekerja kat mana?

24. Danial - April 13, 2008

Dr. Minci.. wow =)

25. kurt kuden - April 15, 2008

nanti kalau saya jadi ur junior doc jgn buli tau hehehe

beri tunjuk ajar!!


26. memincikun - April 15, 2008

Manolah poie Minci ni….sodih den tiap hari dok jenguk tapi takdok cerito baru.

Knock knock!

27. coops - April 15, 2008

alamak babe, where have u been la………. thot that u wanted to see me, uhuk.

28. baez - April 16, 2008

hi kakmin ada?

29. 13may - April 16, 2008

pheewitt kat Dr.Min sekali!


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