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:: Time of death.. 1131am April 17, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

It’s official. Abang Peecee gave away his last breath his morning.

I missed the call from the computer hospital whilst I was in the shower and thinking that it was good news, I proceeded to the shop .

“Someone called me about my computer?”
“Yes.. Chris!” the older man called out. “It’s Minci.. her computer”

Chris emerged form behind his workstation and came to greet me.
“Hello Minci. Come with me along here”
He led me to Abang and said, “Your Abang had a problem with his processor”
“You’ve had him fixed for that before?”
“About last year or maybe the year before”

“Right, there is no easier way to tell you this other than eventhough we know now that the processor is gone, we have no idea if the motherboard is affected as well. Cause if we put the new processor in and the motherboard is ruined as well, it will only blow up your processor again. It is also going to be such a dear process to you if we were to replace them both. You’d really be better off getting a new one”

I realized that I was really silent after he said that. Abang has been with me for over 4 years and strangely enough I have put up with him eventhough he wasnt the perfect PC. His floppy disk part sucked, his USB ports were simply non-functional. Yet, I still kept him and repaired him. Idiot. I know.

Saying a final goodbye to Abang would also mean a goodbye to his extended family. The Monitor, the keyboard + mouse. I’d probably bring Mr Speakers back with me but the PC family is just not going to be the same. It is broken.

Perhaps this was The Higher Power Above’s way to say “Move on Minci. You’re better off getting that red sony laptop” or something. I don’t know. Either way, I am going to miss Abang. A lot.

I finally uttered a word.

“Can my data be saved?”
“YEs, I can do that for you today. I’ll let you know by late evening”
“Thank you Chris”
“That’s all right, luv”

Nannes. Now is a choice of either getting a new one here or get one in Msia and just use the ones at the library medical school till July 2008.




1. daju - April 17, 2008

4 years tu quite lame jgak..
my lappie 2 years je mesti ade je masalah..
but usually i’ll make sure get it service at least onece a year la..
red sony laptop? vaio la kan..nice2…

2. Puteri Nad =( - April 17, 2008

laptop kakmin..

3. baez - April 17, 2008

hihihi kakmin
i was like crying membaca kematian beliau!
sian sgt mode
this abang of mine (my pc, kene abg gak ke?) telah bersamaku semenjak ermm 7 tahun lalu, monitor masih utuh walau jenama sgt kampung sampo made in china
i love him so much that i wanna hug him before balek msia
pat pat online yah
kalo nak beli kat uk boleh
nak tunggu balek pon boleh

4. Puteri Nad =( - April 17, 2008

hhehe kakmin..
patah tumbuh hilang berganti kata pepatah
say goodbye to personal computers now it’s the laptop era

walo mcmanapon,
a moment of silent
utk mengenang abang

5. memincikun - April 17, 2008

Minci, den turut bersodih. Bukan senang nak dapat yang serasi dan sotia lak tu! Sian be Peecee, semoga pemergian dia boleh direcycle semulo untuk pecee pecee lain.

psst! Den gantikan dio leh? 🙂

6. D - April 17, 2008

LOL! wipe off those tears, and you march out there to get yourself a new hunk! (boleh sabar ke nak get a replacement in Malaysia?)

7. hafiz - April 17, 2008

it seems like a sad entry. You can get a new laptop either at UK or Malaysia but if I were you, I would get a new one from Malaysia. At least, if there is any warranty for the new laptop, the computer shop wouldn’t be that far….

8. baez - April 17, 2008

hahah mane kakmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (da naik taraf dari kakmin)

9. 1january - April 18, 2008

alaa..warranty tuh crik yg international la..hehe..too long to let kamen rot with depresi..

haha..kamen..abang dell da menanti..tawaran sah hingga 24 april je tau..sile sedar..white2..nnt i nak amek gamba feeling2 gadis..

10. Que - April 18, 2008

obviously cheaper in malaysia, but beli kat sini ok jew, mahal 10s of quids more ok je kot at least u pay the extra for use kat sini sampai july nanti. Aku tak leh maaa kot x de internet huhuhu

and nanti balik mesia. claim la VAT, it works out to be sama je dgn price kat mesia nanti.

with regards to warranty boleh amik international so nanti kat mesia die terima kot. Dell kalo kat mesia pon cam laku jer…

just my 4cents

11. kaSyah - April 19, 2008

so, u just left abg peecee di sane? only bring back speakr?

12. 1january - April 19, 2008

no no no..this dell is cheaper kat sini drpd kat msia yg 4600 itu..kamen hanya membeli dgn separoh harga..so, go kamen go..

13. memincikun - April 20, 2008

Ha! Den sotuju ngan 1january, go kamen go! Oops! Go Minci, buy dell!

14. baez - April 20, 2008

where’s kak min chan?
rindu sgt

15. Minci - April 20, 2008

muahaha..still alive and well. malahan telah memilih untuk memadu kasih bersama BAD (as in BAdLisyah).. 😉

nantikan kemunculannya

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