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:: Mitosis of nerds May 2, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.


You cannot kill what already has no life.

It all started from one. And now there’s of six of them. With papers piling high up on their desks and echoes of self-talk filling the hallway. Occasionally, a psychotic shriek emerges from the top floor with the clanking of the cups and dishes from the dining room.

Morning hyperactivity with elated happiness. Night dormancy with droopy eyelids.

Some burn the midnight oil. Some sleep soundly like a log. Only to wake up early in the morning to again place their nose in a book or fix eyes on the computer screen. Or forced to wake up because of a nightmare.

Few more days. Then, it will all pass and the Nerd multicellular units will soon undergo apoptosis and emerge as Normal.



1. akak kaSyah - May 3, 2008

persis mode apeka dikau sekrang? truskan dgn hiperaktiviti pagi dengan kebahagiaan gembira….huhu. gambatte ne!

2. memincikun - May 3, 2008

Alamak! Minci, den tak faham!

3. Puteri Nad =) - May 3, 2008

the emergence of the nerdy race at sharoe..

4. hafiz - May 3, 2008

hopefully all those Nerd multicellular units will function well when they are most needed :). it is a common scenario when a major exam is coming up and people become nerds for a short period of time only. Nerds multicellular unit is highly unsustainable 😉

5. Nur Amirah Shaharom - May 3, 2008

the nerdy-ness here is slowly in progress to become normal. especially when you can see the booths and tv3 cars 🙂 but i have still be nerd, because i am expecting the last two papers and would be on the last two days of this semester.. huhu… really want a holiday.

6. mossavi - May 3, 2008

Thank god I’m a nerd, and not a geek or a dork hehehehe 🙂

7. 1january - May 3, 2008

so who is that satu nerd yang paling awal?sgt kiries i..

8. Minci - May 5, 2008

mix mode gayanya..

meminch, its orite

semakin kuat intensity nerds tersebut.. 😛

i hope so too!!!!! ha haha.. Insya-Allah lah kan..

as a temporary nerd, Im wishing you all the best!!

kalau jadi geek, menarik jugak kan?? ha ha

cant really tell, *gelak evil*

9. 1january - May 5, 2008

hei..why kenot tell..nnt aku patahkan tengkok ko..

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