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:: Mamai May 8, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

There are times when I cant really differentiate between whats real and whats not. Did I just see someone in the yard? Did I just hear someone calling my name?





1. tokasid - May 9, 2008

Salam Minci:

Good luck in your finals.
During examsm DO NOT:-

2. Puteri Nad =) - May 9, 2008


delusional jatuh dalam kategori sama x?

3. hayat - May 9, 2008

see u in august… 😀

4. addicted to baez arent u? - May 9, 2008

hey kakmin
i was the one who called u lah
dikau tidak halusinasi boley?

5. 1january - May 9, 2008

delusion=a believe not norm for the culture/religion..it usually cannot be shaken..

6. kaSyah otw ke pp - May 9, 2008

august? august next year ke? ahahaha

7. mossavi - May 9, 2008

Yes ….. it was me u saw in the yard ;
Yes ….. it was me u heard calling out for u ;
Do your best in your finals 🙂

8. Nur Amirah Shaharom - May 9, 2008

owh saya tidak berada dalam kategori di atas.. sbb saya telah mula bercuti! yeeehhhaaaaaaa!!!!!

9. addicted to baez arent u? - May 9, 2008

happy mothers day

10. malim - May 9, 2008

ahh found this blog after it has been missing from my list.. how’s ur life over there? Hopefully everything is good 🙂

11. Minci - May 10, 2008

Doc TA,
sound advice.. thank you thank you

tak masuk, seperti yg Jet telah jelaskan

yahhhh.. c all of u then hopefully by that time, little danish sudah ada.. ha ha

nad is addicted to u. u call ker? sgtlah tipu
thank you for the wish!!

terima kasih kerana menerangkan

ah yer, aku ban jumpa kau sampai ogos thn depan baru padan muka kau. where is PP?

aunty mossavi,
muahahaha.. aunty dah jadi momok plak.. arigato

hehe.. nice to hear from you again. life is ok for now. tunggulah minggu depan when i get all haywired. hope everything is going well for you too 😉

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