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:: Menuju Puncak May 11, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Bukan mudah.. Mengejar mimpi jadi realiti

We’ve come this far. Five freaking years (or 3 years to some!) of studying medicine. We’ve seen each other grow tremendously from all aspects. Maybe not in physical height (lol!) but in each of us, Im sure we have all felt a change, if not big..  a subtle one in terms of our thought processes and personality.

We have learnt a lot about each other and from each lives experiences and I believe that these are simultaneous lessons from high above in preparing us for what comes afterwards. Five years studying medicine is not a time to only learn about medical diseases and treatment regimes – it is also a journey to discover ones self-worth and talent. A medical student we may be but above all, we are also the Students of Life.

I thank all who have filled my life with miserable circumstances (what doesnt kill, makes us stronger) and more grateful towards those who have made my life joyful.

My dearest friends (batchmate, cyberbuddies) and beloved housemates.. I wish you all the best for the finals exam. And to those who have mentioned us in your prayers, song dedications, e-cards, and giving profuse good luck wishes, I cannot thank you enough! muah muah..

The battle starts now. Well.. tomorrow. Heh :p



1. Puteri Nad =) - May 11, 2008

a barrel of goodlucks from simferopol to sharoe

2. hafiz - May 11, 2008

alll the best and hopefully you will be able to be a good doctor in the future. A good reflection would be to compare you (5 years ago) and the current one. Anyway, don’t be too nervous during the exam ok 🙂

3. 1january - May 11, 2008


4. mossavi - May 11, 2008

All the best in your future endeavours Min! Hugs & kisses 🙂

5. Danial - May 11, 2008

thanks..sedih sungguh hati membaca post ini =P

6. malim - May 12, 2008

Wish you best luck on your exam… never do it last minutes.. by this time u shouldn’t read any more notes.. just relaxs

7. 13may - May 12, 2008

selamat maju jaya!

8. tante - May 13, 2008

Bonne Chance…

9. momok putih - May 13, 2008

goodluck tau
all the best!

rasa sgt tense atmosfera ini
terasa bagai disedut di dalam lohong hitam
dan momok sebenar menjadi tempat berpaut supaya tidak terus disedut

10. momok macho - May 13, 2008

momok putih ini bukan jet
nak tulis momok macho tp baru terbaca emel jet plak

11. Puteri Nad =) - May 13, 2008

tp jet momot pink maka x mengapa

12. momok macho - May 13, 2008

try avatar try try

13. daju - May 15, 2008

ok..it seems like terlambat..but all the best kak min and housemates =)
sorry dh lame xjengah ke sini..and wasaii-studio juge..
bz mungkin..
i was listening to ERA and ade lagu cintamu by siti..
tros terigt kat u..tuh tros msok sini..hehh…

14. k.shila - May 15, 2008

Salam Min,

I pray for your calmness during the exam. I have complete faith you are ready than you think you are. All the best, sis!

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