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:: Archuleta May 15, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Archuleta – little and cute. Nak bela dia pliss. It was awkward to see him dance but duh.. like I care. Haih.. that smile is priceless.



1. Puteri Nad - May 15, 2008

lol..jadi pet ke oki? nak share

2. momok macho - May 16, 2008

hey kakminci
afundi david archuleta utk grand finale ok
yet rasanya david cook menang lantaran byk vote pada si cook tu T_T
paling bes david nyanyi lagu stand by me
dan jua lagu imagine

3. coops - May 16, 2008

i think archuleta is gonna win but dlm hati, i want cook to win 😀

hey, where have u been la… sombongnya…

4. Puteri Nad - May 16, 2008

oo dalam hati nak castro menang..apakandayaa da tekeluar..MUAHAHA

5. mossavi - May 17, 2008

Cute, cute, cute, cute ….. hehehe 🙂

6. Minci - May 20, 2008

tapi kita kena ‘dapatkan’ dia dulu.. hihihi

momok macho,
benar ok. i think david cook will win too but my ‘archu’ will always stay in my heart.. miahahahaha

kak coops,
alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa akak.. kiter baru abis exam.. :p
jgn mare.. hihihi

castro tuh awal2 lagi dah kuar kan. but he did well during hollywood week.

yes yes.. true… kuang kuang kuang

7. Puteri Nad - May 20, 2008

archu x kiut archielah

8. dinswok - May 21, 2008

that young boy really made my day when I was sad. Seeing him singing with his beautiful voice. But not the smile because I’m not gay, anyway. LOL.

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