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:: 2 tags fused May 22, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

A fusion of 2 tags – ‘The Seven Things’ and ‘8 Random Facts About Me’. One from the 2evilminds and the other from Hafizi.

7 facts about me. I’m going to make it 8 because I’m answering Hafizi’s taggie as well.

Yah me.. in ‘Aqua Suit’ all ready to go mandi2

1. I’d do anything for the person I love. Also, the person I hate. Once, I hate this girl so much that I don’t even want to be in the same room with her. Including the TV room. Back then Survivor was a very popular programme. I loved the show so much but she loved it too. So out of my hate towards her, I sacrificed not watching Survivor  for the whole season just so I wouldnt have to feel that intense aura of hate whenever she’s around.

2. I have to see the bigger picture first. It’s like if in a lecture, I like to know what the sequences are in points. So, the lecturer would have a slide mentioning aims and all those sort. Typing on MWord, I’d put the page view as 75% instead of 100%. It’s so I can see how it looks like as a whole. With teaching, I like people who go through the whole thing without interruption and then come back to explain the details in small parts. I dont like the type of teaching (usually in clinical skills by lady tutors) where they talk and do things at the same time. I like it better if they demonstrate the skill and then they talk. I hate my flow of thoughts being interrupted.

3. A few days ago, I dreamt Paula Abdul and Randy coming to my house. They wanted to do the American Idol finals at my backyard. I invited both into my room to have some tea and Paula commented that my rug was dirty. hmph.

4. I have only 2 jeans in my wardrobe. The classic blue one and a white one. Towards the end of clinical years, I find that my choices of clothes are quite feminine in nature. Not that jeans are not feminine, it’s just that I prefer slacks or ‘working pants’ more.

5. I did not celebrate my 21st birthday. And that was like one of the milestones in life. I was on my summer job at the time.

6. Throughout my years in medical school, I have only bought 2 pads of A4 lined paper and less than 3 ballpoint black pen. Simply because I recycled the A4 papers they had in the library (print tak jadi papers) and drug representatives were very generous in giving away free pens as well. Plus, people keep leaving their pen lying around, so I picked them up and used them. nice pens they are. Muahahaa.
7. A fact for Nad.
Secret password kononnya. My first BF was a chinese guy named Kevin. We were both 9 years old.

8. I have a scar on my forehead. Yah.. I drove Voldermort away with the power of love. huhu

7 things that scares me

1. Not having a job or at least a flowing income to sustain my cute life on the face of this earth.
2. Married to an abusive husband.
3. Evolving into a monstrous person. The accepted term is ‘b****’.
4. CLOWNS!!!
5. Breaking the rules and being caught red-handed
6. Any obvious leadership roles – the type where you have to stand on a podium or sit on a special chair.Bleurghhhh. Prefer to be the puppeteer bley?
7. Ward rounds. I really hope I can get over the anxiety of being put in this spotlight everyday for the rest of my life. It’s very difficult to associate your thoughts and speech and make the presentation to senior colleagues seem taddy flawless

7 songs at the moment

1. Chantek by Altimet Feat Adeep Fabolous Cat  – Yes, I like to perasan and flatter myself. I like to think that they are singing to me. Miahahaha~
2. Pari-pari Bawah Angin by Meet Uncle Hussein – Again, I love myself too much. love the ‘haaaaa aaaaa..ti’ part.
3. Whenever you call by Mariah Carey – it was dedicated by my best friend. I am sooooo going to cry on her wedding because I love her so much. Omg omg.. need a shoulder. 😛
4. Sempurna by Gita Gutawa/Andra & The BackBone – it’s a love song, who wouldnt love it? Well.. I kind of just knew about it when a friend tipped me off.
5. Hare hare yukai –  I aspire to do the dance one day. Although, I secretly believe that it will never happen!!!
6. What about now by Chris Daughtry – huwarghh.. my man. must listen. must listen.
7. Leave me alone by Pink – yah.. I’m a daydreamer. i see myself on stage performing like Pink. Muahahahahaha.. unleash the little beast!!

7 things I always say


1. Kak fiza…. kak jet…
2. Astarghfirullah – say that every morning when I missed Fajr prayers
3. Ntah lahhhhhhhhh
4. Eh?
5. uhuk (well.. its more like sound rather than proper speech)
6. siyu-inebi’ ( as in ‘see you in a bit’)
7. huwarghh..

7 valuable things in life

1. Faith in religion. Without it, you’d probably see me in A&E having a gastric lavage.
2. My support system. muah muah. Love you lot!
3. BADSYAH or its full name  – Badrul Badlisyah. In case you havent figured it out yet, badsyah is my new laptop.
4. Internet. Without them, I wouldnt have met you lovely people and kept in touch with great friends.Plus, I wouldnt die of boredom especially when Stumble is around.
5. My cup of tea/coffee
6. My instincts – they have never let me down. this however doesnt mean that it always brings good to me. it warns me about bad things to come as well.
7. My savings – I would’ve been in a real dump everytime moeny becomes an issue.

I would like to bid my warmest welcome to MangoAndJojoba to the blogging world. muah muah muah. here’s your first tag. If you are up for it 😉



1. mangoandjojoba - May 22, 2008

ish, you looooooooook so slim and tall in that blue aqua suit! cayalah.. ish wat with that warmest welcome, shy..shy..shy…. ;p

2. coops - May 22, 2008

babe, u’re so damn skinny la… kuat sgt belajar ni 😉

3. Minci - May 22, 2008

well, I am the hidden talent of Victoria Secret. miahahahaha

kak coops,
not that skinny lar.. its merely an optical illusion. 😉

4. Puteri Nad - May 22, 2008

hihihihi dulu..komen later

5. mossavi - May 24, 2008

Facts abt me – no. 1, 2 & 4 you are SO like me. At age 21, I underwent a suicidal event (got married).
Things that scare me – unemployed and broke.
Songs I like – embedded on my weblog.
Things I always say – Ya allah MANGKUK la hang!!!!!! & ….. ngok ngek kepala kemek! and HADOI!
Valuable things – yup, FAITH (ultimate). My instincts (esp those who are abt to betray me), cellphone and laptop (my soulmate)

6. Minci - May 25, 2008

ah..cepat komen

aunty mossavi,
auw.. izzit that bad? the suicidal event?
hope all is going well for you.. 🙂

7. kaSyah - May 26, 2008

itukah gmbo b4 gi mandi manda?

takpe, kalo jumpe badut suruh kak jet lempang sajor badut tu…bikin stress katenya.
ohh sempat lak ade scar from you-know-who…

btw, kim salam kat kevin ek..

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