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:: Post-exam blues May 22, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

All plans to see the world will have to wait. There’d probably no chance of me/us going to see those mini-buildings in God-knows-where land. Couldnt even afford a little trip Sheffield or Chester Zoo. We hope that we could at least eat that duck in Rusholme – an area where there’s lots of halal eateries to enjoy.

Money Matters again. In my case, my sponsor has chosen me and another guy to not get our scholarship for the next 2 months. OMG.. give me a break. I’m nearly leaving and you pull this kind of prank. I’ve made the necessary enquiries (2 weeks ago) and now I’m still waiting for an answer. it’s at times like this I am reminded of why money is an important factor in my life. Not because I want to spend it on expensive clothes or shoes ( no place to wear them too, anyway. considering I’ll be really kusam during my job training) but just so when I need it, I have it without having to go to desperate measures. In other peoples case (including mine) is the sudden bombshell dropped by our electric supplier regarding our bills. We cannot believe our very eyes when we saw the amount. We had never used electricity up to 10 times more we usually do!

The lady-in-charge of the electricity bill made calls and an agreement has been achieved (though I think it would not benefit us in the end). It’s quite hard to explain in writing as to what the problem is but bottomline, it got us into one whole load of monetary stress and post-exam moments doesnt seem that fun anymore.

One of us are considering getting a job. Hmmm… maybe this is God’s way of saying, just sell those stuff you dont need back in Malaysia. Let go of them. You dont need them.



1. Puteri Nad - May 22, 2008

kepada yang nak bekerja,
anggapla ia pengalaman beharga aa..

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