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:: I love Hitler? May 26, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.

Dreams are interesting. I love all my dreams regardless of how jumbled up or icky as they may seem. I like to think of it as an exercise of creativeness. Muahahhaha~

Like last night. I french-kissed an odd man and slept beside a totally different man. Here is how the story went. I dont know which comes first but as Nad likes to say, waddahek.

So this man I tongued. Come to think of it he looked like Hitler. Again!

But yahhh.. he had the moustache and slim figure, slightly taller than I was and if Im not mistaken, the theme of my dream at the time has got something to do with being a spy. I couldnt remember the other part of my dreams, just that scene. It was a horrible experience though. I seemed almost desperate. bleurghhh.. for a kiss from Hitler??? Thank god I didnt feel anything ( can we actually feel anything though?) eventhough the sight of his tongue was horrendous. I could almost see the villous on the tongue sticking up and waving around. Euw… sotong-like!

It must be the ‘Anger Management’ movie I saw. I learnt a new phrase from that. It was ‘give her a ten-second Frencher!’. Lol

Now this man that I’ve slept beside. My goodness, he was really well behaved. If only I could see his face. I was supposed to stay in this hostel but unlike ordinary student accommodation, it was like a mall. Yup, instead of having stairs going up, we have escalators! And I say malls because there are shops as well. Due to some misunderstanding, I was placed in a mixed dormitory. Fine, nothing that I couldnt handle.

I was surprised though when I reached my bed. There was another person. You guessed it right, a man! He said under a pillow on his face that he was my bedmate. (Duh, is there such thing?)

Night came and I was a bit over the place as of what to do. (Was I? ha ha)

This young gentleman (I knowlah he’s young or not) however had formed a boundary to form my space and his. The boundary was in the form of kedutan cadar sahaja but it was alright for me. And the next morning when I woke up, it looked like he never moved an inch. Almost rigor mortis.

I dont know where the ‘ilham’ of this dream came from though. Hihihi.. I wonder what my next dream is. Tak sabar nak tido.


1. baez - May 26, 2008

dont tell me that it was me u saw in ur dream
hihi takutnye exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Puteri Nad - May 27, 2008

lol kakmin
i’ve heard this hitler dream before
not the underwear guy hopefuli

3. mossavi - May 27, 2008

I Dream of Jeannie ………………. anyway, dreamed my BF (or is he still is??) showed me his list of GFs viz Yahoo, Hotmail, and God knows what else in all the internet dating sites he registered and arrogantly claimed that he doesnt see any necessity to call, sms or even send me emails anymore …… mangkok! Just before terjaga, sempat jugak ternampak the last name on the list, it was no. 20 something – Yanti. Double mangkok!!! Hate hypocrites 😦

4. Puteri Nad - May 27, 2008

p/s: jgn dream of ilham!

5. pokdeng - May 28, 2008

How does it feels french-kissing someone? Tounge-play with saliva oozing. Yuck! But I’ll do that with my future wife. Hoho~!!

Still remember I dreamed about kissing an unknown girl until I… i… okay lepas tu i kena mandi wajib. 😛

6. Minci - May 28, 2008

bukan ok.. if it was u, I wudnt mention it here .. ha ha

ohhhh..this is a different one. that one was lain. gosh, I wudnt dream of it.

aunty mossavi,
Yanti? why Yanti?

cannot feel anything lar..dream only.
uh ok.. gotcha. heh

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