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:: Putting on the thinking cap May 26, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Love and Relationship.

A blessing in disguise.

I had a lot of time to think when I was in London. I thought about everything in life – the past, the present and the future. It all goes back to one important figure, me. Nama pun hidup saya kan.. ha ha

There are lots of things of which when I looked back made me think,

  • ‘Im actually glad it happened that way’ or
  • ‘I was sure lucky to be placed there’ or
  • ‘There couldnt have been a better way to go about it’ or

simply ‘eureka!’
I keep wanting to change the way I lead my life, to escape that hard mould that suffocates me every now and then but when God creates that path and showed me the way, I was upset. I was disappointed. I rebeled. Of course, I didnt know then what His plans were. You see, that’s my point. The silver lining can only be seen in retrospect. It can only be figured out if we take the time to pause and reflect. Muhasabah diri. Omg.. mode ustazah pliss.

We plan but God decides.

Flicking through the newspaper there was a special report on a young american couple. They were highschool sweethearts and one day the boyfriend went to Iraq. To join in the war. To fight for his country’s cause. Story has it that the boyfriend was caught up in the middle of a suicide bombing attempt – he came out of the explosion alive but severely disfigured. His handsome face was gone. Replaced by this really different face. Almost like Pudface Morgan, the longtime villain in Robocop.

Anyway, his girlfriend nursed him back to health and the whole country watched them wed each other soon after that. The Americans were obviously moved and touched by this young lady’s courage and kind-heartedness in taking this alien looking man to be her lawful wedded husband.

However, the special news report was made because it seems that a year later after their marriage – they got divorced. The fairy tale ended. Questions were asked and it was apparent that most people would blame the girl for the downfall in this marriage. It would come of no surprise to hear people exclaiming , “it’s all about looks, looks and looks. How could she do that to the poor young man who became ugly just because he fought for his country!”

It was one line of her answer in that article that made me understood more about why some people chose divorce  “I saw him the way he was and not the way other people see him now” Quite right, the last time she saw her boyfriend was of a handsome and charming young man who knew the right words to whisper in her ear. It is hence understandably difficult for her to accept this ‘new man’ in her life who have difficulties in speaking, uttering mumbled words. Never mind romantic statements. After all, she was only like 19 or something?

I guess thats why people hearts changed. You are just not you anymore. We can wish for a lifetime of happiness, of a marriage that’ll last till death do us part, but in the end God decides. We can wish that we’d do well in our exams, but again God decides. Bismillahi tawakkaltu alAllah.. 



1. mossavi - May 27, 2008

Min, its good to have “mode ustazah” in ourselves ….. help balance things up (in case the scale berat sebelah hehehe) 🙂

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